How I Paid Off My Student Loans in Five Years

Student loan debt in the US is more than $830 billion. That’s too many zeros. Are you facing mounting student loan debt? Are you considering taking out a loan in order to pay for expenses? Are you just out of high school and considering taking out student loans to help you foot the extra bills that the next fours years of college will bring?

After starting college, I decided that a laptop was an absolute necessity. As I understood, student loans should be used to assist the student with expenses that are related to his or her education. Perhaps, I was getting ahead of myself assuming that a laptop was a necessity? However, I still went online, applied for a Stafford loan for $2,500 and was able to get it. Purchasing the laptop was the first big mistake that I made. Why? The laptop was not a necessity, however, when confronted by the opportunity to have new toy, I succumbed to the materialistic monster inside of me and still went for it.


Only take out a loan if you absolutely need it. Do not convince yourself that you need new clothes, gear, electronics to be successful in college. This may sound like a old fashioned person talking, but believe me, the pay back was a gruesome process that I dealt with for five years. Personally, I chose to live a life that was free of materialistic pursuits in order to pay off my debt. It has helped me sleep better at night, knowing that I do not face a mountain of expenses every month. The following of the rules and regulations should be there to get the real amount of the loan. The interested person can find more information at the official site to get the things done. 


Stafford loans give you the option to pay back while you are in school or you can wait until you have completed your education. In my case, I took out a total of $8,000 in student loans over the course of three years. Most of my loan, I paid back immediately. I worked part time for two years and the full time for the next three years. I was able to always maintain my payments and paid higher than the required amount. In this way, I was able to save on interest fees and charges. Personally, I recommend applying your tax refund to pay off your student loan. It can be tempting to apply that fat government check to other things. Look at it this way, you’re getting closer to paying off something that will loom over your head like a dark cloud. It becomes lighter and lighter as you begin to pay it off.

Another option is to consult your Financial Aid Advisor about programs that you can enroll in that will help pay off your student loan debt. Some teachers in America, opt to teach in low income schools for five years. Their reward is that their student loan debt is paid off. This can be a good option for those in the education sector.


Defaulting on your student loan or not making the minimum payment can result in huge penalties. Remember, the government does not take it lightly when you default on a loan. This is a permanent glitch on your record and will remain with you for life. Credit ratings affect your ability to get and keep a job, purchase a home or car and many more life decisions.

Finally, only take out what you know that you need. Speak to a Financial Aid Advisor and get some counselling before doing anything immediately. Being independent is a great feeling, but you don’t want it to cost you your whole life. Your education is something that can never be taken away from you. It should not cost a fortune, but it should be well worth it!

Most Unusual Summer Pool Toys

The most fun part about lounging around at the Best inflatable pools is the ability to splash around on inflatable pool toys. Swimming pool toys have come a long way since the birth of inner tubes and water wings. With increasing technology and the savvy of fun-loving inventors, going to the pool is a lot more interesting than it used to be. Take a look at some of the more unusual creations to make it into the tame blue yonder of Chlorinated Heaven.

Aqua “Rockers” ($50 – $140)

No longer do you have to lie flat on a boring old inflatable float. An assortment of “rocking” floats has hit the market, making pool time a bit more inviting. Aviva distributes a pool toy that is essentially a see-saw for the water. The Aviva Sports Super Rock-N-Lounge is the perfect water accessory for those who like a bit more active play in the water. The float accommodates two people (up to 300 lbs total) and is shaped similar to a boomerang. The toy’s occupants face each other and rock the float back and forth; the Rock-N-Lounge’s fairly sturdy build keeps it afloat. Those who care not to engage in play may simply relax in the lounge’s comfy curved shape.

Water Tennis ($90)

Raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing those annoying Volleyball nets dissecting your beautiful swimming pool. Those who like their water sports will get a big kick out of the Poolside Floating Table Tennis Game. This little table may be used on land or in the water, and consists of a solid foam core. The game includes paddles, net enforcements, and of course a ping pong ball.

Swimming Through “Hoops”(under $15)

Who says that pool toys must remain on top of the water? Kiddies who enjoy underwater play will love the Swimways Spring Hoops Pirate Treasure. The game essentially consists of three flat pirate ship designs with large holes cut into the middle. Through these holes, children may swim underwater in search of “treasure.” The Swimways set even includes “gold coins” that children can hunt for underwater. It’s an incredibly simple toy. But for children 6 years old and up, the toy can deliver hours of fun.

