How To Make Engaging Videos On Tiktok: A Beginner’s Guide

We all love to have fun and enjoy social media. Posting contents like videos and pictures are the only source of fun. In all these, we require something new that can act as a platform for various artists like actors, dancers, and singers altogether. With an introduction of Tik TOK to people, this short come in the technology was also fulfilled. Tik tok is a Chinese application and is specifically designed for the digital age. There are millions and billions of tik tok users from all over the world. The application now gives a tough competition to YouTube when it comes to the videos. We also have an option for downloading tik tok videos without even downloading the app by using the sssTiktok site. In this article, we will know a lot more about Tik Tok.

What is the purpose of using tik tok?

The main reason behind tik-to getting so popular is its new technology, where people can do the lapsing for the audios and create their videos. It is a great platform for new talents who are good actors. The tik tok often pays to people who have a popular account on this platform with the highest number of views and likes. Thus, it can also be a good source for earning.

How to use tik tok? tips for beginners

If you are a beginner and are interested in creating highly engaging ones, along with your talent, you also need a few tips that will help you create videos. These tips and tricks are very easy to follow and can be found anywhere over the internet.

The sssTiktok is a source where people can download the tik tok videos without even downloading the application. There are also present applications using that we can easily remove the tik tok watermark while we download tik tok videos.

Pushing Up Daisies Lives Up to Its Hype

One of the fall season’s most anticipated shows – – Pushing Up Daisies – – premiered Wednesday, October 3, 2007. The series is basically a fantasy with a kind of modern fairytale feel. Although I’m not normally happy with continuous narration as I watch TV, it actually works for this particular show. On the other hand, if you are not willing to watch this particular series, it would be better to check out in order to watch a range of online movies and series.

The lead character, Ned, is an introverted guy with a heart of gold and a very intriguing power. He has the ability to touch the dead and bring them back to life. However, if he touches them a second time, the victim dies once and for all.

Ned, as played by actor Lee Pace, is thoroughly charming and absolutely delightful to watch. He is the perfect choice for this peculiar role. He has the warmth, sincerity, and unusual presence to make it work. The understanding of the role television is excellent and impressive for the audience. The presence should be delivered as per the choice of the audience. The engagement of the people is high to meet with the requirements of the visitors. It should be the best choice for the audience. 

Anna Friel plays Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, his childhood sweetheart. Friel plays this character like a breath of fresh air on a spring day. She is sweet, loving, and loyal; the kind of person that would give up her life to take care of others. As we find out, she in fact did just that, taking care of her eccentric aunts after the death of her father.

Ned owns and operates a business called The Pie Hole. His friends include his dog Digby, an untouchable part of his life (since he already brought him back to life), and waitress/neighbor Olive Snook, who is played by the adorable Kristin Chenoweth. We find out quickly that Olive worships her boss from afar, offering Digby the personal “touches” she is unable to give the man of her dreams.

Veteran actor, Chi McBride plays Emerson Cord, a private investigator who figures out how to turn Ned’s special gift into a moneymaking enterprise. Rounding out the cast are Chuck’s aunts Lily and Vivian played by Swoosie Kurtz and Ellen Green. Once known as the “Darling Mermaid Darlings,” the two are an odd pair who retreated from public life as underwater swim darlings after Lily lost an eye in a cat litter accident.

After the death of Chuck’s father, the duo moved into Chuck’s house obsentibly to take care of their niece. In reality, Chuck ends up taking care of them. Although the aunts seem intent on making her share their depressing point of view about life, Chuck is a dreamer. She eventually figures out a way to experience some of the adventure that she has been longing for all her life. It involves a cruise to exotic places and a not-so-happy ending.

As the show begins, we meet a nine-year-old Ned just as he learns about his special power, including its very bad down side. We also see how Ned and Chuck first meet and share their first and only kiss.

Then everything fast-forwards to a grown-up Ned, who has been using his unusual gift to sustain the pie business that he started to honor his dead mother. He has discovered that by touching fruit, he assures that it remains alive with flavor, as long as he doesn’t touch it a second time.

