Get a Green Thumb: Foster Flower Growth in 10 Steps

Many people think that gardening is an impossible task, but this is not the case. With the right knowledge and tools, anyone can have a beautiful garden. Here are some basic gardening tips I obtained during my five years as a summer employee at a local greenhouse. Follow these tips, and you will be on your way to having a green thumb!

  1. Buy local. When choosing plants to buy from a greenhouse, it is a good idea to buy locally raised plants. Not only will these plants be used to the area’s climate, but they will be less likely to introduce foreign insects or diseases to your flower bed. Also, by buying plants from a local, family-owned business, you can take pride in knowing you are supporting your area’s economy.
  2. Be careful when you plant. When planting already-sprouting flowers from your local garden center, you should wait until the temperature stays above freezing at night. Frost can kill your plants, so if it does unexpectedly drop below freezing at night, you should cover your flowers with some sort of tarp to protect them. Also, make sure to buy your flowers when you are ready to use them; leaving them in the garden center packaging for too long increases the chance they will be pot-bound, and makes the plants more likely to dry out.
  3. Check the label. Most plants come with a tag that says how much sun they need in order to thrive. Before you go buy flowers, keep track of how much sun the planting area gets. If it gets direct sunlight all day long or all afternoon, look for plants with a tag that says “full sun”. If the area only gets direct sunlight in the morning, look for “partial sun”. If the area never gets direct sunlight, look for “full shade”. It is important to follow this direction on the tag, because if you plant a shade flower in direct sun, or a full sun flower in the shade, it will not grow to its full potential or may even die. When in doubt, ask an employee where you are buying your flowers.
  4. Check the soil. The shrubs our home builder planted all died this spring, and I will never forget what I saw when I dug them out. There was about two inches of mulch, underneath which was solid clay. No wonder those shrubs died! Don’t make the same mistake they did – make sure the area you are planting in has good topsoil in it. A good rule of thumb is to dig a hole twice as wide and twice as deep as the little bit of soil that comes with the plant. Fill that hole with good topsoil before you plant.
  5. Water every day. Most flowers need to be watered every day, or they will become droopy. Too many days without watering, and your flowers will die. I have been told that plants absorb water more easily in the morning, but even if you cannot water them in the morning, make sure to water every day. When watering flowers, try to water at the base of the plant, not all over the petals. Some flowers such as impatiens will get slimy petals if you water on top of the plant. When watering a basket or pot, put water in until it just begins to leak out of the bottom. That way, you know the water has reached all the way to the bottom of the root system, but you are not overloading the basket with water. Too much watering is not good for the plants either, so just once a day is adequate for most situations.
  6. Deadhead. “Deadheading” means removing spent blooms. Many flowers need this kind of maintenance, or new blooms will not grow. When deadheading, it is important to not only remove the petals, but the whole stem up to where it connects with the plant. If you are not sure how to do this, ask your local greenhouse employee. Most flowers will not need to be deadheaded more than once a week; petunias are a bit more high maintenance.
  7. Check the drainage. When using a pot or planter, make sure it has good drainage. Before you put in potting soil, put some gravel or small rocks in the bottom of the pot; this will help excess water to drain out. If there is no way for excess water to escape, it can cause your plant to start rotting.

This is an important part that has to be looked into because the drainage can have adverse effects on the plants’ health and its foul smell will prevent them from processing photosynthesis and this is a tenuous link that binds it to the entire growth project.

  1. Fertilize. Fertilizing your plants will help them to reach their full growth potential, and in the case of baskets and pots, will replace vital nutrients leached out of the soil by the plant itself and by water drainage. It is a good idea to fertilize plants according to the package directions at least once every two months; much more than that will not have additional benefits. As with watering, make sure you apply the fertilizer to the soil line of the plant, and not all over the leaves and petals.
  2. Protect your plants. If an unexpected frost is forecast, be sure to cover your plants, and bring any pots and baskets into your garage or house to prevent frost damage. If high winds and strong rain showers are expected, it is a good idea to bring pots and baskets inside, especially New Guinea impatiens, which can be easily damaged. If tiny holes start to appear on the leaves of your plants, insects are eating them, and you should get an insecticide. I have heard several ideas for keeping deer away, from sprinkling cayenne pepper on your plants to planting a strong-smelling herb such as basil in the middle of your flower bed. The theory behind these remedies is the deer do not like the strong smell or taste.
  3. Know what to do when winter comes. Annuals can be dug up and thrown away once they are killed by the first frost of winter; winter care of perennials varies widely and cannot be summarized in this article. Be sure to ask a greenhouse employee.

