The True Secret of Exercise Success Revealed

This summer wasn’t my first attempt at getting ripped; no, that dream has been chased on several occasions. It seems every New Years’, every summer, and every glance at the mirror prompted new promises to work out and get the body I’ve been dying for. So I signed up for gyms, made schedules of when I’d exercise, bought protein, but it never stuck. Each endeavor ended the same, with me looking just the same as I had before; and none lasted longer than a month. Just like every other stooge who’s been there, promises to become the man I wanted to be quickly became excuses for why I failed. I knew something had to change, if so many people had done it before me, I knew I had to be able to.

So I went to the internet. Hours of scouring seemed only to reveal what we all know, that the body we want comes at a price we must be willing to pay. I searched for the secret to success, believing there must be something they know that I don’t. I looked through countless advertisements for new equipment, new exercise techniques, anything and everything that may help me reach my goal. But all rocks turned left more to be desired. The work out videos that promise to get you ripped, the newest exercise equipment that only costs 6 easy payments, the self help books that will reveal the secrets of success, they’re all just faulty replacements for the one thing that actually does work: motivation.

As terrible as it sounds, I was completely unmotivated to work out and many people out there who’re on the track I was are, too. Being unhappy with your body isn’t motivation, its self-loathing. Signing up for a gym, buying books and overpriced equipment isn’t action; it’s falling for corporate schemes that play off of your bad feelings about yourself and desire to see fast results. Only when we have a single, important motivational source will we ever stick to our promises. Don’t sit through another infomercial for the same thing you bought last year that’s gathering dust in your basement, nothing changes. Don’t start reading another self-help book; you’ll stop half way just like the last one. I did, millions of Americans have, millions more will and at the end of the day they won’t be a pound thinner or a bit happier. The secret behind the 75 hard should be available with the person to get effective results. The meeting of the expectations is great to meet with the mental solutions. The changes in the mood and behavior are covered under the treatment of mental health experts. 

Sit down, and think. The only person who’s going to drag you out of bed in the morning or off the couch at night to actually exercise is you. The only person that’s going to put down the burger and reach for something with actual nutritional value is you. Nobody is going to do it for you, not the author of a book or the lying celebrity endorsing a product. Think about why you want to change your body. Think about how you can accomplish this. Think about your reasons and think about the consequences of both paths: working out and getting in shape or failing to do so. Is it for your health? Want to be more attractive? Want to be happy when you look in the mirror? And once you know why, once you understand what’s important to you, then you’ll get out of bed and work out and then you’ll stop eating fast food and start eating right because you’ll have a reason to. Once you find a reason to reach your goal that is what’ll keep you going. If you succeed in reaching your goal, the glory is all yours. If you fail, own it and then address what happened.

Exercise doesn’t take fancy machines. A set of dumbbells, a pair of running shoes, a good attitude and some self determination get the job done just fine. Its been working splendidly to me, this summer, for the first time, I met my fitness goal. No equipment, no books, no ridiculous diet plans just common sense and a little drive.


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Corine Jones is a writer, editor and web designer. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree of Journalism. She is currently the editorial manager of Coyote Rescue.

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