YouTube Videos And How to Engage People

YouTube is an incredible social media entity, and is something you should consider getting to know.

But what is it about certain YouTube videos that make them more engaging than others?

This section could probably be extended to the more generic title of ‘How to Engage People by Video’. Many of the suggestions here will work no matter where you choose to include video. Let’s take a look shall we?

  1. Types of Videos for YouTube and Other Sites

Let’s first consider the different uses of videos and types of videos that you may want to create and upload onto YouTube or your other favorite social media sites. These should hopefully give you some inspiration:

A look behind the scenes of your company. It could be a glimpse of the person or people behind the brand or something as basic as watching how you actually make your product, moving from the workshop to the sales room or shop. Alternatively, it could be a virtual tour around your business headquarters or a product tour that tells people about your product’s features. Just because it may seem ordinary to you doesn’t mean it won’t strike a chord with fans. YouTube is the best example of this theory.

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Consider a reason for making the video and then have people deliver it via talking to the camera direct. You might want to offer tips on the best way to use your product or answer a common question.

Offer videos on news and/ or commentary; this can either be about relevant news in your industry or wider repercussions that impact everyone. The key here, of course, is to somehow relate it back to your brand.

Conduct videos showing interviews with important people in your industry. Grab a few minutes with the key influencers in your industry; let people see what they have to say. If you choose the right person, this will help your brand by association.

You don’t want to make it too long, but a mini-documentary about you, your products, your company or your industry could prove fascinating to others.

Show your people having fun: I don’t mean that you need to show videos of your team on their next night out, but introduce videos that feature your team in a positive and creative light. They could be seen crossing the finish line at a charity fun run, for instance, or even performing a clever sketch that’s relevant to your industry. This is one way to demonstrate the culture of your company; just make sure people really are talented or it could easily veer into cringe-worthy territory.

There’s no set ideal length of video on the web but most people agree that ‘content’ videos should be less than ten minutes if you want to retain people’s attention.

Just like you would on other social media sites, you should join YouTube’s lively community of groups to join in chats and to share videos.

If you join an existing group (aim for one that’s relevant to your industry or marketing strategy) you can connect instantly. Then you’ll be able to upload videos and post comments to be seen by everyone else in the group.

There’s a great functionality on YouTube that allows you to create or leave video responses to someone else’s video. You can either upload an existing video or create your response there and then using your webcam. Just click on the ‘Create a video response’ link (it’ll show up when you click into the comment box underneath the video).

The point is to be seen and boost visits to your profile or website; as such, make sure you choose the right video with great viral potential.

Establish the most popular video makers in your niche area and respond early; you want your response at the top of the pile so that it gets seen.

 That way you can potentially piggyback on the popularity of the original video or poster.

I’d recommend that if you do this – and it’s a great way to be seen as being involved in the community – you must make sure your response is relevant, civil, and professional.

There’s a lot of very useful tips and advice in this section. I obviously can’t cover everything about nYouTube and videos in one blog – entire books have been written about Twitter or Facebook alone – but I hope it gives you enough information to get started.

 The key is to refuse to be intimidated by the technology or the hype; find a way to make these sites work for you. No matter what site you use, a successful social media endeavor will always depend on two things – finding the right site to reach your audience and learning how to speak and engage with them effectively.


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Corine Jones is a writer, editor and web designer. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree of Journalism. She is currently the editorial manager of Coyote Rescue.

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