How to Earn an Income of $1000 Plus a Month!

One of the most important things anyone who is looking to earn a passive, online income must do, is to have proof that their ways work and for that Douglas Williams Evergreen Wealth Formula review is there. This means you have to have proof of payments, whether it be a picture of the check you received, copies of your pay pal payments, etc. No one who is dedicated will sign up with any program you prefer to if they don’t see the fruits of your own labor.

Even though the only proof I’ve shown is 2 small payments from Your Actions Pay for $288.95 and $96.46, this proof has earned me quadruple that amount. The payments were big enough to encourage others that Your Actions Pay pays, as well that income is easy to obtain from them.

Find the websites you want to promote and stick with them. I chose 3 different websites, for 3 different reasons.

Cash Crate:

Cash Crate has some of the best referral options for earning passive income. You can earn up to 30% of what your first level referrals earn, and 15% of what their referrals earn. And, for every referral, you obtain that earns at least $10 (the minimum payout) you earn $3. I’ve been with Cash Crate the longest, so I chose to promote Cash Crate for the great referral system, as well as my longevity and guaranteed earnings with them.

Your Actions Pay:

Next I chose Your Actions Pay because though they are similar to Cash Crate, they have their own perks and benefits that can further guarantee your monthly income. Better than Cash Crate, you get $5 for simply joining Your Actions Pay and every time you refer someone you get another $5. In addition to earning cash for completing surveys, you get YAP shares, which are like lottery tickets worth anywhere between 100 shares to 1000 shares, that at the end of the month earn you a portion of the website’s earnings. As well, if you earn a certain amount each month, you get residual bonuses (i.e. $80 earns you a 15% bonus!) With Your Actions Pay the bonus possibilities are limitless and I love that about them.

Cash Lagoon:

Lastly, I chose to promote Cash Lagoon, because unlike Cash Crate and Your Actions Pay, as soon as you reach the minimum payout ($5) you can cash out and will be paid within a few hours via PayPal. Cash Crate and Your Actions Pay to make you wait until the end of the month, which sometimes can be too late.

So now I have 3 websites that I’m dedicated to promoting, now what? First, make at least enough to have proof that you have been paid from the websites you chose.

Cash Crate payout minimum is $10

Your Actions Pay payout minimum is $30

Cash Lagoon payout minimum is $5

The more you make, obviously the more likely someone will be to join the website you are promoting, high cash payouts mean that person has the potential to earn high cash out as well. However, even the minimum proof, is still proof and will work. The idea is you have to show to your referrals that you earned the cash by doing surveys, not just getting other referrals. No one earns money if no one does surveys, that’s simply how to Get Paid To websites work. What you want, is to only have to do surveys in the beginning, so from then on you are able to have a passive income from the surveys your referrals do! 🙂

Well, I have proof, now what? You need to get referrals of course!

The best way I have learned to get referrals is through friends, family members, classmates, etc. Honestly, because these are people that know and trust me they are more willing to believe what I’m showing them. However, if you’ve already gone this route let me share some more ways:

myLot –

myLot is similar to a myspace discussion board, but you get paid for it. Since you are getting paid to be active in discussions, there are a lot of people on there looking for other ways to make money. I would go to the ‘make extra cash’ discussions and share my knowledge as well as the link for the website I was promoting. I have earned upwards of 20 referrals a day simply by sharing what I already knew. I wouldn’t spam like other members on myLot, as I would answer each question addressed by the original author, and this won me the most referrals.

Create a blog –

By creating a blog, you can show readers your progress, you can link to the websites you are a member of, you can post your proofs of payments, etc.,, whatever website you chose to use, you should also look into getting your own domain forward name, so readers can easily go to your website. For $2.95 you can get a domain forward from 1 amp;1 for a year. Thus, my blog is instead of see the difference? is much easily remembered than the long reference link. That $3 investment has earned me a load more in passive income.

Yahoo Answers –

search for people who are seeking how to earn money at home, work at home, etc. By providing a real, nonspamming message, you will encourage the original author to sign up for the program(s) you’ve mentioned, in addition to anyone else who views the question, what an easy way to gain referrals!

