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Are You Struggling With Debt – How To Solve The Issue?

by Alfred

Everyone keeps talking about unsecured debt, falling house prices, recession, bankruptcy and insolvency but with good reason. The country is being crippled financially by the obscene levels of unsecured lending. Many lenders would have you believe that they are the innocent parties and have been abused and used with fraudulent loan applications etc. However, at Best Solution we have to deal with the aftermath of the lending frenzy and the vast majority of our clients are victims of circumstance that have fallen on hard times through no particular fault of their own.

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Illness (often stress related due to debt), redundancy, relationship breakdown, pregnancy and hundreds of unforeseen and uncontrollable events are often the main contributing factor and the “Straw that breaks the camel’s back!” Most people have to live on the brink of financial ruin on a day-to day basis, just to survive in our current economic climate.

Why is this and how can it be in a modern, civilised world? Wherever there is a hint of wealth and power, normally you will find at the best greed and avarice, at worst, bribery and corruption of epidemic proportions. As the poor get poorer (in real terms) the rich become super rich! In real terms, have wages kept pace with inflation?

The simple answer is no. The extrapolated answer is that for most people, they have fallen dramatically! At Best Solution we see the level of Monthly Disposable Income (MDI) falling progressively as the consumer pocket gets squeezed tighter and tighter.

If as the Government try to make us believe, we are all so much better off than before; why do millions now face the very real prospect of having their homes repossessed? Why are record numbers facing bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA’s), being forced into debt management plans or committing suicide over mounting debt?

We all know what has happened to property prices, but what of other essentials. Has council tax risen relative to inflation? What about gas? Electricity? Car fuel? The list goes on. But what of wages? Generally wages have stagnated at or around the “Rate of inflation” and have barely risen at all; or in some cases have indeed fallen.

Do the super rich take a pay cut? Or do they vote themselves a huge pay rise and over inflate the already absurd and outlandish “Average national wage?” If average wages are as the claims suggest, why do we see couples struggling to raise a family and work four or more jobs between them just to hold it all together financially?

If you are struggling to make the repayments on any form of unsecured debt (not borrowed against a property, vehicle etc.) then why not get in touch and speak to one of our friendly, professional staff in confidence? We will do all we can to advise and help you on the best way out of your current situation and as we specialise in all types of debt solution, the advice given will be impartial and relevant.

Remember we can help with loans, credit cards, overdrafts, catalogues, door-to-door loan companies etc. If you owe money and can’t repay the full amount, contact us now and see how we can relieve your debt stress.

Many of our staff members have had debt problems in the past so they know, understand and can relate to the anxiety you are going through. This enables us to be professional but sympathetic, knowledgeable but understanding, factual but helpful. Don’t struggle on alone; allow us to help you through this difficult time.

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