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Is An Open Sight Better With A Rifle Or Handgun?

by Alfred

You all know that every product comes with its fair share of pros & cons, and iron sights are no exception. Most shooters often consider whether an iron sight is suitable for mounting on a rifle or a handgun. 

Well, it depends upon the preference of the shooters because it can improve your ability to shoot from a distance. However, you should know that iron sight would work differently for rifles and handguns. 

In addition, you must know that most rifles are integrated with factory sight, and if you want to shoot with precision, you have to prepare your gun while ensuring the rear sight is aligned with the front one. Not to mention, there are different types of open or iron sights available on the market like V-notch, U-notch, semi-buckhorn, and buckhorn. 

What’s The Difference Between Using An Open Sight On A Rifle Or A Handgun? 

The main difference you will notice is the position of an iron sight, as it is mounted slightly above the rifle barrel to ensure eye relief while delivering precision and accurate aim. On the other hand, an open sight will be placed at the end of the handgun, providing you to aim more accurately with the assistance of the sight. 

However, you should know that a reflex sight can increase the weight of your handgun while you might not experience any change when using a rifle as its weight compensate for an accurate shot. Remember having sights on both ends means you are using a rear sight while positioning a sight at the muzzler, named as the front sight. 

Shooters should remember to zero their sight using windage and elevation adjustments to get an accurate and precise aim. Overall, you can use an open sight on both weapons as this simple yet compact sight can improve your focus and aim by a big margin. 

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