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When I first became a member at, I was really interested in having music on my profile. Luckily enough there was a music feature where I could search for my favorite artists and have their song on my page. The problem was that you could only choose one song and sometimes the artist that you liked didn’t have a MySpace and so you had to settle for another artist. I experimented with several different methods of getting the songs I liked on my profile, but it required a lot of uploading and html work, places where I am weak. So I continued my search until one day my cousin pointed out a website to me that would definitely fit my needs. is almost, and I stress almost, like a file sharing website, but you can’t download the files for your personal youth. Perhaps a better phrase to use would be that is like your own personal DJ booth in a radio station. You can search for any song you like and as long as it is not too obscure, you can find it and add it to a playlist. That’s the real beauty to, that you can have an array of songs on your MySpace profile. The playlist can hold up to 75 songs of any length.

Another great thing about’s playlist is that it can be customized. You can add songs and remove them and also rearrange them to how you want them to appear. If you’re a person that doesn’t really care about where the music falls on the playlist, also gives you a shuffle option for when you’re getting the html code for your myspace profile. Also, for those of you who don’t use MySpace, for the life of me I can’t understand why since it is simply the BEST social networking site there is, gives you the code for a number of other social networking websites too, like Hi5 and Xanga. You can also choose from several different colors for how you want your playlist to appear, so that it doesn’t clash with your carefully constructed profile layout. Just like, this site is very helpful and efficient and it is highly loved by its users.

There is one major drawback to and that is that the songs are not professionally uploaded. The music search on the website just searches for songs with the title you specified and brings back results ranging from defunct websites to file hosting sites. Thankfully though, lets your preview the song all the way through so you can make sure it works before you add it to your playlist. Some of the songs owners, I mean the ones who uploaded the songs, not the artists themselves, eventually remove the songs from their file hosting websites and a song can become useless on your playlist, but once again there is a delete function and you can search for another file of the same song. is a great website that everyone needs to check out.


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