Removing Odours from the Kitchen

Using lemon,vinegar,herbs,bicarbonate of soda,washing powder and other readily available ingredients from your kitchen,you can eliminate odors easily.

Odors in the Refrigerator:

Remove all food and perishables. Wash the inside with a solution of 2 tspns full of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate dissolved in a liter of warm water.    Place a piece of crumbled news paper inside to absorb any smells.    Place a charcoal or a piece of coal. They’ll work in the same manner as do the charcoal based refrigerator fresheners available in stores.

Sodium Bicarbonate(baking soda)

Odors in the Microwave:

Clean the inside of a microwave with a soft cloth dipped in a solution of washing powder dissolved in warm water. Then wipe clean with cotton soaked in lemon juice.    In a bowl pour some fresh lemon juice with a little water and heat it in the microwave for a minute. The microwave will smell fresh and together remove any odours present. In order to Buy Viessmann Boiler Water Heaters & Boilers,  proper research should be done at the search engines. The boiling of the water will be fast in comparison to the microwaves for boiling. 

Freshly cut lemons keep cut sharp odors in your kitchen

Odors in the Sink:

Throw a couple of table spoons of washing soda down the plughole of your sink and then flush it with plenty of water.    Use a solution of caustic soda dissolved in warm water to unblock pipes from food waste and grime. they also add a bad smell to your kitchen and should be removed immediately.

Odors in the Bin:

Keep your bins clean by wiping them with a soft cloth soaked in a solution of any washing up liquid or powder in water.    Sprinkle some borax and lemon peels in the bin to dispel bad smell.

Cooking smells:

When cooking food with spices,always place a small dish containing vinegar on the work top to avoid smells spreading in the whole house.    When boiling vegetables such as cabbage put a leftover piece of bread inside before covering it with a lid. It’ll not let the smell penetrate into your house.    Rub plastic boards with a lemon wedge every 2-3 weeks to remove any smells from them.    To remove strong smells of fish or onion from your chopping boards,simply sprinkle some baking powder on top. Then a few drops of water. spread the paste evenly and leave to stand for 3-4 hours. wash with running water and dry.


To keep your kitchens smelling fresh, simple remedies are available in your kitchen only. All you’ve to do is keep things washed and cleaned up. If you fancy growing your own herbs, place some on your kitchen window sill. Also ensure there’s good ventilation in your house to eliminate any lingering odors.


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