How to Earn an Income of $1000 Plus a Month!

One of the most important things anyone who is looking to earn a passive, online income must do, is to have proof that their ways work and for that Douglas Williams Evergreen Wealth Formula review is there. This means you have to have proof of payments, whether it be a picture of the check you received, copies of your pay pal payments, etc. No one who is dedicated will sign up with any program you prefer to if they don’t see the fruits of your own labor.

Even though the only proof I’ve shown is 2 small payments from Your Actions Pay for $288.95 and $96.46, this proof has earned me quadruple that amount. The payments were big enough to encourage others that Your Actions Pay pays, as well that income is easy to obtain from them.

Find the websites you want to promote and stick with them. I chose 3 different websites, for 3 different reasons.

Cash Crate:

Cash Crate has some of the best referral options for earning passive income. You can earn up to 30% of what your first level referrals earn, and 15% of what their referrals earn. And, for every referral, you obtain that earns at least $10 (the minimum payout) you earn $3. I’ve been with Cash Crate the longest, so I chose to promote Cash Crate for the great referral system, as well as my longevity and guaranteed earnings with them.

Your Actions Pay:

Next I chose Your Actions Pay because though they are similar to Cash Crate, they have their own perks and benefits that can further guarantee your monthly income. Better than Cash Crate, you get $5 for simply joining Your Actions Pay and every time you refer someone you get another $5. In addition to earning cash for completing surveys, you get YAP shares, which are like lottery tickets worth anywhere between 100 shares to 1000 shares, that at the end of the month earn you a portion of the website’s earnings. As well, if you earn a certain amount each month, you get residual bonuses (i.e. $80 earns you a 15% bonus!) With Your Actions Pay the bonus possibilities are limitless and I love that about them.

Cash Lagoon:

Lastly, I chose to promote Cash Lagoon, because unlike Cash Crate and Your Actions Pay, as soon as you reach the minimum payout ($5) you can cash out and will be paid within a few hours via PayPal. Cash Crate and Your Actions Pay to make you wait until the end of the month, which sometimes can be too late.

So now I have 3 websites that I’m dedicated to promoting, now what? First, make at least enough to have proof that you have been paid from the websites you chose.

Cash Crate payout minimum is $10

Your Actions Pay payout minimum is $30

Cash Lagoon payout minimum is $5

The more you make, obviously the more likely someone will be to join the website you are promoting, high cash payouts mean that person has the potential to earn high cash out as well. However, even the minimum proof, is still proof and will work. The idea is you have to show to your referrals that you earned the cash by doing surveys, not just getting other referrals. No one earns money if no one does surveys, that’s simply how to Get Paid To websites work. What you want, is to only have to do surveys in the beginning, so from then on you are able to have a passive income from the surveys your referrals do! 🙂

Well, I have proof, now what? You need to get referrals of course!

The best way I have learned to get referrals is through friends, family members, classmates, etc. Honestly, because these are people that know and trust me they are more willing to believe what I’m showing them. However, if you’ve already gone this route let me share some more ways:

myLot –

myLot is similar to a myspace discussion board, but you get paid for it. Since you are getting paid to be active in discussions, there are a lot of people on there looking for other ways to make money. I would go to the ‘make extra cash’ discussions and share my knowledge as well as the link for the website I was promoting. I have earned upwards of 20 referrals a day simply by sharing what I already knew. I wouldn’t spam like other members on myLot, as I would answer each question addressed by the original author, and this won me the most referrals.

Create a blog –

By creating a blog, you can show readers your progress, you can link to the websites you are a member of, you can post your proofs of payments, etc.,, whatever website you chose to use, you should also look into getting your own domain forward name, so readers can easily go to your website. For $2.95 you can get a domain forward from 1 amp;1 for a year. Thus, my blog is instead of see the difference? is much easily remembered than the long reference link. That $3 investment has earned me a load more in passive income.

Yahoo Answers –

search for people who are seeking how to earn money at home, work at home, etc. By providing a real, nonspamming message, you will encourage the original author to sign up for the program(s) you’ve mentioned, in addition to anyone else who views the question, what an easy way to gain referrals!

So now you know how to find referrals, what to do in order for referrals to sign up under you, and more, what else do yo still need to know?

Having faith in the system. I’ve been earning money online for over 2 years. At first, I focused only on earning money myself, and though I wasn’t making close to what I make now, it satisfied me and earning less than $100 a month pleased me. I then focused more on getting referrals, and that’s when I began to see the real income come in, and I was shocked at the possibilities that Get Paid To websites offer.

You need to remember to not get discouraged, and that though you may not be completing surveys, take the time you once did to complete surveys, and apply that time to get referrals. Then, watch the income come in, and you are able to sit back and do nothing, but earn a passive income every month! How nice?


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