So now you know how to find referrals, what to do in order for referrals to sign up under you, and more, what else do yo still need to know?

Having faith in the system. I’ve been earning money online for over 2 years. At first, I focused only on earning money myself, and though I wasn’t making close to what I make now, it satisfied me and earning less than $100 a month pleased me. I then focused more on getting referrals, and that’s when I began to see the real income come in, and I was shocked at the possibilities that Get Paid To websites offer.

You need to remember to not get discouraged, and that though you may not be completing surveys, take the time you once did to complete surveys, and apply that time to get referrals. Then, watch the income come in, and you are able to sit back and do nothing, but earn a passive income every month! How nice?

The True Secret of Exercise Success Revealed

This summer wasn’t my first attempt at getting ripped; no, that dream has been chased on several occasions. It seems every New Years’, every summer, and every glance at the mirror prompted new promises to work out and get the body I’ve been dying for. So I signed up for gyms, made schedules of when I’d exercise, bought protein, but it never stuck. Each endeavor ended the same, with me looking just the same as I had before; and none lasted longer than a month. Just like every other stooge who’s been there, promises to become the man I wanted to be quickly became excuses for why I failed. I knew something had to change, if so many people had done it before me, I knew I had to be able to.

So I went to the internet. Hours of scouring seemed only to reveal what we all know, that the body we want comes at a price we must be willing to pay. I searched for the secret to success, believing there must be something they know that I don’t. I looked through countless advertisements for new equipment, new exercise techniques, anything and everything that may help me reach my goal. But all rocks turned left more to be desired. The work out videos that promise to get you ripped, the newest exercise equipment that only costs 6 easy payments, the self help books that will reveal the secrets of success, they’re all just faulty replacements for the one thing that actually does work: motivation.

As terrible as it sounds, I was completely unmotivated to work out and many people out there who’re on the track I was are, too. Being unhappy with your body isn’t motivation, its self-loathing. Signing up for a gym, buying books and overpriced equipment isn’t action; it’s falling for corporate schemes that play off of your bad feelings about yourself and desire to see fast results. Only when we have a single, important motivational source will we ever stick to our promises. Don’t sit through another infomercial for the same thing you bought last year that’s gathering dust in your basement, nothing changes. Don’t start reading another self-help book; you’ll stop half way just like the last one. I did, millions of Americans have, millions more will and at the end of the day they won’t be a pound thinner or a bit happier. The secret behind the 75 hard should be available with the person to get effective results. The meeting of the expectations is great to meet with the mental solutions. The changes in the mood and behavior are covered under the treatment of mental health experts. 

Sit down, and think. The only person who’s going to drag you out of bed in the morning or off the couch at night to actually exercise is you. The only person that’s going to put down the burger and reach for something with actual nutritional value is you. Nobody is going to do it for you, not the author of a book or the lying celebrity endorsing a product. Think about why you want to change your body. Think about how you can accomplish this. Think about your reasons and think about the consequences of both paths: working out and getting in shape or failing to do so. Is it for your health? Want to be more attractive? Want to be happy when you look in the mirror? And once you know why, once you understand what’s important to you, then you’ll get out of bed and work out and then you’ll stop eating fast food and start eating right because you’ll have a reason to. Once you find a reason to reach your goal that is what’ll keep you going. If you succeed in reaching your goal, the glory is all yours. If you fail, own it and then address what happened.

Exercise doesn’t take fancy machines. A set of dumbbells, a pair of running shoes, a good attitude and some self determination get the job done just fine. Its been working splendidly to me, this summer, for the first time, I met my fitness goal. No equipment, no books, no ridiculous diet plans just common sense and a little drive.

What Are The 5 Ways To Optimize Internet Yellow Pages & Directories?

With the help of internet yellow pages, one can generate high traffic on their websites as well as in directories. As a reason, for some local business the overall cost is increasing which is beneficial for creating a greater number of engagement and traffic on the website. For considering customer referrals, it is beneficial to use yellow pages. For those business who have considered an online method for interacting with customer have created new trends which helps them to use yellow pages for promoting ads. Considering yellow pages is beneficial for generating more traffic as well as for providers too so that they will be able to communicate with customers with a precise and accurate manner. 

