The Parks at Chehaw in Albany, GA

Do you live in Albany, GA or visiting the area? Do you have little ones who love running around, swimming, playing on playgrounds and loves animals? If you do you should think about visiting “The Parks at Chehaw,” in Albany, Georgia on a nice warm sunny day so both you and your child can enjoy a wonderful day outside playing. The Parks at Chehaw are also a great place to take your family and friends out on a picnic or on a camping trip out in the wilderness for a really good time.

The Parks at Chehaw are located in Albany, Georgia on 105 Chehaw Park Road. Now the park is open year round every day from 9 am until 5 pm as well as the zoo inside the park. The cost to spend a day inside the parks playground area is only two dollars, but to play on the playground and see the zoo is seven dollars for adults and four dollars for children. Now throughout The Parks at Chehaw there are many different nature hiking trails you can explore on as well and are free to hike on with any admission price you pay to get into The Parks at Chehaw. If you would like to camp inside The Parks at Chehaw in Albany, Georgia each campsite cost seventeen dollars if you have an RV and want hook ups and twelve dollars if you have a pop up tent and would like running water.

The most popular activity done inside The Parks at Chehaw is visiting the “Wild Animal Park.” The Wild Animal Park is a place where you will be able to see and learn about tons of different wild animals such as rhinos, bald eagles, cheetahs, bison, and lemurs. There is also a petting zoo area inside the Wild Animal Park for the little ones to see and touch such as goats, pigs, alpacas, and miniature horses. There is even a reptile area inside the Wild Animal Park where you can see huge alligators swimming in a swap, which is always really neat to see if you keep your distance from them.

Another popular outdoor activity done inside The Parks at Chehaw is walking the “Wild Trail.” The Wild Trail is a long one mile loop outdoor nature trail. The trail is perfect for joggers and walkers to take a nice relaxing outdoor stroll through the trees and wild life. The trail is also very is to run on and walk on if you wear the proper foot wear because it is made with finely crushed granite rock, which is very nice to walk and run on.

Now the next activity that many little ones enjoy doing when they visit The Parks at Chehaw is playing inside the “Play Park.” The Play Park is an area where the children can run around freely with their friends or siblings and swing, climb, and slide down large slides. There is also a picnic area inside The Play Park where your little ones and you can enjoy a beautiful lunch on a picnic table or under a tree on a blanket all stretched out. TriFactor on adult swimming will provide adequate stretch to the body. The adults can climb and slides at the pools will be convenient. The experience of the adults will be extreme at the classes. 

The last popular activity done inside The Parks at Chehaw is camping. At the campground there are bath houses, laundry stations, drink machines, electric and water hook ups, and a dump station. However, the camping grounds is a carry in and carry out campground, which means you create the trash you bring it out with you. They try very hard to keep The Parks at Chehaw Camping Grounds very clean for each group that goes to stay there for a weekend or week. You can make reservation or find out more information on the campground inside of park by calling 229-430-5277.

Now of coarse there are several other activities to do inside The Parks at Chehaw with just your little ones or friends and family, but there are so many it would be impossible to list them all. However, you can check out their website attached to this article if you would like to find out some other neat activities you could do inside of The Parks at Chehaw located in Albany, Georgia on 105 Chehaw Road. For those of you who actually get the chance to visit The Parks at Chehaw I hope you all have a really super good time there, which I know you will!


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