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What Is the Best Cold Therapy for Sports Injuries?

by Alfred

Many people are unfamiliar with the best cold therapy for sports injuries and how to utilize it. The following details will discuss some of the most common cold therapy units, including ice and compression, and provide you with a few helpful tips on how to use them. Players must have access to proper treatment for injuries because recovery can be dramatically slowed or even worsened without it.

Cold Therapies –

  • Ice –

The most common form of cold therapy, ice is simply a bag of frozen water that comes in various sizes. Ice packs can be insulated or non-insulated, and they are available in convenient plastic or cardboard packages. To use an ice pack, place it directly on the injury for 20 minutes at a time, three times per day as needed. 

  • Cold Tub –

A somewhat expensive option, the cold tub is functional when severe injuries. Often used by professional athletes, this cold therapy treatment is essentially a large container full of ice water and often salt or vinegar. Once the body is submerged into this tub, it dramatically reduces swelling and inflammation.

  • Cryotherapy –

This technique involves using low temperatures of about -220 degrees Celsius to treat an injury for two minutes at a time, increasing the exposure time as pain levels decrease. This method is less popular than other cold therapies, but many professional athletes use it because of its relatively quick results.

  • Compression –

Often used in conjunction with cold therapy to augment its effectiveness, compression uses a garment that has been designed to compress one or more parts of the body. The pressure reduces blood flow and swelling and stabilizes the body part to limit movement and further injury.

The given points are some of the significant cold therapies you can consider to treat knee pain as soon as possible. 

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