Deer Hunting Blahs: Fighting to Lease

In Texas, it appears come deer season there are as many hunters as deer. Despite the old timers words that “Deer must be thinned out to save them or otherwise there wouldn’t be enough grass to go around and they would starve to death.” This has never been a practical nor humane answer for me. Yet every year like clockwork when deer season is close the newspaper classified ads fill with deer leases to rent and they are quickly booked with sporting competitors searching for the perfect kill.

Landowners can’t always depend on deer staying within their property. They get spooked if neighboring landowners are hunting or are leasing their goods to friendly gunmen and they may jump the fence into other properties sometimes doubling back to where they came from if they are being chased by gunfire. This can become quite a problem for landowners that simply love feeding, watering and deer watching. Fellow hunters and landowners may give relatives and friends permission to use their property during deer season. This too could pose a problem for nature watchers with land. For identifying of the prey from distance, binoculars can be used through the hunters to shoot them. The purchasing of the best binoculars for surveillance should be done through the person. 

Shifty hunters sometimes sneak across onto other adjoining properties whether divided by a fence or not. The trespassers aren’t concerned with what destruction they cause. They may leave behind broken or empty beer bottles and cans, snack wrappers, and bullet shells. They could decide to start a campsite, build a fire, and forget to put it out not to mention the actual property owner, their family or friends might accidentally get shot.

Leasing hunters who trespass over to greener properties might do so because they are disappointed or disgruntled over poor leasing grounds. Land leased for hunting pleasure might have little to no game possibly due to over hunting, no food or water, and poor shelter or protective coverings. Game rich land isn’t going to be so readily available for lease. Top leasing grounds probably won’t even make it into classified ads. Since satisfied hunters will most likely return to such areas and may have a long-term commitment with the owners.

Deer hunters who lease should start looking for a decent rental six months to a year before the season starts. They can do this by asking around. Other hunters should be able to give advice and insight into where good places to go are. Secondly, local game wardens or any chamber of commerce will know their area and may have key contacts with prime leasing property.

If land sought to be leased is found and is within the reasonable price limit the hunter has to spend, an agreement should be signed only after the location has been visited to determine if its worth the investment. Remember that just because land is leased it doesn’t guarantee there will be game.

Review: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been my game of choice since it came out last fall. So, I was very excited to see that they were releasing an expansion, Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package, for the game. Being released yesterday, I headed straight for my Xbox 360 to start the download as soon as I arrived home from work. The Stimulus Package costs 1200 Xbox Live points (about $15.00) and took about an hour to download. After staying up late into the night playing, here is a complete review of the pros and cons of the new Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package.


New Multiplayer Maps

I have to be honest. I was slightly disappointed with the new Stimulus Package, so I will start with the pros before I begin my cons rant.

The best feature of the the MW2 Stimulus Package is ability to play in new arenas. As with any game, it is easy to get burned out on playing the same maps over and over. Over time, the multiplayer matches become predictable. You eventually learn where the best sniper points are, where to ambush the enemy, and crossfire zones to stay out of. The problem – your opponents also know the same thing. The match eventually becomes a stalemate of back and forth killing.

The Stimulus Package features 5 new multiplayer maps. Personally, I think they look great, and have no complaints. It was refreshing to fight in an unknown territory which felt more like what you would experience in real-world combat instead of paying in a memorized map.


Just Multiplayer Maps

My main complaint is not about what the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package contained. It is more about what it didn’t contain. Other than the 5 multiplayer maps, the package offers no new features to the game. Personally, I would have liked to see (in addition to the multiplayer maps) a few new weapons, game modes, titles and emblems, and spec-op missions.

Reused Maps

Two of the five maps featured in the Stimulus Package are recycled from the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is great for those who aren’t familiar with the original title. To them, these ARE new maps. Unfortunately for veteran players, if we wanted to play some of the old maps, we would just throw in our original MW disc. Infinity Ward suggest that the old map inclusion in the Stimulus Package is due to their popularity from the original title. The way I look at it – just because Super Mario Bros was so popular doesn’t mean that Nintendo should resurrect that old dinosaur, right?

