Home Adventure Find unusual seashells at several locations in Florida 

Find unusual seashells at several locations in Florida 

by Alfred

There is something rather tempting about finding a really magnificent shell on the beach. There are no words to express the experience of finding the ideal specimen, devoid of nicks and faults, barnacles or other flaws, a faultless specimen of the exact color and shape. Florida’s beaches, especially those on the gulf coast, are well-known for their ability to provide tourists with an unparalleled shelling experience. 

Visit the beach

While Florida shells may be found on almost every beach in Florida, there are a handful that are more recognised for their abundance of nautical marine treasures, including the following. It is important to emphasise, however, that Florida takes the health of its waterways quite seriously. Shelling is generally legal on all state-owned public beaches, providing the shells do not contain any living creatures. 

The following are some seashells that are often observed on Florida’s beaches:

Junonia shells

This shell is highly prized by sea shell collectors for its beauty as well as its seeming rarity. The outside of its milky chamber is dotted with brown spots, as is the critter that lives inside.

Shell encircled with a tulip ribbon

Tulips, especially banded tulips and their larger, rarer siblings, real tulips, wash up on island beaches on a regular basis, much to the delight of collectors and beachcombers who wonder at the exquisite patterns and softly flowing form of these lovely blooms.

Seashells of the genus Murex are a kind of seashell

Murex, often known as ‘rock snails,’ has a range of morphologies, but all have a long “tail” with spikes or fronds that reach all the way to the ground. They are difficult to find in perfect condition owing to their fragile nature and the fact that the wave often destroys the spikes.

Worm snail shells

These snails have lengthened tubular Florida shells with an uneven form that resembles spaghetti clinging to a rock. On rare occasions, countless of worm tubes are employed to create a true reef. A huge reef of this size acts as a barrier to the ten thousand islands, a set of small islands situated off the coast of the Philippines.

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