A Boathouse for the Kids ($100)

Get the kiddies their very own boathouse—well, not a real one. The Boathouse is an inflatable house that is approximately 63″ high and 52″ wide. It features lots of inflatable goodies for kids to play with, including a removable raft, ring buoys, and a separate inflatable boat. It is designed so that more than one small child can play inside the boathouse at one time.

Skateboard Under Water ($20)

Here’s a simple toy that is meant for underwater enjoyment, the Sub Skate Underwater Skateboard. The toy, a non-inflatable buoyant board, is used to “skate” or “surf” under the water. The water acts as a propeller of sorts, with the rider aiming to steer with his/her feet planted on the board.

Water Casino Royale! ($75)

Adult pool parties will not be complete without a little casino action. With the Swim-Up Blackjack Table, there is no need to head for dry land. The table itself is shaped in a semi-circle and can accommodate four players. The Blackjack table game comes with a standard set of waterproof playing cards, and 300 playing chips (red, white, and blue—100 each), instructions, and a drawstring compartment for placing chips and cards.

Drinks Anyone? ($40-60)

Not as expensive as the AquaPub, this pool toy is perfect for the adult pool party. Featuring four “Sun Seats” and one inflatable wet bar, the Aviva Aqua Bar was designed specifically for adults. The actual bar is white in color and shaped like a “C”, so that others may swim up to the bar easily. The Aviva bar also contains four cup holders and two areas which house coolers for filling up.

The Best Heroes To Level Up In Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is a game that can be played casually, however, there are optimal things you can do to quickly level up. In this article, we will discuss some of the heroes that you can use to rank up faster. If you are wondering who is the best hero in Idle Heroes, check this tier list. Without further ado, let’s start:


Skerei’s basic stats are not that appalling, however, her skills and passive abilities compensate for her average stats. She applies debuffs on enemies she attacks, and enemies attacking her also receive the debuff. This debuff is called Lightning Mark, which increases the damage dealt by Skerei by a whopping 350%. Aside from this, Skerei also takes off 10% attack damage from enemies and that 10% she takes off are added to her own attack damage. Stacking multiple copies of Skerei in a single team will even take her nasty skills to the next level.

Heart Watcher

Heart Watcher is an assassin that has good stats in addition to performing exceptionally well when it comes to improving other damage dealer heroes in your team. Enemies struck by this hero’s basic attacks or abilities are afflicted with the Watcher Mark debuff. This debuff boosts the damage they receive from every source of damage (not just attacks.) Watcher Mark increases damage taken by 45%, up to 300%. Heart Watcher also has the ability to hit 2 targets at the same time with his abilities.


Aspen is a good DPS hero, capable of dealing critical damage. His skill Dread’s Coming removes 20% of the current HP of his target, dealing a maximum of 1500% of the attack values of Aspen. Meanwhile, his regular attacks deal 15% additional damage based on the missing HP of his target.



Weight Loss Energy Drinks: Healthy or Harmful?

These days, just about everyone wants to lose weight. Whether they desire to lose 10 pounds or 100, many will do almost anything in order to drop the desired amount of weight. When other methods fail, many wishing to lose weight resort to energy drinks in order to accelerate weight loss. Energy drinks are extremely popular among the younger crowds, and although they haven’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, these drinks are widely available. Consisting of high levels of caffeine, amino acids, ginseng and similar ingredients, energy drinks lead many who are conducting studies to question their safety. While these types of drink have been proven to give those who consume them quick bursts of energy, therefore encouraging them to exercise and subsequently lose weight, they are unfortunately not very safe.

According to an info sheet completed by the nutrition department at the University of California, energy drinks contain an extreme amount of caffeine, which is one of the main ingredients of such products. Usually people who consume energy drinks also consume caffeine from other sources throughout the day, such as through coffee, tea and by drinking more than one serving of the energy drink of their choice. Consuming more than 400 mg of caffeine in a 24-hour period has been linked to elevated blood pressure, tachycardia, nervousness, irritability, upset stomach and decreased bone levels. More serious side effects such as seizures and even death have been reported in some cases.