No Option for Just Deathmatch

The thing I love most about the Modern Warfare series is their realism. For this reason, I prefer to stick with the basic deathmatch multiplayer mode. The new map pack features only two paying options – hardcore and random. I really don’t care for hardcore so I ended up playing in the random arena. The problem is that many of the game types don’t reflect the realism that is reflected in the franchise. You don’t see the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan playing capture the flag, do you?

Too Expensive

The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package offers very little “bang for your buck”. Even though the pack contains five maps, only three of them are new. Plus, considering the cost of the full game, the price seems a little much. Currently, MW2 sells on for $38.00. This means that you are paying an addition 40% of your original cost for a measly handful of multiplayer maps. In my opinion, if you want to get the most value for your money, you might be better off saving your $15.00 to put toward a full version of a different game. In order to Buy pokemon go accounts, the prices should be considered through the players. They should have information of the charges prevailing in the market. Different versions of the game should be played for enjoyment.

Easy Ways To Lower Your High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is a very serious ailment. But there are some very simple ways which can bring down Blood Pressure. They are discussed in this article.

One of the best methods to keep the Blood Pressure under control is to take greens in preference to meat.

How Blood Pressure is Caused

Blood Pressure is caused by narrowing down of the vessels (arterioles) which carry blood to the heart. Because of narrowing down of the arterioles, blood flows with pressure hitting the walls of the arterioles. This pressure results in Blood Pressure.

Role of Cholesterol:

The Cholesterol which is fat like substance present in the blood forms a layer in the veins carrying blood to the heart. In course of time, the layer becomes larger, obstructing supply of blood to the heart. This restricts supply of oxygen to the heart. This, in turn causes Heart Attack. Reduction of Cholesterol in the blood also makes the vessels more elastic and helps in easy flow of blood to the heart.

Cholesterol level in the body can be reduced by pure vegetarian diet. Food with lot of vegetables and fruits are most preferred to reduce cholesterol. Meat and other foods which are high in fats or cholesterol expose the person to the dangers of Heart Attack or High Blood Pressure. The selection of the healthy yeast supplement should be done through the person in meal. It will not cause excessive side-effects or infections on the body. The dangers of the severe diseases will be less in them.

Vegetarian food is preferred over Non-vegetarian foods:

The vegetarian diet contains more of Potassium, Carbohydrates, Polyunsaturated fat, fiber, Calcium, magnesium and vitamin ‘A’ and ‘C’ which are known to bring down the Blood Pressure.

Fibers are known to bring down the hypertension and it also reduces cholesterol in the blood and stimulates weight loss. There are fibers which are water soluble. They are oat bran, apple pectin, psyllim seeds and guar gum.

Potassium is another very important mineral required by the body. Lack of Potassium causes depression, constipation, Blood Pressure, kidney stones, hyperthyroidism, arthritis etc. Body requires seven grams of potassium every day and this mineral is supplied by the vegetable and fruits that we are consume every day. Potassium also helps in reducing the toxic waste in the body, balances PH level and increases energy in the body. Sodium present in salt is known to cause Blood Pressure.

Garlic, Celery, onion, tomato, broccoli, carrot and saffron are known to bring down Blood Vessels. Apart from that they also prevent heart attacks.

Therefore, the best way to prevent Blood Pressure and Heart Attacks is to shift to Vegetarian food and stop taking meat and other foods which have high content of fat. Vegetables and fruits also results in reduction of Cholesterol level in the Blood. Proper diet is the first step in controlling the Blood Pressure.

Night Club Dress Codes: What Are Their Real Puposes?

I recently attempted to go out with my boyfriend and our best friend. We decided on a local night club on a college campus since there was a line out the door, making the club appear to be bustling. But as soon as we got in line our hopes of dancing the night away were dashed. We were immediately told that the two men I were with would not be allowed in the club because they were wearing Timberland boots and over-sized shirts. But why is that their dress code?

By the time I got home I was worked into such a furious ball of energy that I immediately jumped on the club’s website to try and find out what their full dress code was since both my boyfriend and our friend had been there before and were caught off guard by these apparent changes in the dress code. I guess this would be a good place to point out the fact that both my boyfriend and our friend are black.