When investigator Cod discovers Ned’s secret, quite by accident, he comes up with a plan for Ned to help him solve murder cases. By touching people who have been murdered, Ned can find out who killed them. There is a rather large fee charged for their services, of course.

Everything changes, however, when Ned’s childhood sweetheart (Chuck) is mysteriously murdered under strange circumstances on her cruise. Ned decides to bring her back to life to help solve her murder. However, once finished, he can’t bear to return her to death. So instead, he helps her to begin life anew. As a consequence of his action, however, another individual has to die and take Chuck’s place in the grand circle that is life and death.

Chuck decides to help Ned solve murders, starting with her own. They discover that she was tricked into smuggling some rather expensive artifacts into the country via her cruise. Of course everything works out well in the end, including a rather large windfall profit that finally jars Chuck’s aunts out of the house once and for all. With his lady love’s encouragement Ned decides to use his skill for the good of humanity rather than just for profit and the threesome – – Ned, Chuck, and Emerson – – begin what should be a very interesting partnership.

I really wasn’t excited about the concept of this show in the beginning. I wasn’t familiar with the work of either Pace of Friel, although I knew that Chenoweth and McBride were steallar performers. However, I decided to watch the show anyway because of all the buzz. I’m glad that I did. It is a delightful “feel good” comedy with surprising warmth, heart, and a lot of fun. I give it five out of five stars. I think ABC has a hit on its hands!

Introduction to a Brand New Country Music Star

I would like to introduce AC readers to a “Brand” new country music star!! His name is Ben Brand and he has just recorded his debut music in Nashville with none other than Doug Phelps from the Kentucky Headhunters as his producer, so I am telling you now, this young man is going to be the next big name in country music.

His name is Ben Brand, he is twenty years old, and he is from a little town called Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Ben lists people who have influenced him as being, George Jones, Merle Haggard, The Kentucky Headhunters, and Ted Nugent. He and his band have been playing for several years in the clubs in our area and have shared a stage with some impressive names such as The Bellamy Brothers, Billy Currington, Exile, T. Graham Brown, The Kentucky Headhunters, and the legendary, Merle Haggard. This new album is hot of the presses, just completed last month, and ready for your listening pleasure.

You have GOT to hear this guy sing! The new CD is called, “Branded” and once you hear him sing, you will be a fan as well. “A Girl I Never Found” has a great beat but a melancholy tone as a man who feels he has nothing to offer his dream girl tells his story and with Ben’s soulful voice telling that story, this is sure to be hit on the country charts soon. “Whoever Said It Was Easy” has Ben singing about trying to figure it all out (love, that is) and features some great piano playing along with an awesome beat from a great drummer. These mp3 sound effects will do well in any club setting or concert stage. My favorite song is called “Aint No Telling” (what a man in love might do), and I love this song! I have listened to it over and over just to hear Ben’s clear, strong voice. It is such a great country song and Ben’s smooth vocals remind me a little of Travis Trent on this one. There are three other great songs on this album as well, called, “I Don’t Wanna Hang Out With Me”, “Sometimes You Gotta Die A Little”, and “So Am I”. AND LADIES, this guy is not only the best new singer around, but he is also the best looking one too!! He is about 6’2″, blondish hair, and well, just go see for yourself! Ben is a great performer and a great guy. This is a MUST GET album and Ben Brand is a MUST SEE new artist that will make you a “Branded for life” fan!

Ben and his band are currently playing around here, in our local area, BUT, they will be playing at the Opryland Hotel with Jim Witt and Cash Vegas on January 31, in Nashville, TN, and on February 2nd, they will be playing in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and February 22, at Cajuns Warf in Little Rock, Arkansas. You can get a total list of their appearances and listen to their music by going to Ben Brand’s myspace page. DO NOT MISS THIS GUY IN CONCERT!! For booking information, contact David Kellums-870-450-0400 or 870-239-9786.