MySpace Better Than Facebook for Artists – Top 5 Advantages

While millions of users flock to Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis to check out their favorite artists, others prefer to turn to MySpace, one of the original social networks. As far as musicians are concerned, MySpace is still the king. Facebook and Instagram DM have yet to offer the features and versatility that MySpace does. Even now, after many thought MySpace was long dead, I still search for artists here rather than Facebook. Why? I can actually find what I want easily and I don’t have to “Like” anything to do it.

Artists who post their music and profiles on MySpace have an advantage over those on Facebook. Still, for maximum exposure, why not list yourself on both. This leads us to our first main advantage.

Add MySpace To Facebook

While you won’t see Facebook allows you to post your artist info to MySpace, MySpace is a bit more friendly. You can actually publish your artist page from MySpace on your Facebook artist page to list all your music, videos, events and more. Setting it up is easy with the free tutorial from MySpace.

Don’t Limit Fans

The problem with Facebook is usually your fans have to have a Facebook account in order to even view your info. They may seem some details, but the most important parts require fans to “Like” your page in order to access anything. This is a great way to track how many people like your page, but what if someone wants to listen to your music before they make a decision? Odds are, they’ll just move on to something else or try to find a clip on Amazon.

With MySpace, all fans have to do is type in your name on the site’s Music section, click the appropriate match and listen to the songs you have posted. They are not forced to like an artist they may not be interested in. As an artist, you know that all those friends on MySpace are actually interested in what you have to say. On Facebook, all those “Likes” could just be people who were forced to like you just to listen to one song.

Easier To Setup

MySpace is much easier to set up than Facebook. The built-in player lets you upload your music and videos with ease. Adding backgrounds and templates is also easier. Facebook changes often, meaning learning new layouts and settings. Since your music is always at the forefront on MySpace, visitors get to what they want to start with instead of searching through sections on Facebook. Visitors like the ease of use. Take advantage of it.

Share On MySpace And Facebook

MySpace launched a new player that opens in a new window when you click a song. This lets you navigate to other pages while listening to music. Within the player itself, listeners can share songs on MySpace in their own profile player or recommend the song to friends on Facebook.

MySpace Is First In Results

When you perform a search for an artist that’s on both MySpace and Facebook, the MySpace result displays higher than the Facebook result almost every time. For instance, in searching for Shinedown on Google, their MySpace page was listed higher than both their Twitter and Facebook pages, with Facebook being the last result on the first page of results. If you want to get noticed, you need MySpace. While it may not be the popular social network, it is the popular site for networking with your favorite artists and connecting with fans.


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