I scoured the club’s website trying to find out what their full dress code was, but had no luck. Apparently the dress code is important enough to prevent paying customers from entering but not important enough to post on their website so that one could easily access and then adhere to it. Usually I wouldn’t be the type to jump to conclusions about why the dress code isn’t posted, but given my experiences in this relationship and friendship, I wouldn’t not say that the club may have chosen to leave out their dress code from their website because parts of their dress code would a majority of the time apply to the black race, and by not posting their dress code, they can more easily keep blacks out of their club. I know it sounds like a strong accusation, but besides for the black males, how many club goers do you see in Timberland boots and over-sized shirts? Especially on a predominately white campus? There is no reason for the club to keep their dress code a secret. It their dress code were posted on their website we could have easily checked it before leaving and adhered to it.

Another popular college night club in the area has their dress code posted on their website, it goes as follows:

No Hats. No Jerseys. No hooded sweatshirts. No tank tops. No excessively baggy clothes. No white t-shirts. Brown, white, and black tennis shoes only. Collard shirts preferred.

Of course the no tank tops rule only applies to men as I wore nothing more than a corset on top to this night club and didn’t have a problem getting in. As far as I am concerned I find it hard to believe that any of these rules would apply to a female. Surely us females wouldn’t be restricted to tennis shoes in three different colors, heels are always sexier. In fact, the night I went to this club, their cocktail waitresses were walking around in bikini tops and grass skirts. So, besides for appearing racist with the color limitations (usually explained as being designed for avoid gang activity) and restrictions on the size of clothing, these dress codes also appear to be more than slightly sexist.

It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to go to the club scantly clad as long as the men she comes with are dressed like white middle class business men on their day off. I can understand certain restrictions in clubs that are located in areas with high gang activity, but Ann Arbor Michigan is far from a gang mecca, and my boyfriend and friend are far from drug slinging war lords. As a society we need to move past the ideas that our clothes, color of our skin, and our gender dictate who we are and how we act. Being in this interracial relationship has really opened my eyes, and quite frankly I don’t like what I see.

To be honest, the government has to stop putting restrictions on boys and girls and need not advice us on what and what not to wear in nightclubs as this has been a fashion trend that has been going on since decades and we have our right to freedom of expression. It is perfectly fine that they are concerned of their citizen’s safety but that does not mean that we cannot protect ourselves. Nightclubs like Lavelle is one wear girls dance on bar poles and wear such revealing clothes that reveal their cleavage but the local authorities are not bothered about it then why should they stop us citizens?

MySpace Better Than Facebook for Artists – Top 5 Advantages

While millions of users flock to Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis to check out their favorite artists, others prefer to turn to MySpace, one of the original social networks. As far as musicians are concerned, MySpace is still the king. Facebook and Instagram DM have yet to offer the features and versatility that MySpace does. Even now, after many thought MySpace was long dead, I still search for artists here rather than Facebook. Why? I can actually find what I want easily and I don’t have to “Like” anything to do it.

Artists who post their music and profiles on MySpace have an advantage over those on Facebook. Still, for maximum exposure, why not list yourself on both. This leads us to our first main advantage.

Add MySpace To Facebook

While you won’t see Facebook allows you to post your artist info to MySpace, MySpace is a bit more friendly. You can actually publish your artist page from MySpace on your Facebook artist page to list all your music, videos, events and more. Setting it up is easy with the free tutorial from MySpace.

Don’t Limit Fans

The problem with Facebook is usually your fans have to have a Facebook account in order to even view your info. They may seem some details, but the most important parts require fans to “Like” your page in order to access anything. This is a great way to track how many people like your page, but what if someone wants to listen to your music before they make a decision? Odds are, they’ll just move on to something else or try to find a clip on Amazon.

With MySpace, all fans have to do is type in your name on the site’s Music section, click the appropriate match and listen to the songs you have posted. They are not forced to like an artist they may not be interested in. As an artist, you know that all those friends on MySpace are actually interested in what you have to say. On Facebook, all those “Likes” could just be people who were forced to like you just to listen to one song.

Easier To Setup

MySpace is much easier to set up than Facebook. The built-in player lets you upload your music and videos with ease. Adding backgrounds and templates is also easier. Facebook changes often, meaning learning new layouts and settings. Since your music is always at the forefront on MySpace, visitors get to what they want to start with instead of searching through sections on Facebook. Visitors like the ease of use. Take advantage of it.