From some recent years, it has been listed that there are several yellow pages sites who are getting increased because of the number of customers reaching towards it. it contains high engagement as well as traffic which increase its productivity. For getting more information, you can also consider this website listed as 

5 ways to optimize internet yellow pages and directories:

Go through these 5 ways to optimize internet yellow pages and directories such as listed in the lower section for you:

  • The first thing which you need to do is research about the business you are considering.
  • Now, you have to plan whether to do advertisement of your business or not.
  • Consider a directory site of SEO so that it will become beneficial for you.

  • Listing your phone number and location is important so that customer can reach towards you for any query.
  • Review the site which you have chosen so that it will promotionally increase the engagement. 

All the 5 ways to optimize internet yellow pages and directories is listed in the upper section so that it will become beneficial for you.

Investment-Stocks and Shares

Before analyzing what a penny share is and is it worth the pennies that we invest in it, we must realize one thing -“Nothing is ever cheap in this world and that the cheapest may prove to be the costliest in the end”

What is a penny share? A share that is far below its par value first of all, can be a penny share. So, if it is a share that has a pound as its face value then obviously penny stock becomes its literal meaning.

It is the age old maxim that there are two things that always govern the stock market-one is greed and the other is fear. “I would like to see my money double in the shortest possible time; I would like to get rich as quickly as possible.” These are the two things that are uppermost in a person when he even contemplates looking at these penny stocks in a big way.

Is life that easy? These penny stocks are a lure to the most ambitious [I have euphemistically used this word instead of using the term ‘greedy’] people in the market. Once again it would be more apt to call them speculators than investors, because investors go into the market with the idea of getting some steady returns. They are hence wary of their choice and think twice about the erosion of capital.

As I had written earlier, nothing is ever cheap in the world .If there is a penny stock in the market then why is it so? This is what we need to think very hard .There may be the rare ones that have fallen on bad times and there is a reversal of fortune, there may be a potential take over, there may be a turn around and the stock is being revived and given new life,–this where our wishful thinking leads us– but how many of us are able to get this privileged authentic information before it has already marched more than sixty percent from its starting point?

Whether we need to take the risk further and convince ourselves that it is after all still within the penny range and so the money invested may not be much, depends on the individual.

If you are a person who would feel guilty to lose money on account of greed, do not take the chance

.If you are a person who has borrowed money [which is fundamentally the biggest folly one can ever commit in the stock market] never take this chance

If you have a commitment to keep and you hope to fulfill it by taking this big chance then you ought not to do it because these penny stocks are the most difficult to get rid of in times of a downturn. We need no better downturns in the markets than what we have been witnessing so far.

If you are a new entrant to the stock market never do this. It is likely to be your greatest temptation because you would tend to be elated over the small amount needed for your initial investment. Close your eyes and run a mile away from the penny stock if you would like to last in the market It is also a common saying that there is a beginner’s luck that favors the new entrants. Do not forget that it may end there.

Another thing that we ought to remember is, in times of a revival in the market these penny stocks also are the favorite parcel that many players dump on the gullible man’s hands.

There may be a handful of turn around stocks but be sure that you can always get them, they need not be penny stocks but you can definitely pick them at their reasonable low prices. When the company is performing and is giving decent returns and there is growth assured, the risk element reduces; life is long and if you are going to miss one opportunity or two of multiplying your money manifold it really does not matter; you can still invest in the stock.

It would finally prove easier losing money than gaining it by investing in these penny stocks. The unwanted baby may be sitting in your own hands and you would be unable to get rid of it. The disgust caused by the scrap paper in your hand far outweighs the possible high returns awarded by the stock. Be safe than sorry. You can be very sure that in times of a dip in the market it is these penny stocks that are the most pathetic ones that lovingly cling to the lower circuit everyday.