Benefits Of Natural Progesterone Products

Let us start this discussion by defining progesterone. It’s a natural hormone that can only be produced the ovary while females are in the second half of their menstrual cycle. It only has one biological function and that is to serve as a lining to women’s uterus. But this is not the reason why women tend to use natural progesterone-based products. It has more to do with the fact that it can lessen infertility or menopause symptoms.  People who are interested in lessening infertility tend to use the Best natural progesterone creams 2020. We won’t be talking about these products here. Instead, we will be talking about the benefits as well as the potential risks of using creams with synthetic progesterone. 

  • Protects you against endometrial cancer
  • It will decrease perimenopausal symptoms in women

We want to emphasize one thing about products with progesterone ingredients. Some products contain natural progesterone whereas the rest of them have synthetic ones. It is important to use products that only contain natural progesterone. By doing so, you will be able to avoid the following risks:

  • Uterine cancer
  • Blood clots
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease

In terms of the efficacy of synthetic and natural progesterone, further research is required to determine which one is more effective. 

But you still benefit a lot from using products with natural progesterone ingredients. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about any side effects. Just to give you an idea, here are the side effects you can potentially get when you use creams with synthetic progesterone:

  • Blurry vision
  • Bloating
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Skin irritation
  • Breast tenderness

Thanks to the application of natural progesterone in creams, we were able to minimize the risks that come with synthetic progesterone-based creams. But at the end of it all, we still suggest that you consult with your doctor prior to using these types of products. 


Qi Gong – the Chinese Yoga

The popularity of Indian Yoga in the west never ceases to amaze me. It seems like everyone and their mother go to a Yoga class such as Yoga Burns at some point of time. But what also amazes me is that hardly anyone has heard of Yoga’s Chinese relative Qi Gong. Like Yoga, Qi Gong is largely based on the combination of breath control with stretching exercises. It is a set of physical exercises combined with concentration training which is considered to be a primarily holistic and spiritual discipline. And like Yoga the art of Qi Gong (or Chi Kung), meaning energy cultivation, is reputed to be able to dramatically extend the lifespan of advanced practitioners, as well as increasing a person’s levels of health, vitality and psychological wellbeing. In its early stages, one of the main purposes of Qi Gong is to strengthen the connection between mind and body. jewels healing garden will helps to find that connection.

Once again in common with Yoga Qi Gong exercise routines can be tailored to specific purposes and in China, this process is often used to heal specific ailments. Qi Gong can be used to cultivate the internal energy called Qi, or Chi, or at a higher level, it can be used to cultivate ‘shen’, which is literally translated as mind but refers to mind in the Buddhist sense of pure mind which is actually closer to our concept of spirit than to everyday consciousness. The main manner in which Qi Gong differs from Yoga is that it contains much more movement, with an emphasis, and focus on the harmony of movement rather than the still poses which predominate in Yoga. The cultivation and direction of internal qi/chi energy through Qi Gong exercises is often used in Chinese martial arts to add power to strikes and throws, to enable the practitioner to withstand powerful attacks without injury, and other more esoteric purposes. In fact, the history of this Chinese Yoga is inextricably linked to the history of Kung Fu, Chinese martial art.

