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What Indicates That Entre Institute Is Trying Hard?

by Alfred

It is important to have the right communication skills to succeed in business. A well-written email or letter could be the difference between an employer noticing your application and one falling through the cracks. It can also get you closer to a promotion or better job opportunity within an organization or industry.

Entre Institute of Communication & Management Sciences is associated with IIT-Bombay, H.R. College of Commerce and Economics and SNDT Women’s University. Established in 2004, this organization aims to provide residential education at its off-campus centre, with a vision of imparting quality education and training to young adults who wish to better their skills and knowledge.

Aspects that Indicate Entre’s Hard Work

  • ENTRE Institute is trying hard as it is fully managed and run by Chartered Accountants, and its founding management has set up a Board of Governors to oversee the progress. The Institute’s vision is to engage in continuous learning through training and education for students and other professionals.
  • Entre focuses on imparting practical knowledge in management sciences. It has a team of qualified teachers with experience in corporate sales, marketing, management and public relations. The team to the Institute’s credit for participating in the international events organized by Chartered Accountants Institutes (CAI).
  • Entre has a group of academically talented students from all over the country. The Institute helps students gain knowledge and build their skills through high-quality training sessions and seminars. The Institute also has tie-ups with several companies and associations, allowing students to make valuable contacts.
  • Entre bestows its students with an exciting learning experience in the form of ‘Guru-Shishya Parampara’ (teacher-disciple tradition).
  • Entre’s mission is to provide practical training for a better future for its students. It does this through a unique approach of providing an excellent residential education, supported by regular seminars and workshops at its off-campus centre.

With the above details, you can get an idea of how Entre Institute is trying hard to succeed in its future.