I agree that it gives the greatest thrill when we have stumbled upon a hitherto undiscovered opportunity, and there is a huge boost to our ego when we luckily happen to make some good money in such stocks .But this is fit for the high net worth seasoned individual who has his profits fighting in the market and for whom one loss can easily be compensated by the umpteen gains in other counters. It can also be for the decently affluent upper middle class seasoned investor who has his initial capital out of the market and has only profits in the market and who can afford to take this high risk for high returns. Even then the amount allocated for this should be the lowest percentage of a portfolio.

So what is the worth of a penny share?-that of a raffle ticket, a ticket for a lucky draw!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been in the market for more than twenty years and let me assure you that the negligible number of times I invested in these penny stocks and the woeful tales I have heard from many people have only reinforced my belief that the cheapest may prove to be the costliest and this would demand a heavy price-by way of your peace of mind.

Aside from investing in stocks, you should diversify your investment. You can choose in immobilien investieren as your instrumnent. This is known to be very effective in delivering return or profit. Real estate is always a good choice of investment. 

Money does not come that easily, and sensible investing is much more rewarding than adventurous investing. Opportunities cannot be more adventurous than those offered by these penny stocks.

A Few Points On Benchtop Jointer That You Must Know If You Want To Work On Wood

A huge section of people is involved in wood-related works. This is a hobby for some people and for some others it is a professional commitment. In either case, there are a few tools that you must have in order to have a smooth and professional outcome. One of the tools that you need in order to start off with woodwork is a benchtop jointer. Here are a few recommendations about The Best Benchtop Jointer For 2020. If you are a beginner then these are a few things that you must check out. 

Gives you the perfect finish 

The perfect finish that you always see on a flat surface or near the edges is a result of a benchtop jointer. These kinds of perfection cannot be created by any professional by hand. That is why if you were in doubt to get a benchtop jointer then now you know what you could be missing out on or lacking without one. 

Is a benchtop jointer worth the price? 

A benchtop jointer is cheaper than an S4S lumbar. However, if you are looking for the higher models with better efficiency then it will be expensive. If you want to go ahead with hand planning then you can try it out as a hobby. This not only takes a long span of time but also takes up a huge amount of effort. And at the end of the process, you still cannot have those perfect edges and flat surfaces.

So, if you want to look for the user guide on a benchtop jointer then go online and look into the brands since you will need this apparatus. This is one of the best opportunities out there to get your wooden work results like a professional. An investment in this kind of appliance is definitely worth your money.


How To Establish Better Instagram Account?

Instagram being one of the top social media platform in the world, is a great place to promote your business. It can help your business grow by huge margins if you can use all the key elements properly. Are you wondering how can you setup a successful Instagram account? Then you would want to take a look at our tips and also use InstaPrivateViewer for better results.

  • Creative Posts –

the first thing which you need to take care of is to make sure that your posts are creative and unique. People get attracted to new, quirky and creative content. Not the ones which can be found anywhere else. That is why you have to have an out-of-the-box mentality in order to post creative content frequently.

  • Interact With Followers –

the more you interact with people, the more they are going to get attracted to you. Reply to their comments, hold live sessions and question answer chats. All of this attract more followers who are always looking forward to interact with brands that communicate with their audience.

  • Be Active –

just because you had one successful social media post, all of your next content will be the same. It is absolutely unpredictable. You need to remain active on Instagram. Try to post atleast one content every week and even better if you can post two. This will help your audience to keep your brand name in mind and provide them with good content consistently.

  • Follow a Particular Theme –

Instagram is a completely visual platform where people come across images and videos only. When you follow a particular theme, people can connect with your posts even better and whenever they feel like watching such content, they come back to your account. Visual theme is really important on Insta.

Making Money Online Using Amazon Mechanical Turk

About two months ago I found myself in dire straits. I had been babysitting for about a year, working as a nanny to two young boys. One day their father came home early and announced that he had just lost his job. Of course, that meant I was out of a job as well. It was completely unexpected but in this crumbling economy I wasn’t all that surprised. Being a single mother of two, I was in trouble. Desperate to find some source of quick income before we ran out of diapers, I Googled “make money fast” and Amazon Mechanical Turk showed up in the search.