In China there is one institution that surpasses all others in its fame, longevity, and almost mythical status; that institution is, of course, the Shaolin temple. The famous Shaolin Monastery was founded by the Indian Buddhist monk, Batuo, in 495 CE. Not long after this a famous Indian holy man, a prince who had renounced his luxurious life to become a Buddhist monk, who had come to be known as the Bodhidharma, arrived at the monastery as part of a journey through China. The monks who he found there were singular in their practice, spending long hours in seated meditation in their quest for enlightenment. In fact, they were spending so long in this kind of meditation that their bodies were growing frail and weak. Bodhidharma knew that the mind and body are truly one and that the weak physical condition of the Shaolin monks was actually hindering their enlightenment practices. For this reason, he stayed at the monastery and taught the monks two sets of exercises. The first set – the Eighteen Lohan Hands – were primarily ‘external’ exercises for strengthening the body and the second set, which has come to be known by the title of the text they were recorded in – The Classic of Sinew Metamorphosis – were ‘internal’ exercises, used to develop chi and aid in meditation. This second set, if not the first, was almost certainly drawn from the same source that eventually developed into what we now know as Yoga.

The Shaolin monastery soon surpassed all others in the wisdom of its monks and the quality of its teachings and because of this gained favor with China’s powerful Emperor’s who would go there on an annual pilgrimage and who called the Shaolin temple the foremost monastery under the heaven. Due to this royal patronage and favor the Shaolin temple soon became very wealthy, and as such was a popular target for thieves and bandits. After centuries of almost constant attack, the Eighteen Lohan Hands which Bodhidharma had taught was extended and developed to form a powerful martial art – Shaolin Kung Fu – which the monks used to defend themselves. Alongside this, the classic of sinew metamorphosis was also extended by the Shaolin monks and conjoined with the wealth of esoteric knowledge contained in traditional Chinese medicine to form Qi Gong. But the connection between kung fu and Qi Gong was never broken, with each one informing and feeding of the other. And although you may not have heard of Qi Gong before the two venerable traditions of kung fu and Qi Gong have a child together which you may have seen – Tai Chi. This is a martial art based entirely on the ‘internal’ energy and power of chi rather than the ‘external’ muscular strength of conventional martial arts. If you are trying to imagine what Qi Gong practice looks like then think of it a little bit like a cross between Tai Chi and Yoga!

Pairing Fonts- Combining Different Formats into One Fold

When it comes to the different aspects of a particular subject, the discussion becomes more interesting as there are so many things that will keep the conversation going without being monotonous, which is a big reason why most topics become boring after a brief period.

The world is grappling with the corona virus pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives till now and the toll continues to mount with each passing day as a result of which work from home has been the norm ever since the lockdown was announced.

It has provided the perfect opportunity for youngsters to create their own websites because most of them are budding writers who are looking for a platform to display their skills but there is one problem in the offing.

Font Technique

Many people are starting out in this field and aren’t too familiar with websites and the fonts that can be used for writing their content and end up making a mess of the entire project.

Therefore, here is a list of some important pairing fonts to try out for beginners as given below:

  • Complementary Fonts- It is well known that fonts are versatile in nature and come in different moods like happy, sad, elegant, serious, hilarious and others but you need to take care that the font size has to match with your chosen design
  • Establish a hierarchical model of different fonts and you can take inspiration from newspapers and magazines through which the fonts can come together by forming elements from headlines, articles, plots, sub-headings, etc. which are quite useful for graffiti fonts
  • After selecting a project for your design, the fonts have to be selected in accordance with the content available so that it looks perfect and the small texts should be in capital letters

  • Try out contrasting fonts for different moods and projects like a bold font pairing with a tall one

Free Fabric Placemat Handbag Pattern

You can turn almost any sturdy fabric placemat into a free tote bag pattern in no time. If you find tons of fabric placemats at yard sales and flea markets, then try turning them into fabric handbags!

To Make Your Free Placemat Handbag Pattern You Will Need:

  • Placemat
  • Purse Handles
  • Liner fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

To get stated you want to take your fabric placemat and fold it in half. Measure how tall and wide this is. Cut out 2 rectangles of liner fabric to this same size but add 5/8’s of an inch to each side. This adds up to 1.5 inches to each side.

Now, lay one piece of rectangle liner fabric face up on your table. Top it off with the matching piece face side down. Sew the two sides together using a 5/8s inch seam allowance. The material used in the manufacturing will be excellent. The information about the material used in luxury bags is available at Steemit site. The length of the product should match with the height and provides a impressive look at the office. All the essential documents can be placed in the bag for safety. 

Cut out two marching tables of fabric that fit your purse handles. Look at the silver hooks on the bottom of the handle. Measure how wide this is. Cut out a strip of fabric that is 3 times as wide.

