Listing Of Extra Wide Ladies Shoes That Ooze Style

Finding a wide shoe retailer just isn’t exactly a straightforward task, which is why this list of 10 Best Nurse Shoes in 2020 will help you in choosing the best nurse shoes that are extra wide. Extra-wide ladies’ shoes aren’t manufactured in the same number as shoes of the normal dimension or on the smaller measurement, due to the demand. Wider shoes for ladies falling in the E, EE, and 3E classes are mostly out there on some popular online sites and could be ordered. These wide width shoes are fashionable, with all the correct options ensuring that the ladies with wider feet do not have to go down on style.

Maryland Square

This is among the more well-liked locations providing shoes from a variety and array. Actually, once you go to the positioning, you’ll get a particular option that says a search by the size of the shoe. This ensures that these searching for wide width shoes aren’t disappointed. In actual fact, ladies’ wide-width shoes are available from across brands together with New Steadiness, Sketchers, Timberland, Steve Madden, Hush Puppies, and Crocs. Onerous to find sizes from four – 14 and extended widths, ranging from AAAA – EEEE is there for your choice. The benefit of Maryland Sq. is the fact that the shoes are exactly tested for his or her feet. So once you select the scale of shoes that you want you may be assured that you’d indeed discover the right mannequin as a result of it has already been tested for its fit. For individuals who want wide width shoes, this comes as nice news as a result of, adjustment is even harder for them compared to others.

Lane Bryant Catalogue

Lane Bryant to affords a stunning collection of wide width shoes for ladies. This can be a place known for ladies’ shoes with a wide width that is hard to find elsewhere. Whether you’re in search of cowboy boots, tall using boots, or ankle boots you will discover them here. At affordable costs and comfy designs, the wide width shoes at Lane Bryant are trendy, prime quality, and trendy. You will discover wide width shoes for informal clothes as well as for parties. You can find wider shoes for ladies that would include the ruched peep toe heel or within the sling again peep toe heel model. A few of these wider width shoes include gorgeous buckles, closures, and stud detailing as well. All these stand testimonies of the fact that these searching for Extra wide shoes for ladies don’t must essentially compromise on the style.

One other place the place you’ll find wide width shoes for ladies with ease is This can be a website that provides ladies a variety and a fantastic style. The added bonus is you could ship it across nations by ordering the scale and mannequin online. A number of the most amazing models available here include Sketchers in chocolate and black, J Renee in animal print, Naturalizer in shiny black, and Annie ladies’ ranger within the antique black color. You’d discover wide width shoes in black leather-based, material, and even in suede making certain that you’ve got a whole range of selections at your disposal.

Free Fabric Placemat Handbag Pattern

You can turn almost any sturdy fabric placemat into a free tote bag pattern in no time. If you find tons of fabric placemats at yard sales and flea markets, then try turning them into fabric handbags!

To Make Your Free Placemat Handbag Pattern You Will Need:

  • Placemat
  • Purse Handles
  • Liner fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

To get stated you want to take your fabric placemat and fold it in half. Measure how tall and wide this is. Cut out 2 rectangles of liner fabric to this same size but add 5/8’s of an inch to each side. This adds up to 1.5 inches to each side.

Now, lay one piece of rectangle liner fabric face up on your table. Top it off with the matching piece face side down. Sew the two sides together using a 5/8s inch seam allowance. The material used in the manufacturing will be excellent. The information about the material used in luxury bags is available at Steemit site. The length of the product should match with the height and provides a impressive look at the office. All the essential documents can be placed in the bag for safety. 

Cut out two marching tables of fabric that fit your purse handles. Look at the silver hooks on the bottom of the handle. Measure how wide this is. Cut out a strip of fabric that is 3 times as wide.

Fold this in half lengthwise. Iron flat. Fold the rough edges in and iron flat as well. Sew the open end shut. You can also sew the folded edge for a more symmetrical look.

Cut these to about 4 inches long.

Now, sew the left and right side of the placemat together. Use the same seam allowance as before. Turn it right side out.

Mark where you want your handles to be. Fold your strips of fabric in half and pin them upside down on the top edge of the purse. Slip on the purse handles and make sure they are hanging down.

Now, slip the purse liner over the placemat body. You want the right side of the fabric facing in.

Now, pin the top edges together on the placemat bag pattern

Sew the top edges together. Turn inside out.

Now, fold the open bottom of the liner fabric together and sew this shut. Your placemat bag pattern is finshed ad you just learned how to make a tote bag out of a placemat!


Take the finished bag and smooth down the top edge. You can basically iron it flat. Now, sew along this edge about ¼ inch from the top fold. You want to sew this around the whole placemat bag. This will create a final stitch and give a great professional look to the completed project.

This placemat bag pattern makes great gifts and is a fun way for kids to learn how to make a bag out of a fabric placemat.

Fashion to Look Forward to This Fall

Marc Jacobs rocked the runway during fashion week last week at Bryant Park with his fall ’09 collection.

While most designers like Donna Karen and Narciso Rodriguez decided to go with a lot of black, gray and other dark colors, Jacobs was a bit more creative.

Red, fushia, purple, olive green, brown and gray were just a few of the shades that brightened up his collection.