Share On MySpace And Facebook

MySpace launched a new player that opens in a new window when you click a song. This lets you navigate to other pages while listening to music. Within the player itself, listeners can share songs on MySpace in their own profile player or recommend the song to friends on Facebook.

MySpace Is First In Results

When you perform a search for an artist that’s on both MySpace and Facebook, the MySpace result displays higher than the Facebook result almost every time. For instance, in searching for Shinedown on Google, their MySpace page was listed higher than both their Twitter and Facebook pages, with Facebook being the last result on the first page of results. If you want to get noticed, you need MySpace. While it may not be the popular social network, it is the popular site for networking with your favorite artists and connecting with fans.

The Parks at Chehaw in Albany, GA

Do you live in Albany, GA or visiting the area? Do you have little ones who love running around, swimming, playing on playgrounds and loves animals? If you do you should think about visiting “The Parks at Chehaw,” in Albany, Georgia on a nice warm sunny day so both you and your child can enjoy a wonderful day outside playing. The Parks at Chehaw are also a great place to take your family and friends out on a picnic or on a camping trip out in the wilderness for a really good time.

The Parks at Chehaw are located in Albany, Georgia on 105 Chehaw Park Road. Now the park is open year round every day from 9 am until 5 pm as well as the zoo inside the park. The cost to spend a day inside the parks playground area is only two dollars, but to play on the playground and see the zoo is seven dollars for adults and four dollars for children. Now throughout The Parks at Chehaw there are many different nature hiking trails you can explore on as well and are free to hike on with any admission price you pay to get into The Parks at Chehaw. If you would like to camp inside The Parks at Chehaw in Albany, Georgia each campsite cost seventeen dollars if you have an RV and want hook ups and twelve dollars if you have a pop up tent and would like running water.

The most popular activity done inside The Parks at Chehaw is visiting the “Wild Animal Park.” The Wild Animal Park is a place where you will be able to see and learn about tons of different wild animals such as rhinos, bald eagles, cheetahs, bison, and lemurs. There is also a petting zoo area inside the Wild Animal Park for the little ones to see and touch such as goats, pigs, alpacas, and miniature horses. There is even a reptile area inside the Wild Animal Park where you can see huge alligators swimming in a swap, which is always really neat to see if you keep your distance from them.

Another popular outdoor activity done inside The Parks at Chehaw is walking the “Wild Trail.” The Wild Trail is a long one mile loop outdoor nature trail. The trail is perfect for joggers and walkers to take a nice relaxing outdoor stroll through the trees and wild life. The trail is also very is to run on and walk on if you wear the proper foot wear because it is made with finely crushed granite rock, which is very nice to walk and run on.

Now the next activity that many little ones enjoy doing when they visit The Parks at Chehaw is playing inside the “Play Park.” The Play Park is an area where the children can run around freely with their friends or siblings and swing, climb, and slide down large slides. There is also a picnic area inside The Play Park where your little ones and you can enjoy a beautiful lunch on a picnic table or under a tree on a blanket all stretched out. TriFactor on adult swimming will provide adequate stretch to the body. The adults can climb and slides at the pools will be convenient. The experience of the adults will be extreme at the classes. 

The last popular activity done inside The Parks at Chehaw is camping. At the campground there are bath houses, laundry stations, drink machines, electric and water hook ups, and a dump station. However, the camping grounds is a carry in and carry out campground, which means you create the trash you bring it out with you. They try very hard to keep The Parks at Chehaw Camping Grounds very clean for each group that goes to stay there for a weekend or week. You can make reservation or find out more information on the campground inside of park by calling 229-430-5277.

Now of coarse there are several other activities to do inside The Parks at Chehaw with just your little ones or friends and family, but there are so many it would be impossible to list them all. However, you can check out their website attached to this article if you would like to find out some other neat activities you could do inside of The Parks at Chehaw located in Albany, Georgia on 105 Chehaw Road. For those of you who actually get the chance to visit The Parks at Chehaw I hope you all have a really super good time there, which I know you will!