However, that is not the case with leptoconnect as it is one of the best remedies to reduce the flab surrounding your stomach in a big way without any side effects to worry about and the best way to know more is to look up leptoconnect reviews online where numerous consumers have expressed their opinion about it.

If you were to carefully read the label of “Monster Energy”, “Hype Energy” or similar energy drinks, you would discover the high amount of sugar that these drinks also contain. Sugar causes blood glucose levels to rise rapidly, requiring the pancreas to produce high levels of insulin in order to get the levels regulated. This may result in energy drinks being counterproductive, as some individuals have actually gained weight from consuming these so-called weight loss brews.

There are better ways to lose weight than risking your life and your health by relying on energy drinks. Sure, they’ll give you increased energy, but is it worth risking ending up in the emergency room in attempt to lose weight? There are safer methods that can be used to promote weight loss, such freshly extracted carrot, celery and cucumber juice, increased fiber, or simply by reducing your portions and exercising more. If you feel you need something more to assist with weight loss, it’s best to contact your doctor in order to see what he or she suggests. As long as you’re under a doctor’s supervision, you should be fine with whatever is suggested or prescribed. Chances are, though, that your doctor won’t recommend energy drinks as a way to lose weight.

How to Fix Cracked Concrete Steps

Settling, improper installation, and erosion can cause cracks in concrete stairs. These cracks allow water to seep into the steps and cause further damage. Once a concrete step becomes cracked, the surface becomes uneven and therefore unsafe. Repair any crack in concrete steps or in Stamped Concrete Patio as soon as you see it to prevent further damage or an accidental fall and with.


  • Cold chisel
  • Hammer
  • Wet Vac
  • Drill with 1/8 inch wood, 1/8 inch masonry, and Phillips bits
  • Board (2-by-10-by-18 inches)
  • 4 concrete anchor screws (¼-by-3 inches)
  • Cement mix
  • 1-gallon bucket
  • Water
  • Trowel
  • Small broom
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Face shield

Step 1

Place the flat blade of a cold chisel ½ inch away from the jagged edge of the crack. Strike the top end of the chisel with a hammer to break away the jagged concrete. Cut along the edge of the crack around its entire perimeter.

Step 2

Remove the dust and debris from the crack with a wet vac.

Step 3

Mark a spot 1 inch in from each corner on each side of the 2-by-10 board. Drill through these spots with the 1/8-inch wood bit on your drill. Hold the wood in place against the vertical edge of the damaged step with the top edge of the board flush with the top of the step.

Step 4

Drill with the 1/8-inch masonry bit into the concrete using the holes in the 2-by-10 piece of wood as guides. Drive the concrete anchor screws into the pilot holes with the Phillips bit on your drill to secure the wood to the step.

Step 5

Mix the cement and water in a bucket using the ratio recommended by the manufacturer. Press cement into the crack with your trowel. Fill the crack entirely with cement.

Step 6

Repeatedly jab the point of your trowel into the cement in the crack to compact the mixture. Add more cement to the crack and stab the tip of your trowel into the crack. Smooth the cement with the trowel to be level with the top of the step. Gently drag a broom across the wet cement to add texture and improve traction to the step.

Step 7

Allow 48 hours for the cement to cure. Remove the concrete anchor screws with the Phillips bit on your drill. Gently tap the top edge of the board to knock it loose from the vertical surface of the step. Pull the board away from the step. Fill the holes left by the anchor screws with cement. Let the cement cure for 48 hours before allowing travel on the steps.


Work gloves and safety glasses are required when using hand tools.

A face shield must be worn when using a chisel.

How To Make Engaging Videos On Tiktok: A Beginner’s Guide

We all love to have fun and enjoy social media. Posting contents like videos and pictures are the only source of fun. In all these, we require something new that can act as a platform for various artists like actors, dancers, and singers altogether. With an introduction of Tik TOK to people, this short come in the technology was also fulfilled. Tik tok is a Chinese application and is specifically designed for the digital age. There are millions and billions of tik tok users from all over the world. The application now gives a tough competition to YouTube when it comes to the videos. We also have an option for downloading tik tok videos without even downloading the app by using the sssTiktok site. In this article, we will know a lot more about Tik Tok.

What is the purpose of using tik tok?