When I first arrived at the website and had my first look around, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Why hadn’t I heard of this before? What a novel idea! That was my first impression. I was a little skeptical of this website at first but after a month of using Amazon Mechanical Turk, I have managed to bring in $400.00. It may not sound like much, but it is worth a million when you have no other options and find yourself in dire straits! In this article I will give an overview of how you get started on the site, what I experienced, and the pros and cons.

Here is how to get started working on Mechanical Turk. The website interface is pretty self-explanatory. There is an area for ”workers” and an area for ”employers”. If you are using the site to make money, you are a ”worker”. If you have ever bought anything online through Amazon, then you should already have an Amazon account. You will use your Amazon ID and password to sign in and work on Mechanical Turk. If you don’t already have an Amazon account, then you will have to sign up. It shouldn’t take but a few minutes to do. For sign-up at online courses, a look over the Evergreen Wealth Formula review is beneficial for fashion industries. The opening of the account should be great to meet with the fashion taste. The generation of income and revenue is great for the growth and development of the industries.

After you have an Amazon ID to use to sign into Amazon Mechanical Turk, you will need to set up an Amazon Payments account in order to get paid for your work on Mechanical Turk. Once again, if you already have an Amazon ID, setting up your Amazon Payments account is very easy. With your Amazon Payments account, you have the option of using your money to use as credits on Amazon OR transferring your money to a verified bank account. To connect your bank account to get your payments from Amazon Payments, you have to go through a verification process so they can make sure this bank account actually belongs to you. I had some trouble with this. Amazon said they were “unable to verify” my bank account. I was frustrated at first, but then found out that they can ”manually” verify your account. They did this by making two deposits to my account. I had to wait until I received these deposits, then return to my Amazon Payments page and enter the amounts of the deposits. This was how they verified my account. It was tedious and worrisome but once I entered the correct amounts of the deposits, my account was verified and I was able to transfer my earnings to my bank account! Keep in mind there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $10.00.

Now, here is the fun part–the work. On Mechanical Turk there is a list of employers, the task payment amount, and a link to get an explanation of what is expected from this ”task”. At the top of the page you may also enter a dollar amount to search for tasks. If you find someone who pays good and you like working for, you can also use the search bar to search for their available tasks. You must hit the “accept” button to begin working on a task, and the “submit” button to submit your work. I recommend never working for anyone who is not paying what the task is worth. Some people posts tasks expecting people to work for $ .02 a task!! You can do these tasks but I don’t recommend it. Also, there are people on there claiming to pay anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00 for what they call “data collection tests”, or “website test”. These are not tests at all, they are surveys fishing for your information, and to top it off, they don’t even pay you afterwards! But the good news is this, there is a button on the website for reporting such websites. If you see a site that doesn’t work or violates site guidelines, you can report it with the click of a button. After a week or two of using the site, I got familiar with who payed well and what tasks I was interested in, and before long I was making at least $30 a day completing simple tasks.

The only problem I have with the site is that there are people on there running scams. And it seems that Amazon does not filter these people out. You are able to report them as violating guidelines, but that doesn’t guarantee that they won’t be back on the site, or others like them. It is basically up to you to find out what is legitimate and what isn’t. Use the basic rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Overall, Amazon Mechanical Turk was a lifesaver for me. To tell the complete truth, I don’t know why I haven’t heard of it before now. It’s been around for years. While it doesn’t pay much, it is a great outlet for those in dire straits, or just to make yourself a supplemental income. The only downside is you never know how much work is going to be available, and if it’s someone you’ve never worked for before, it’s hard to know if they’ll even pay. But if you are willing to work for it, you can make several hundred dollars a month through Amazon Mechanical Turk. I know this because I have done it! However if you are looking for something to pay the rent, you’d better keep your day-job.

Pay as You Go Insurance – is it Right for You?

Deductibles, collision, liability. Getting car insurance can be confusing, not to mention expensive. And if you don’t drive all that much, sometimes the expense doesn’t seem worth it. For these individuals, pay as you go car insurance might just be the answer.

