How to Fix Cracked Concrete Steps

Settling, improper installation, and erosion can cause cracks in concrete stairs. These cracks allow water to seep into the steps and cause further damage. Once a concrete step becomes cracked, the surface becomes uneven and therefore unsafe. Repair any crack in concrete steps or in Stamped Concrete Patio as soon as you see it to prevent further damage or an accidental fall and with.


  • Cold chisel
  • Hammer
  • Wet Vac
  • Drill with 1/8 inch wood, 1/8 inch masonry, and Phillips bits
  • Board (2-by-10-by-18 inches)
  • 4 concrete anchor screws (¼-by-3 inches)
  • Cement mix
  • 1-gallon bucket
  • Water
  • Trowel
  • Small broom
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Face shield

Step 1

Place the flat blade of a cold chisel ½ inch away from the jagged edge of the crack. Strike the top end of the chisel with a hammer to break away the jagged concrete. Cut along the edge of the crack around its entire perimeter.

Step 2

Remove the dust and debris from the crack with a wet vac.

Step 3

Mark a spot 1 inch in from each corner on each side of the 2-by-10 board. Drill through these spots with the 1/8-inch wood bit on your drill. Hold the wood in place against the vertical edge of the damaged step with the top edge of the board flush with the top of the step.

Step 4

Drill with the 1/8-inch masonry bit into the concrete using the holes in the 2-by-10 piece of wood as guides. Drive the concrete anchor screws into the pilot holes with the Phillips bit on your drill to secure the wood to the step.

Step 5

Mix the cement and water in a bucket using the ratio recommended by the manufacturer. Press cement into the crack with your trowel. Fill the crack entirely with cement.

Step 6

Repeatedly jab the point of your trowel into the cement in the crack to compact the mixture. Add more cement to the crack and stab the tip of your trowel into the crack. Smooth the cement with the trowel to be level with the top of the step. Gently drag a broom across the wet cement to add texture and improve traction to the step.

Step 7

Allow 48 hours for the cement to cure. Remove the concrete anchor screws with the Phillips bit on your drill. Gently tap the top edge of the board to knock it loose from the vertical surface of the step. Pull the board away from the step. Fill the holes left by the anchor screws with cement. Let the cement cure for 48 hours before allowing travel on the steps.


Work gloves and safety glasses are required when using hand tools.

A face shield must be worn when using a chisel.