Fold this in half lengthwise. Iron flat. Fold the rough edges in and iron flat as well. Sew the open end shut. You can also sew the folded edge for a more symmetrical look.

Cut these to about 4 inches long.

Now, sew the left and right side of the placemat together. Use the same seam allowance as before. Turn it right side out.

Mark where you want your handles to be. Fold your strips of fabric in half and pin them upside down on the top edge of the purse. Slip on the purse handles and make sure they are hanging down.

Now, slip the purse liner over the placemat body. You want the right side of the fabric facing in.

Now, pin the top edges together on the placemat bag pattern

Sew the top edges together. Turn inside out.

Now, fold the open bottom of the liner fabric together and sew this shut. Your placemat bag pattern is finshed ad you just learned how to make a tote bag out of a placemat!


Take the finished bag and smooth down the top edge. You can basically iron it flat. Now, sew along this edge about ¼ inch from the top fold. You want to sew this around the whole placemat bag. This will create a final stitch and give a great professional look to the completed project.

This placemat bag pattern makes great gifts and is a fun way for kids to learn how to make a bag out of a fabric placemat.

Fashion to Look Forward to This Fall

Marc Jacobs rocked the runway during fashion week last week at Bryant Park with his fall ’09 collection.

While most designers like Donna Karen and Narciso Rodriguez decided to go with a lot of black, gray and other dark colors, Jacobs was a bit more creative.

Red, fushia, purple, olive green, brown and gray were just a few of the shades that brightened up his collection.

He had two or three black dresses, but only one was plain black, the other two included colorful floral prints on them.

Accessories dominated Jacobs’s collection. Tons of scarves, leggings, hats, big handbags, belts, boots and big sunglasses.

According to Jacobs, a knee- high plaid red dress with a knee- high wool coat over it and a big scarf wrapped around your neck, colorful patched tights, fur boots, a big bag with a short handle, porkpie or derby hat is the outfit to wear in fall ’09.

One can see that with Jacobs’s collection and other designers’ that fur will continue next fall. They used the fur for trimming of coats and dress.

Karen used it as a theme by adding it as unattached sleeves to her collection, and also for a number of fun colorful coats. Jacobs used it mostly on boots, Miss Sixty used it as a long vest over his casual collection. Kogal definition of fashion is also never out of trend. Some people think that it is just for costume events or cosplay. But that is a misconception. Only if you know how to pair and combine things, you will come up with a very stylish and fashionable outfit.

High-waist wool pants with socks over them and casual boots over them were also repeated in Jacobs’s collection.

His men’s collection was also a must see. A checkered blazes with a button down shirt and a wool vest over it, wool pants, a porkpie hat and a big wool scarf wrapped around neck is the Jacobs look for a man in fall ’09.

Jacobs is known for his young, sophisticated look that makes a woman or man feel comfortable with themselves while having an urbane look.

Jacobs’s first collection was in the spring of 1994, and ever since then everyone loves to have a piece of Marc.

He took over Perry Ellis in 1989, he became a critical success and changed Perry Ellis’s sense of style. It didn’t last, but he puts his prints on the brand.

In 1997, the best thing that could’ve hanpened to fashion happened when he became the artistic director of Louis Vuitton.

Some people consider Jacobs to be the most important Ameri½an designer. That could be because his sense of style fits in with Americans’ fast pace life. He designs cloth that fits their lifestyle instead of designing cloth that they have to adapt their lifestyle to.

It’s also fair to say that Jacobs is a perfect designer for New Yorkers. when you his show, you’ll feel as if you’re walking around in SOHO.

The Ins And Outs Of Speed Dating

Speed dating is an informal gathering either set up by friends or some dating agency. Different individuals are gathered to mingle and get to know one another. Approximately 8 minutes is set up for every pair and when the time is up, they move on to another table and basically have a chat.

After the speed dating session, participants will fill out a form and the сайта за сериозни запознанства will match those who are interested in each other.

See more about speed dating by knowing its advantages and disadvantages below:


Accessibility to other singles. Speed dating makes it attractive o singles because of its matchmaking method. 

