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How To Get My Ex Girl Friend Back – Know how to do it

by Alfred

You were angry and frustrated when you were in the middle of relationship struggle between you and your girl friend. A normal man like you wants to exit immediately to avoid the drama. You probably initiated the break up to avoid commitment, or you noticed that she’s about to push you away so you took the first move to get rid of her so that she can’t hurt you. A defense mechanism practiced by most men.

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The issue you are dealing right now is no longer about who made the first move to separate. Your primary concern is how to make it up to your girlfriend. Your negative feelings about her finally subsided. You feel lonely and you missed her smile, her sweet talks even if sometimes she acts like a bitch! You also miss that, don’t you?

Emptiness is sinking in your heart and you can’t stand the feeling. You are longing for her, it is obvious …you want her back, kiss her and hold her in your arms but how? A big question mark in front of you and you want the answer-the best possible way you can do for her to give you another chance.

Thinking to serenade her? That’s probably a good idea but don’t sing the song…One more chance…please give me one more chance…that sounds funny! Choose a beautiful love song to mend her broken heart.

Here are some tips you may consider doing to take your woman back.

A women is generally soft hearted, she can easily forgive and forget the person she loves depending on the degree of pain inflicted on her. Don’t come to her with your crocodile tears and beg to take you back and tell her that you’ll shoot yourself if she doesn’t. She will just shrug it off especially if she knows that you are domineering. It is not convincing. Roses and teddy bears are flattering during first encounters. A woman still appreciates if given to her by surprise. But if you’re trying to get back to her presents are not that effective most importantly if she is hurt really bad. She might think that you are trying to bribe her with your peace offerings. You can only connect with your girlfriend by showing that most of the time you listen and pay attention to her. Try your best to meet her needs, the things she vocally tells you she wants to do or accomplish. Make her feel that you’re ready to support her and commit to her and you appreciate her as a woman. If you think she still loves you but she is somewhat punishing you for what you did and she is now playing hard to get.

Reverse psychology will not work. Don’t even think of giving a hint that you’re ready to date another woman. She will hate you more!!! Stalking is not a good idea either. Give her enough time to listen to her heart. Most women evaluate their feelings and they weigh the positive and negative consequences of accepting you back in her life. Once she made her decision, that’s it. Just think positive that she will notice all your efforts to re-establish your relationship and you are geared in becoming more intimate to her. Consult relationship experts and ask for their professional advice. This maybe the last thing you would want to do from the list. It is true men don’t normally go to counseling alone, it’s not a comfortable feeling consulting one on one with a relationship therapist. You might as well invite your ex-girlfriend to attend therapy with you.

Women like this kind of activity, they want to share their inner thoughts and emotions and seek for advice. If she welcomes the idea, that’s a sign that she’s willing to give your relationship another try.

If she blames you why you broke up, don’t blame her back. Accept your mistakes and sincerely apologize. Explain your side in a positively, avoid criticisms, complaints, or any negative words.

Focus on your desire to create a secure and successful relationship with her and let her know that you are sincere and willing to build a loving and intimate relationship for both of you.