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How can you write for my business?

Before we launch your campaign, our team will spend time getting to know you and your company. Each company has unique needs and target markets. We will work with you or your designated point of contact to develop a comprehensive strategy to get results. As we further our relationship with you and your company, we will gauge results with the content and refine it to have a better online social media presence. Online content marketing is dynamic and will change as your company grows to keep fresh and ahead of the curve in anticipating your customer needs. We understand that you are busy and have a business to run and may not be a professional content writer; yet, rest assure, we will work with you in creating content which will represent you and your brand in the highest standards.

It is important that Social Media marketing takes time to cultivate and grow. Growing your network, and putting out relevant and effective content will grow over time. We like to consider this an endurance event versus a short sprint to a finish line. Social Media marketing is not like turning on a light switch, that is why our packages are geared towards 3 to 6 months and beyond. A successful plan delivers you engaged content found through search, leads generated from your blog and social media content, and your business listings. Once your online reached is maximized and consistently refreshed, the results will grow more rapidly. The most important thing will be consistency, and remaining in front of your growing network and potential new customers.

What is my involvement?

In the beginning of the campaign, your involvement is crucial! No one is going to be a better at knowing your product or service than you are! It’s important for both you and Social Media Blade to understand how you want to be presented. As we develop our relationship, we will begin to build trust to where your direct involvement may become less and less, but that will be up to you.

This is going to be a unique piece of info that I can share with you based on my experience that is way different from giving tips on getting more followers on social media platforms through websites like

How long does it take to setup my account?

We like to launch within 30 day’s from opening up an account with us. We want to ensure that we are spending time with both you and your company to build up enough content so once we get started, we will be able to remain consistent without stressing over the next content piece. We have seen many companies who haphazardly start a campaign themselves only to fall flat when they only post only occasionally.

How often will I receive statistics and reporting on my campaign?

Once your program has launched you should expect to hear from your Account manager on a monthly basis. Whether that contact is by email or phone is entirely up to you!


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