The main reason behind tik-to getting so popular is its new technology, where people can do the lapsing for the audios and create their videos. It is a great platform for new talents who are good actors. The tik tok often pays to people who have a popular account on this platform with the highest number of views and likes. Thus, it can also be a good source for earning.

How to use tik tok? tips for beginners

If you are a beginner and are interested in creating highly engaging ones, along with your talent, you also need a few tips that will help you create videos. These tips and tricks are very easy to follow and can be found anywhere over the internet.

The sssTiktok is a source where people can download the tik tok videos without even downloading the application. There are also present applications using that we can easily remove the tik tok watermark while we download tik tok videos.

How Are Cricket Podcasts So Memorable

Since the very beginning (and the coming of people), oral narrating has served a basic job as the sole method for abstracting encounters and feelings in the account structure. Antiquated oral narrators have loved attendants of nearby information, history, and conventions in their networks. cpl t20 live streaming also makes the oral narration at top.

Quick forward numerous centuries and narrating has incredibly changed. Falling off this seismic development, it’s normal to address if podcasting’s development will be continued or whether an assortment of accident occasions drove curiously high audience numbers, soon to return to the mean. 

I accept podcasts are staying put. I think podcasting will turn into the most significant narrating medium.  Thoroughly thought out podcasts are a compelling, compact, helpful, and close approach to convey and create content and to assemble progressing associations with your customers, workers, and constituents.  

Advantages of watching Cricket Podcasts

When you are thinking about watching cricket podcasts for your memories, think about these top advantages: 

  1. Podcasts make data individual. 

In a cricket podcast, the substance is conveyed legitimately to you, the audience, either verbally or through video. That is a substantially closer method of getting data than perusing it from an email or record. 

  1. Podcasts are advantageous and simple to expend. 

When you buy into a cricket podcast feed, new web recordings are naturally downloaded to your PC when accessible. You can hear them out whenever the timing is ideal. 

  1. Podcast cut expenses. 

Since podcasts are conveyed carefully, they wipe out numerous expenses related to different types of correspondence, including postage, printing, and paper. They can likewise diminish meeting expenses and email stockpiling costs. They are anything but difficult to document, and refreshing them is snappy and simple.  

  1. Podcasting is a periodic proficient type of correspondence.

You can tune in to digital broadcasts while you do different things at work or home, or during your drive. A few kinds of gatherings can be disposed of for podcasts, sparing time, and improving efficiency.

  1. Podcasts are compact. 

When a podcast is on your PC, if your PC is convenient, you can take the web recording with you and listen at whatever point or any place you need. Or then again, you can move the podcast to an individual media player, for example, an iPod. You can also check cpl t20 live streamingfor your convenience.

Several essentials of the corporate gifting that you need to know!

The corporate gifts have become the necessities because they are being used for the past several years to thank the client, gift to employees, and workers, and the list still goes on. Buying a perfect corporate gift for the employees has never been so easy because the availability of online and offline products might confuse you. 

However, this wide range of gifts ideas can become confusing, so before you find your clients’ respective gifts, you need to know about the essentials of corporate gift buying. At the following points, we have described some of them to get the idea regarding it. Check them out:

  • Check out the corporate policies:

Several companies and the government offices are having the gift policy, limiting the dollar value of a gift or prohibiting gifts. So it would help if you were sure that you had checked the residents to determine the limitations of the gift so that you don’t have to return them.

  • Determine the demand:

You need to know what type of corporate gift can be bought for the client. It is the challenging task because you don’t know the client on a personal level so it will be best for you to call the customers and ask what they like, their hobbies, and numerous more things so that you can get the idea regarding what type of gift you can prefer buying. You can consider having the Firmameened for better results.

  • Prioritize the cultural differences:

A different country is having different culture and its own rules when it comes to corporate gifting buying. For instance, in China, the gift can never be packed or wrapped because it symbolizes death.

  • Opt for the quality product:

When it comes to corporate gifting in any business field, you need to prefer buying the quality product that will automatically reflect your company’s image in the employers/users’ minds. Purchase the quality product but within the specific budget to keep yourself at the safer side.

