Most Unusual Summer Pool Toys

The most fun part about lounging around at the Best inflatable pools is the ability to splash around on inflatable pool toys. Swimming pool toys have come a long way since the birth of inner tubes and water wings. With increasing technology and the savvy of fun-loving inventors, going to the pool is a lot more interesting than it used to be. Take a look at some of the more unusual creations to make it into the tame blue yonder of Chlorinated Heaven.

Aqua “Rockers” ($50 – $140)

No longer do you have to lie flat on a boring old inflatable float. An assortment of “rocking” floats has hit the market, making pool time a bit more inviting. Aviva distributes a pool toy that is essentially a see-saw for the water. The Aviva Sports Super Rock-N-Lounge is the perfect water accessory for those who like a bit more active play in the water. The float accommodates two people (up to 300 lbs total) and is shaped similar to a boomerang. The toy’s occupants face each other and rock the float back and forth; the Rock-N-Lounge’s fairly sturdy build keeps it afloat. Those who care not to engage in play may simply relax in the lounge’s comfy curved shape.

Water Tennis ($90)

Raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing those annoying Volleyball nets dissecting your beautiful swimming pool. Those who like their water sports will get a big kick out of the Poolside Floating Table Tennis Game. This little table may be used on land or in the water, and consists of a solid foam core. The game includes paddles, net enforcements, and of course a ping pong ball.

Swimming Through “Hoops”(under $15)

Who says that pool toys must remain on top of the water? Kiddies who enjoy underwater play will love the Swimways Spring Hoops Pirate Treasure. The game essentially consists of three flat pirate ship designs with large holes cut into the middle. Through these holes, children may swim underwater in search of “treasure.” The Swimways set even includes “gold coins” that children can hunt for underwater. It’s an incredibly simple toy. But for children 6 years old and up, the toy can deliver hours of fun.

A Boathouse for the Kids ($100)

Get the kiddies their very own boathouse—well, not a real one. The Boathouse is an inflatable house that is approximately 63″ high and 52″ wide. It features lots of inflatable goodies for kids to play with, including a removable raft, ring buoys, and a separate inflatable boat. It is designed so that more than one small child can play inside the boathouse at one time.

Skateboard Under Water ($20)

Here’s a simple toy that is meant for underwater enjoyment, the Sub Skate Underwater Skateboard. The toy, a non-inflatable buoyant board, is used to “skate” or “surf” under the water. The water acts as a propeller of sorts, with the rider aiming to steer with his/her feet planted on the board.

Water Casino Royale! ($75)

Adult pool parties will not be complete without a little casino action. With the Swim-Up Blackjack Table, there is no need to head for dry land. The table itself is shaped in a semi-circle and can accommodate four players. The Blackjack table game comes with a standard set of waterproof playing cards, and 300 playing chips (red, white, and blue—100 each), instructions, and a drawstring compartment for placing chips and cards.

Drinks Anyone? ($40-60)

Not as expensive as the AquaPub, this pool toy is perfect for the adult pool party. Featuring four “Sun Seats” and one inflatable wet bar, the Aviva Aqua Bar was designed specifically for adults. The actual bar is white in color and shaped like a “C”, so that others may swim up to the bar easily. The Aviva bar also contains four cup holders and two areas which house coolers for filling up.


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