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Spam or Email Spam Spam is another name for ‘Junk Email’. Any email received unsolicited is arguably Spam email. I hate Spam and before I had the right privacy filter I spent several hours a week clearing my e-mail box trying to get rid of it. I also hate the idea of kids receiving porn email spam. 

There are two primary methods to Anti Spam; a Spam Filter or a Spam Blocker. Tend to overlap in functionality. Spam Filters examine the contents of an email looking for certain items that signify the email is likely to be Spam. 

A Spam filter might search for certain keywords like, “Free ” or “Viagra ” or “Sex ” and count the number of times those words appear in an email. Those emails that have more than a certain pre-defined threshold of flagged words are deemed to be Spam and are then often placed in a separate e-mail box folder waiting for the e-mail owner to either delete or rescue the email. 

A Spam Blocker looks at the mail header, comparing the route by which the e-mail arrived at its destination. There are companies that sell lists of web sites that send out Spam and if the e-mail has come through or from one of those sites, the e-mail is deemed to be Spam by the software. If this happens a Spam blocker will simply delete the item or attempt to send it back to the sender. Well, for every measure there is a counter-measure. 

Ignoring legal remedies that do exist in some countries and states, Spam in some form will always be part of the online world. You can reduce the likelihood that you will receive Spam. First, only provide your primary email address to work for associates, friends, and family. 

Do not use your primary email address for web sites that you have not established trust with you. Check to see the web site as an explicit web site privacy policy. Do they sell e-mail addresses? Notice I referred to the primary e-mail address. 

I create secondary e-mail addresses for ezines (online newspapers and magazines) I like and then if I enter a competition or sweep I will use a specially assigned e-mail address. I consider a good Spam Filter Software essential. Consider the following Email Spam Reducing and Blocking products. Stay Ahead of Hackers – Zone Labs has SPAM protection products. Their site also has a lot of information on the topic of keeping your computer safe.

ChoiceMail ChoiceMail protects your family email inbox from spam. If you need protection for your home, home office, or business. ChoiceMail allows you to quickly create your own personal definition of spam. McAfee SpamKiller You probably know them as the trusted name in anti-virus software technology but now they also have trusted anti Spam technology. Have a look at their latest offering.


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