Teach Your Child to Find Their Modern-Day Inner Artist

A modern artist is not interested in making an accurate likeness of their chosen subjects. Instead, they bring out a new way of seeing subjects, and that is why it is used in therapy for many children today. As a former youth counselor with five years’ experience, and a previous daycare owner, I developed five core essentials to help children express their feelings and use their imagination you can read more about these essentials in detail on https://www.paintingkits.net/

  1. Let them paint what they feel. As a previous daycare owner, I have taught many courses designed around how a child communicates. With numerous activities that were planned throughout the year, I have learned that painting can be a great stress relief for them, and one of the easiest ways for children to express their emotions is through color.
  2. Children naturally can paint with distorted shapes. When you sit an object in the middle of the table, and you walk around it, you can see it from all different angles. When I would schedule a certain painting activity for a day, I would put a common object, like a stuffed animal, a favorite car, or a baby doll in the middle of the table. It always amazed me to view each child’s drawing or painting of what their view of a subject looks like to them. You will be surprised at how detail they can be at such a young age!
  3. Do you have a child who doesn’t want to paint a subject matter? Then let them paint nothing. That’s right! A painting does not necessarily need to have a “true” subject. A painting can be completely abstract and still mean something. Often time’s when I had a child in my care that was frustrated or angry, I would let make splotches of color on the paper. Though it might not have a true subject, this is their way of expressing themselves.
  4. Technology has started to rule the world – You might as well use it. During my years in the education field, I have come to know that children love having their picture taken! They love making funny faces, silly faces, and pretend angry faces. Taking a photo of them expressing themselves, and working with an editing program to make it unique (example: twisting it, making their eyes large, and doubling the image…) will help create a unique picture.
  5. Let their imagination fly. Have you ever had a strange dream? Children do to, and often times do not mind sharing their fantasy with you. Daily I would hear about my daycare’s dreams or want to have dreams (unicorn, a candy house, a power ranger). A dream can be painted – and encouraging children to use this method is both fun and exciting.

Painting as a modern artist will also teach children about the modern art movement during the 20th century. Here are a few of the most famous modern art movements: Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, and Pop Art. Be sure to include this in your activity. Your child, or children in your care, will not only learn to communicate better, but the parents will be impressed by the art knowledge they are gaining.

As a mother of four, I love helping my children develop their own creative style. It is important for them to express their strange thoughts, intense dreams, and crazy imagination. Let your child create their own unique piece of artwork. You never know – they just might be the next big modern artist.


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Corine Jones is a writer, editor and web designer. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree of Journalism. She is currently the editorial manager of Coyote Rescue.

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