The Top 10 Best &Amp; Most Pricey Perfumes

Many stylists and beauty experts say a fragrance completes an outfit and complements a person’s personality. The perfect Eclatant perfume adds a whiff of style to an attire while the right scent can guarantee a grand entrance, and exit, to the wearer. Here, are 10 of the best and most pricey perfumes which certainly are not common scents.


With an exotic name like Shalini, one can expect its perfume to be precious and pricey. Shalini Parfum’s Shalini fragrance is rich in ylang-ylang, neroli, and coriander that are blended with musk, sandalwood, vanilla, and tuberose. Shalini fragrance costs US$900 or a 2.2 oz bottle made by Lalique.


The 101-year-old French perfume company has a fragrance called Caron’s Poivre that is priced at US$2,000 (2oz). Concocted in 1954, Poivre means pepper in French and the scent certainly lives up to its name. The fragrance is a vibrant blend of black and red pepper, cloves as well as other spices. It is suitable for both sexes.


AT US$215,000 a bottle, Imperial Majesty is a perfume fit for royalty. The limited-edition signature scent by British designer-turned-perfumer Clive Christian is known to be the most expensive perfume in the world. The fragrance, with ingredients like ylang-ylang, vanilla, and sandalwood, and also known simply as No. 1, is tagged at US$2,150 an ounce. Unveiled at Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York recently, the perfume is poured into a Baccarat crystal bottle encrusted with a five-carat diamond on the 18-carat gold collar. Three of five bottles, each containing 16.9 oz, were sold at the launch.


Famous for its pure and exquisite crystals, Baccarat ventured into the perfume business in the late 1990s by introducing three limited-edition fragrances. Currently hot on baccarat’s perfume shelf is Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes at the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie at Harrods, in London. Tagged at US$1,700 (0.25oz) the scent by the French brand is contained in a Baccarat crystal, pyramid-shaped bottle. Its ingredients such as frankincense and myrrh evoke the exotic and mysterious scents used by royalty of ancient Egypt.


The price for a Bolt of Lightning is US$765 (1oz). We’re talking about JAR Parfums’ fragrance that’s said to have a strong and dramatic aroma. JAR stands for the name of famous jeweler Joel A. Rosenthal, who designed the fragrance and the bottle. A bolt of Lightning is contained in hand-cut glass bottles and is only available in two of its boutiques in Paris.


Introduced in 1935 (at the peak of the depression period), Joy was dubbed “the world’s most expensive perfume”. Today Joy remains one of the world’s most expensive perfumes due to its costly ingredients. Created for Patou by Henri Alméras, the concoction includes 10,600 flowers and 28 dozen roses, 10 percent of which are exotic and expensive Bulgarian rose and jasmine. Which is why it costs three times the price of a regular perfume. In its purest parfum form, Joy is tagged at US$800 (1 oz).


Former model and award-winning pianist Annick Goutalʼs fragrances have a cult following. One of her popular perfumes, the fresh and citrusy Eau d’Hadrien was once available in a limited-edition Baccarat crystal bottle which cost a cool US$1,500 (3.4 oz). The aroma comprises scents of grapefruit and Sicilian lemons among others.


The coveted French brand is not only known for its elusive Birkin and Kelly bags but also its feminine scent, 24 Faubourg. Once, crystal manufacturer St Louis created 1,000 limited-edition bottles of the fragrance with a price tag of US$1,500 (1 oz) each. The perfume contains a sweet blend of iris, rose, orange blossom, and other florals.


It is probably the most famous fragrance in the world, thanks to its sweet and timeless powdery scent, and Marilyn Monroe, who once declared that she never slept with anything on except for a few drops of Chanel No. 5. Created by legendary French couturier, the late Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in 1921, it is also said to be the first perfume to bear a designer’s name and has since set a standard for designer perfumes. An oversized crystal bottle (15.2 oz) of Chanel No. 5 in its purest parfum form can be yours at US$1,850.

How to Earn an Income of $1000 Plus a Month!

One of the most important things anyone who is looking to earn a passive, online income must do, is to have proof that their ways work and for that Douglas Williams Evergreen Wealth Formula review is there. This means you have to have proof of payments, whether it be a picture of the check you received, copies of your pay pal payments, etc. No one who is dedicated will sign up with any program you prefer to if they don’t see the fruits of your own labor.

