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Tips To File Personal Injury At Work Claims

by Alfred

Employers in UK are liable to pay compensation to employees who have suffered a personal injury at work. To be eligible to file a work injury claim the claimant should not be at fault for the accident but at times if the claimant is partly at fault then compensation is still given. If you want to file a personal injury at work claim then continue reading as this article will elaborate on some tips to help you get maximum compensation.

Tip #1 –

Hire a personal injury solicitor who has prior experience in dealing with work injury claims. Although educational qualifications are important, on the job experience is considered more valuable. If the solicitor has enough experience then he will be registered with the Association of Personal Injury Solicitors. Always ensure that the personal injury solicitor you hire is registered with this association along with the Society of Law.

Tip #2 –

To get maximum compensation you will need documents to prove that you have suffered a work related personal injury. Doctor’s bills, payment receipts and medical discharge papers will not only prove that you were injured at work but they will also prove that you have opted for treatment and paid for it. Since you will need to submit these documents while filing the personal injury at work claim, you should keep these documents carefully and if possible take a photocopy for your own reference.

Tip #3 –

Always hire a solicitor who offers no win no fee legal services along with no obligatory legal services. Many of the personal injury lawyers in UK offer no win no fee services to claimants interested in filing personal injury at work claims. No win no fee legal services allow claimants in UK to file get legal help without being liable to pay any legal fees. No obligatory solutions allow claimants to ask legal questions regarding the claim before hiring the lawyer.

Tip #4-

If you want added services like the option to check the status of your claim online or to get personalized claim advice online then opt for an accident claim company that offers legal solutions. These companies offer the various services offered by personal injury lawyers along with added services. Reputed accident settlement companies always offer no win no fee services and no obligatory services.

Tip # 5 –

Remember that you have up to 3 years from the date of the work accident to file your claim but you should try to file your claim within a few months of the accident since by waiting till the last minute you risk the possibility of forgetting crucial information related to the claim.

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