Car insurance companies calculate rates by determining how much they think you will drive in a year. This means you pay the same rate if you drive 50 miles a week or 500. For those who drive 500 miles a week, it’s a pretty good deal. But for those who drive significantly less, it can seem like a rip off, and a lot of times, it is.

So what to do about it? Many car insurance companies are releasing pay as you go insurance. This is exactly what it sounds like. You only pay for what you use. Insurance companies install a device in your car that tracks how many miles you use per week, or month, depending on their policy. This allows them to accurately adjust your rate to exactly what you use when you use it.

This can have a lot of benefits, the most obvious being what can amount to a large savings. Who doesn’t want to save a few dollars, especially now? But many proponents of pay as you go car insurance claim that it will also reduce the amount of miles individuals drive. If it’s going to cost more, many people won’t travel extra miles if they don’t have to.

So is pay as you go car insurance for you? To decide, you should ask yourself a few questions. First, try tracking your own mileage for a week. If you are only making a trip or two to the store, then it’s reasonable to consider this type of insurance. However, if you drive 45 miles to work every morning, then this type of insurance probably isn’t for you. In order to get an insurance quote, the insurance for the car is effective and advantageous. The working of the car Is great to meet with the requirements. The occurrence of the accidents with good insurance policy with insurance companies does not cause injury. The savings should be great with the car owner. 

There are a few other things to consider as well. First, there’s the uncertainty of your bill. Sure, it may be low most months, but take a road trip or two, and your insurance will go up. Personally, I like the certainty of knowing what my bill will be when it arrives, but that’s just me.

Second, many people claim it’s an invasion of privacy. While devices aren’t equipped with a GPS device, it can still be a little disconcerting to know that someone is tracking your mileage. For others, this may not be a problem.

Like everything, pay as you go insurance has its benefits and its problems. The ultimate decision about whether it’s worth it is up to you.

How To Make a Great Cup Of Coffee With Less Than 100 Calories

Love Starbucks navigate to this site for some amazing coffee deals there? Sure, it tastes great. It’s an awesome pick me up after a tough day. But before you hit the drive-through, think of the calories. That grande Caramel Machiatto is 270 calories with 31 grams of sugar. The eggnog latte you’ve been craving is 480 calories and 48 grams of sugar. Iced peppermint mocha? 400 calories. Peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream? Another 470 calories and a whopping 60 grams of sugar. When you remember that men burn an average of 120 calories per mile by running on a treadmill, and women burn an average of 105 calories per mile, it is easy to see what that drink “costs” you. How to beat that? Make the coffee at home, of course. Not only is it cheaper, but you can make a great cup of coffee that still comes in under 100 calories. Essentially, the most important factors for a great cup of coffee are the equipment, the beans themselves, and how you sweeten it.

In order to make coffee that will rival Starbucks, you need to start with good equipment. First, the grinder. My preference is a burr grinder. I actually had the opportunity to review (and keep!) a Capresso 560 burr grinder and would recommend it to anyone in the market. New, they will cost between $70 and $90 (about 3-4 times more than a blade grinder) but if you’re spending $3-$5 each day at Starbucks it doesn’t take long at all for the grinder to pay for itself. The Capresso 560 changes grind sizes easily, is a snap to clean, and doesn’t take up much counter space.

The next important piece of equipment for a great cup of coffee is a good coffee maker. As someone that used a $20 drip coffee maker let me be the first to say that not all coffee makers are created equally. Most drip coffee makers do not get the water hot enough to brew properly. Besides that, the reusable filters often either do not give the water enough time to steep or too much time to steep. Many drip coffee makers are hard to clean since the parts either do not come out or are hard to put back together. If your fix typically requires espresso, you can invest in a high-end espresso maker. There are good ones on the market for $100-200. Again, not too much when you consider what you’re spending each day at Starbucks. If you’re looking for something simpler (and cheaper) the perfect compromise is a French Press. They are inexpensive (and often available used), and easy to work and clean. To use, simply boil some water (I use a teapot). As the water is reaching a boil, grind your beans. Put the beans (including the grounds stuck to the burr) at the bottom of the press. Add the hot water and give it a quick stir. Set a timer for 4 minutes and wait patiently. After 4 minutes, push down the filter part and pour your coffee.