Time efficacy. Having that 8 minutes conversation with someone can trigger your chances of getting a compatible partner rather than doing dates that could last you a couple of hours. 

Safe environment. You will find singles who have the same intention as you do upon trying speed dating. Speed daters feel more secure knowing that 8 minutes can already perceive a lot about the individuals inside the room. 


Quick session. Having an 8-minute conversation means you have to pick up more in just a brief moment. You say things to impress and this may cause difficulties for individuals who take time before warming up to another person.

Shallow factors. It is inevitable to consider the looks of an individual as you won’t get much out from the quick moment you had. This tends to put more emphasis on a person’s physical attractiveness rather than his or her inner qualities and outlook on life.

Take Away

Speed dating is a great way to find a perfect match. It is also inexpensive, safe, and convenient as you can do much more rather than sitting and trying your dating success on dating apps. However, you must also bear in mind that a good relationship takes time to build.

How to Be Sure That Surfers, Readers, Buyers And Users Are Searching for Your Content

When AC suggested “tutorials,” I wasn’t thinking, ‘Maybe I can show them how to better-direct Net-users to their online-content.’ My first thought was Paint.NET. ‘There’s all kinds of stuff I could show people they can do with that!” I thought. ‘I could explain how to … umm, you know, ummm … FOR FREE!’

But really, I don’t know anything on that you can’t figure out yourself; just go get it FOR FREE and “read the instructions” lol.

However, the process of directing people to your content—it’s very ‘symbiotic’ (i.e. I can’t do it without having given to- and taken from-others).

The first knowledge given/taken here is the importance of “keywords.” Though that term has a slightly more-specific meaning in HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language), what it basically means is ‘words that people use when they’re searching for things in search-engines.’ You also need to make it a habit to read review so that you can increase your learnings. As most “search engine”-owners and webmasters keep up with HTML in order to communicate more-fluently through the computer, it’s good to think of the “headers”—the parts of the webpages that are not at-first displayed anywhere on the page.

Last time I checked, the typical keyword-communication was located in the ‘headers’ (typically between the ‘head’- and ‘/head’-tags at the beginning of a webpage), and ran, ‘META TAG=”keywords” CONTENT=”(the words that the webmaster believes people will use to find the type of content therein”‘ … but I could be wrong – it’s happened before …

If you’re using a blog-site like this one, Xomba or Helium, you CANNOT DIRECTLY EDIT the keyword-communication was located between the ‘head’- and ‘/head’-tags; but it is good to have some ‘keywords’ in mind, just in case the site’s forms ask you for them.

But how do you know which keywords are the best? Well first, the keywords you think of yourself are generally the most-applicable ones; but they may not be the keywords that people are looking for! To find the keywords people look for, I suggest The Keyword Tool.

Opening The Keyword Tool, you can either a) enter the keywords you thought of in order to see any synonymous- or commonly attached-keywords you might also use, b) (on the second tab) enter a page’s address to see any keywords it is using or might use or c) (through a link on the second tab) enter selected text soon-to-be on a webpage to find any keywords The Keyword Tool’s programming can find for it.

I usually use the third option, as my content is usually not connected to ‘an address’ when I can still add to it.

Finding- and inserting keywords in your online-content is a way to make it more-likely that `Net-users who find you are the ones by whom you are aiming to be seen!


I was unable to put in the ‘less-than’ and ‘greater-than’ symbols around the “tags” mentioned above. If you know enough HTML, you know what I’m talking about; if you don’t, review the links.

Cleaning Your Home With Limited Time

These days, homes mostly consist of two working adults (or a single working adult), and often several children. The family is rarely home, yet messes seem to find their way around nonetheless. After extracurricular functions, dinner, homework, and bath, there’s little time left for straightening up the living room. How can we manage to fit all these things into the few evening and weekend hours we have left after the work and school day? The task can seem insurmountable, but there are some ways to mind the clutter without driving yourself mad trying to keep up. Tackling the chores a little at a time is key. Here are some ways my kids and I have found helpful.

