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A Complete Guide On The Best Movesets For The Slowking

by Alfred

Slowking is a Pokémon with a very specific move set. It is great at fighting and it’s also good at being a tank, which means that you can’t rely on an attack to knock Slowking down. However, you have to be careful when fighting slowpoke because they are a lot easier to KO than other types. This guide covers the best movesets for Slowking.

Best moveset for Slowking

The first thing you want to know about Slowking is that its attacks do more damage than most of the other Pokemon in the game. For example, Slowpoke is only as fast as Bulbasaur and is less likely to be hit by any attack. That doesn’t mean Slowpoke has weak attacks though; a single hit from Slowking’s Mega Drain will kill a normal-sized Charizard. Because of this, Slowking is much better off taking advantage of its speed and using moves like Mega Drain, Hydro Pump, or even Thunderpunch since those are all super effective against slower opponents.

You’ll want to use the following moveset if you’re battling Slowking:

Mega Drain –
One of the best moves in the game. You should use it on everything except for Charizards and Machamp.

Hydro Pump –
A powerful STAB move that hits hard and causes recoil. It is great against flying Pokemon like Pidgey and Rattata.

Thunderpunch –
Another STAB move that hits hard and causes recoil. The downside is that it does not cause recoil so it won’t hurt your own Pokemon if you get hit by it.

Tackle –
Slowpoke is extremely fast so you don’t really need Tackle unless you want to counter a faster Pokemon. If you’re up against one of the Pokemon mentioned above, then it might be worth it but otherwise it isn’t necessary.

Iron Tail –
Slowpoke is very susceptible to status conditions so having Iron Tail is useful to help with that. It also provides some coverage against ground Pokemon like Golem and Magearna.

If you want to use moves that make Slowpoke a bit safer, here are some options for you:

Stone Edge –
Stone edge is a nice alternative to mega drain. It has the same amount of power but it doesn’t cause recoil and is therefore able to hurt your own Pokemon. It can also hit Darkrai and Mewtwo, two Pokemon that are immune to mega drain.

Ice Beam –
Ice Beam is another option that can hit Darkrai and Mewtwo, as well as some weaker water types such as Swampert. It doesn’t give Slowkings recoil and unlike stone edge it doesn’t harm them either.

Rock Slide –
Rock slide is another move that can hit Darkrai and Mewtwo. It has recoil like ice beam but it causes recoil unlike stone edge. It also does slightly more damage than both the other moves listed.

You’ll notice that I haven’t included Earthquake in my list of moves that Slowpoke needs. There isn’t anything wrong with using Earthquake on Slowpoke, it just isn’t the best move. Here are the reasons why:

It is only super effective against Dragonite and Garchomp.

Most of the time, attacking with Earthquake will cause the opponent to switch out and you will lose momentum.

Earthquake can hit itself which means you could waste your own energy.

For these reasons, it is best to use attacks that aren’t super effective against Slowpoke. That means you won’t waste energy doing nothing and you will be able to gain momentum back if your opponent switches out.

So what about attacks that won’t work against Slowpoke? Well, the best way to take down Slowpoke is to use either a physical or special attack that causes recoil. Since Slowpoke is so vulnerable to status effects, you can use any of the attacks below to deal with them.

Here are the moves that can take down Slowpoke:

Thunderbolt –
Thunderbolt is great for clearing out status conditions like paralysis and sleep. It also can take out flying Pokemon like Gyarados and Pikachu.

Fire Blast –
Fire blast is another STAB attack that deals heavy damage and causes recoil. It is especially useful against Ground types like Golem and Magearna.

Hidden Power [Electric] –
Hidden power [electric] is a move that is only available in Double Battles and is a good move to use against Electric Pokemon. It is extremely powerful and can wipe out Electric types like Zapdos and Flygon.

Psychic –
Psychic is a good move to use against Psychic Pokemon like Heatran and Latias. Unfortunately, Slowpoke is not affected by psychic attacks.

Hyper Beam –
Hyper beam is another great move for dealing with Electric Pokemon. It is super effective against Zapdos and Flygon and can easily take out Gyarados and Pikachu.

Of course, there are plenty of other moves that Slowpoke can learn as well. These include moves that are super effective against Slowpoke such as Aqua Jet, Surf, and U-turn. You can find the complete list of moves that Slowpoke learns under their Move Type category on Bulbapedia. Since you want to stay away from super effective attacks on Slowpoke, these moves are not the ones you want to use.

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