He had two or three black dresses, but only one was plain black, the other two included colorful floral prints on them.

Accessories dominated Jacobs’s collection. Tons of scarves, leggings, hats, big handbags, belts, boots and big sunglasses.

According to Jacobs, a knee- high plaid red dress with a knee- high wool coat over it and a big scarf wrapped around your neck, colorful patched tights, fur boots, a big bag with a short handle, porkpie or derby hat is the outfit to wear in fall ’09.

One can see that with Jacobs’s collection and other designers’ that fur will continue next fall. They used the fur for trimming of coats and dress.

Karen used it as a theme by adding it as unattached sleeves to her collection, and also for a number of fun colorful coats. Jacobs used it mostly on boots, Miss Sixty used it as a long vest over his casual collection. Kogal definition of fashion is also never out of trend. Some people think that it is just for costume events or cosplay. But that is a misconception. Only if you know how to pair and combine things, you will come up with a very stylish and fashionable outfit.

High-waist wool pants with socks over them and casual boots over them were also repeated in Jacobs’s collection.

His men’s collection was also a must see. A checkered blazes with a button down shirt and a wool vest over it, wool pants, a porkpie hat and a big wool scarf wrapped around neck is the Jacobs look for a man in fall ’09.

Jacobs is known for his young, sophisticated look that makes a woman or man feel comfortable with themselves while having an urbane look.

Jacobs’s first collection was in the spring of 1994, and ever since then everyone loves to have a piece of Marc.

He took over Perry Ellis in 1989, he became a critical success and changed Perry Ellis’s sense of style. It didn’t last, but he puts his prints on the brand.

In 1997, the best thing that could’ve hanpened to fashion happened when he became the artistic director of Louis Vuitton.

Some people consider Jacobs to be the most important Ameri½an designer. That could be because his sense of style fits in with Americans’ fast pace life. He designs cloth that fits their lifestyle instead of designing cloth that they have to adapt their lifestyle to.

It’s also fair to say that Jacobs is a perfect designer for New Yorkers. when you his show, you’ll feel as if you’re walking around in SOHO.

Night Club Dress Codes: What Are Their Real Puposes?

I recently attempted to go out with my boyfriend and our best friend. We decided on a local night club on a college campus since there was a line out the door, making the club appear to be bustling. But as soon as we got in line our hopes of dancing the night away were dashed. We were immediately told that the two men I were with would not be allowed in the club because they were wearing Timberland boots and over-sized shirts. But why is that their dress code?

By the time I got home I was worked into such a furious ball of energy that I immediately jumped on the club’s website to try and find out what their full dress code was since both my boyfriend and our friend had been there before and were caught off guard by these apparent changes in the dress code. I guess this would be a good place to point out the fact that both my boyfriend and our friend are black.

I scoured the club’s website trying to find out what their full dress code was, but had no luck. Apparently the dress code is important enough to prevent paying customers from entering but not important enough to post on their website so that one could easily access and then adhere to it. Usually I wouldn’t be the type to jump to conclusions about why the dress code isn’t posted, but given my experiences in this relationship and friendship, I wouldn’t not say that the club may have chosen to leave out their dress code from their website because parts of their dress code would a majority of the time apply to the black race, and by not posting their dress code, they can more easily keep blacks out of their club. I know it sounds like a strong accusation, but besides for the black males, how many club goers do you see in Timberland boots and over-sized shirts? Especially on a predominately white campus? There is no reason for the club to keep their dress code a secret. It their dress code were posted on their website we could have easily checked it before leaving and adhered to it.

Another popular college night club in the area has their dress code posted on their website, it goes as follows:

No Hats. No Jerseys. No hooded sweatshirts. No tank tops. No excessively baggy clothes. No white t-shirts. Brown, white, and black tennis shoes only. Collard shirts preferred.

Of course the no tank tops rule only applies to men as I wore nothing more than a corset on top to this night club and didn’t have a problem getting in. As far as I am concerned I find it hard to believe that any of these rules would apply to a female. Surely us females wouldn’t be restricted to tennis shoes in three different colors, heels are always sexier. In fact, the night I went to this club, their cocktail waitresses were walking around in bikini tops and grass skirts. So, besides for appearing racist with the color limitations (usually explained as being designed for avoid gang activity) and restrictions on the size of clothing, these dress codes also appear to be more than slightly sexist.

It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to go to the club scantly clad as long as the men she comes with are dressed like white middle class business men on their day off. I can understand certain restrictions in clubs that are located in areas with high gang activity, but Ann Arbor Michigan is far from a gang mecca, and my boyfriend and friend are far from drug slinging war lords. As a society we need to move past the ideas that our clothes, color of our skin, and our gender dictate who we are and how we act. Being in this interracial relationship has really opened my eyes, and quite frankly I don’t like what I see.

To be honest, the government has to stop putting restrictions on boys and girls and need not advice us on what and what not to wear in nightclubs as this has been a fashion trend that has been going on since decades and we have our right to freedom of expression. It is perfectly fine that they are concerned of their citizen’s safety but that does not mean that we cannot protect ourselves. Nightclubs like Lavelle is one wear girls dance on bar poles and wear such revealing clothes that reveal their cleavage but the local authorities are not bothered about it then why should they stop us citizens?