Even though the only proof I’ve shown is 2 small payments from Your Actions Pay for $288.95 and $96.46, this proof has earned me quadruple that amount. The payments were big enough to encourage others that Your Actions Pay pays, as well that income is easy to obtain from them.

Find the websites you want to promote and stick with them. I chose 3 different websites, for 3 different reasons.

Cash Crate:

Cash Crate has some of the best referral options for earning passive income. You can earn up to 30% of what your first level referrals earn, and 15% of what their referrals earn. And, for every referral, you obtain that earns at least $10 (the minimum payout) you earn $3. I’ve been with Cash Crate the longest, so I chose to promote Cash Crate for the great referral system, as well as my longevity and guaranteed earnings with them.

Your Actions Pay:

Next I chose Your Actions Pay because though they are similar to Cash Crate, they have their own perks and benefits that can further guarantee your monthly income. Better than Cash Crate, you get $5 for simply joining Your Actions Pay and every time you refer someone you get another $5. In addition to earning cash for completing surveys, you get YAP shares, which are like lottery tickets worth anywhere between 100 shares to 1000 shares, that at the end of the month earn you a portion of the website’s earnings. As well, if you earn a certain amount each month, you get residual bonuses (i.e. $80 earns you a 15% bonus!) With Your Actions Pay the bonus possibilities are limitless and I love that about them.

Cash Lagoon:

Lastly, I chose to promote Cash Lagoon, because unlike Cash Crate and Your Actions Pay, as soon as you reach the minimum payout ($5) you can cash out and will be paid within a few hours via PayPal. Cash Crate and Your Actions Pay to make you wait until the end of the month, which sometimes can be too late.

So now I have 3 websites that I’m dedicated to promoting, now what? First, make at least enough to have proof that you have been paid from the websites you chose.

Cash Crate payout minimum is $10

Your Actions Pay payout minimum is $30

Cash Lagoon payout minimum is $5

The more you make, obviously the more likely someone will be to join the website you are promoting, high cash payouts mean that person has the potential to earn high cash out as well. However, even the minimum proof, is still proof and will work. The idea is you have to show to your referrals that you earned the cash by doing surveys, not just getting other referrals. No one earns money if no one does surveys, that’s simply how to Get Paid To websites work. What you want, is to only have to do surveys in the beginning, so from then on you are able to have a passive income from the surveys your referrals do! 🙂

Well, I have proof, now what? You need to get referrals of course!

The best way I have learned to get referrals is through friends, family members, classmates, etc. Honestly, because these are people that know and trust me they are more willing to believe what I’m showing them. However, if you’ve already gone this route let me share some more ways:

myLot –

myLot is similar to a myspace discussion board, but you get paid for it. Since you are getting paid to be active in discussions, there are a lot of people on there looking for other ways to make money. I would go to the ‘make extra cash’ discussions and share my knowledge as well as the link for the website I was promoting. I have earned upwards of 20 referrals a day simply by sharing what I already knew. I wouldn’t spam like other members on myLot, as I would answer each question addressed by the original author, and this won me the most referrals.

Create a blog –

By creating a blog, you can show readers your progress, you can link to the websites you are a member of, you can post your proofs of payments, etc.,, whatever website you chose to use, you should also look into getting your own domain forward name, so readers can easily go to your website. For $2.95 you can get a domain forward from 1 amp;1 for a year. Thus, my blog is instead of see the difference? is much easily remembered than the long reference link. That $3 investment has earned me a load more in passive income.

Yahoo Answers –

search for people who are seeking how to earn money at home, work at home, etc. By providing a real, nonspamming message, you will encourage the original author to sign up for the program(s) you’ve mentioned, in addition to anyone else who views the question, what an easy way to gain referrals!

So now you know how to find referrals, what to do in order for referrals to sign up under you, and more, what else do yo still need to know?

Having faith in the system. I’ve been earning money online for over 2 years. At first, I focused only on earning money myself, and though I wasn’t making close to what I make now, it satisfied me and earning less than $100 a month pleased me. I then focused more on getting referrals, and that’s when I began to see the real income come in, and I was shocked at the possibilities that Get Paid To websites offer.

You need to remember to not get discouraged, and that though you may not be completing surveys, take the time you once did to complete surveys, and apply that time to get referrals. Then, watch the income come in, and you are able to sit back and do nothing, but earn a passive income every month! How nice?