After you’ve decided on your equipment, you need a bean. Not pre-ground coffee, an actual coffee bean. If you have been drinking Folger’s all your life and wondered why Starbucks tastes better you are about to find out. The most important thing about coffee beans is freshness. Once they are roasted they are best stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer and used within 1-3 months. It also helps to know how dark you prefer your roast. The darker the roast, the more coffee flavor you will get. Darker roasts tend to have less caffeine, but they will also taste a little more bitter to those sensitive to bitter flavors. If you dislike the bitterness of coffee, try a very light roast and you may be surprised. As far as the kind of bean, your best bet is an Arabica bean. They aren’t as expensive as some (Kona) and still taste great. You can also decide about certifications like organic or shade-grown. Be very careful when buying coffees in stores unless they give a brewed on a date. Remember that coffee is best fresh and gets stale quickly. If the store does not have a fast turnover you may be buying stale coffee. Even if it is an expensive bean, it may not be any better than a cheaper fresher one purchased somewhere else. There are specialty stores online where they don’t roast the coffee until it is actually ordered, and it is more affordable than most people think.

Once you have your equipment and your coffee bean, you can look at where the calories come from. Coffee itself is only about 5 calories per 8 oz cup (or 12.5 calories for a 20oz cup). However, every dollop of cream and spoonful of sugar packs in the calories. Coffeemate is even worse, since its mostly corn syrup anyways (read the ingredients). If you have fresh coffee, used a reliable grinder, brewed it properly, and picked the right bean for you, then you may be surprised to find out that you can drink coffee with much less cream and sugar than before. If you still want a little creamy and sweet flavor in your coffee there is a lower-calorie answer. Start by downgrading the dairy. If you normally use cream, switch to half and half. If you normally use half and half, try whole milk. Chances are, you won’t notice the difference in taste. I use half and half after having switched down from heavy whipping cream. Use as little as you need- try adding it one tablespoon at a time until you get the taste right. I use 3 tablespoons of half and a half in 20 oz of coffee. This works out to about 60 calories which brings your total to bringing total to 72.5 calories. For sweetener, I do not use sugar. I use stevia, which is a natural zero-calorie sweetener. Stevia comes in either a liquid or powdered form. The liquid is the easiest to mix, so your best bet for coffee. In a 20 oz cup I use 4-5 drops of chocolate flavored stevia, 4-5 drops of vanilla flavored, and 7-10 drops of plain stevia. This adds just a little bit of flavor to your cup, but you can use any flavor or even plain stevia and be just fine. Does it taste as sweet as a blended coffee from the coffee houses? No. But it will taste just as good. And since stevia has 0 net calories, your 20 oz cup of homemade coffee is only 72.5 calories, instead of the 200-500 calorie Starbucks behemoths.

Choose the Right Car Dolly

If you are planning to go to a vacation in the middle of summer, road trip is one of the exciting parts of it all. With this kind of adventure, you will be able to see different places that you haven’t see before and you will be able to distress and disconnect yourself form the hustle and bustle of the city. To make your adventure even more exciting, you might consider getting your own RV. Well, a lot of people are dreaming for the same thing as well.

If you to consider this option, one of the most important things that you need to pay attention to is to get a tow dolly for your personal vehicle. Basically, a tow car dolly is a small trailer with 2 wheels, and it is designed to tow the front part of your vehicle while the back wheels are exposed to the road. Another good thing about tow dolly is that they are very cheap. Hence, if you own an RV, this could be a great solution for your car. If your concerned is about safety, you don’t have to worry anymore because most of the tow dolly that you can find in the market are designed with safety precautions so you can ensure that your vehicle is safe and free from damage. 

The question now is, how will you choose the right tow dolly for your vehicle? Well, when choosing the right car dolly, there are some factors that you need to consider. First of those is the type of tow dolly. Generally, there are two types of dolly, the first one is with center pivots and the other one is with pivots on pins. Lightning and braking should also be taken into consideration to make sure that you are getting the right car dolly for your vehicle.