5 Minute Clean Up

One tactic we often use the the 5 Minute Clean Up rule. This is a good method for generally cleaning up the entire house. I set the timer, and we all work in one room for 5 minutes, picking up clutter and wiping up messes. When the timer goes off we move on to another room for another 5 minutes. Assuming there is time for all the rooms, we have a much cleaner house in just about half an hour, and the kids aren’t overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning the whole room. A limited time will be prescribed to the избор на професионален домоуправител for cleaning of the kid’s room. The toys will be assembled and put to the correct place. All the work will be done with intelligence and smartness of the person. The paying of the charges will be as per the satisfaction received with the services.

Musical Chairs

This might include music if desired, but the idea here is that wherever you wind up, there you clean. We pick up one or two items from one room which belong in another room, take them there and put them away. From there we find items that likewise don’t belong in that room and take them to the appropriate room. This way we move from room to room, cleaning each as we go and not wasting any trips. Again, one thing at a time is less overwhelming than an entire messy floor.

One Room at a Time

On the weekends when I do the most cleaning, but still don’t have time for the whole house, I pick the one worst room and do that one right. Delegating clutter to the kids, I tackle the sweeping, mopping, disinfecting, and wiping down of surfaces. It goes faster, and even though the entire house may not be clean, the feeling of having that one room clean satisfies my need to feel like I’ve gotten something accomplished, and it makes the children want to spend the rest of the evening in that room. Of course, then I have to be careful that they don’t mess it up again!

Throw It in a Box

Yes, this tried and true method still holds true for quick clean up jobs. Company coming? Get everything that doesn’t belong out of the one room and into a box in a bedroom for later sorting and focus on dusting a bit and vacuuming. Just don’t skimp on the sorting job after company is gone. This one’s easiest for the kids to do, too.

Cheating? Maybe. But don’t kid yourself – you can’t always get it all done. But you can always get some of it done.

Introduction to a Brand New Country Music Star

I would like to introduce AC readers to a “Brand” new country music star!! His name is Ben Brand and he has just recorded his debut music in Nashville with none other than Doug Phelps from the Kentucky Headhunters as his producer, so I am telling you now, this young man is going to be the next big name in country music.

His name is Ben Brand, he is twenty years old, and he is from a little town called Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Ben lists people who have influenced him as being, George Jones, Merle Haggard, The Kentucky Headhunters, and Ted Nugent. He and his band have been playing for several years in the clubs in our area and have shared a stage with some impressive names such as The Bellamy Brothers, Billy Currington, Exile, T. Graham Brown, The Kentucky Headhunters, and the legendary, Merle Haggard. This new album is hot of the presses, just completed last month, and ready for your listening pleasure.

You have GOT to hear this guy sing! The new CD is called, “Branded” and once you hear him sing, you will be a fan as well. “A Girl I Never Found” has a great beat but a melancholy tone as a man who feels he has nothing to offer his dream girl tells his story and with Ben’s soulful voice telling that story, this is sure to be hit on the country charts soon. “Whoever Said It Was Easy” has Ben singing about trying to figure it all out (love, that is) and features some great piano playing along with an awesome beat from a great drummer. These mp3 sound effects will do well in any club setting or concert stage. My favorite song is called “Aint No Telling” (what a man in love might do), and I love this song! I have listened to it over and over just to hear Ben’s clear, strong voice. It is such a great country song and Ben’s smooth vocals remind me a little of Travis Trent on this one. There are three other great songs on this album as well, called, “I Don’t Wanna Hang Out With Me”, “Sometimes You Gotta Die A Little”, and “So Am I”. AND LADIES, this guy is not only the best new singer around, but he is also the best looking one too!! He is about 6’2″, blondish hair, and well, just go see for yourself! Ben is a great performer and a great guy. This is a MUST GET album and Ben Brand is a MUST SEE new artist that will make you a “Branded for life” fan!

Ben and his band are currently playing around here, in our local area, BUT, they will be playing at the Opryland Hotel with Jim Witt and Cash Vegas on January 31, in Nashville, TN, and on February 2nd, they will be playing in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and February 22, at Cajuns Warf in Little Rock, Arkansas. You can get a total list of their appearances and listen to their music by going to Ben Brand’s myspace page. DO NOT MISS THIS GUY IN CONCERT!! For booking information, contact David Kellums-870-450-0400 or 870-239-9786.