Yoga For Weight Loss

Do you know yoga had been practiced in India since ancient times for good physical and mental health, and now a day’s western countries going gaga over yoga and they are happily adopting this practice from India.

Yoga is helpful in preventing and treating many medical ailments, in spite all of these uses, today youth practice yoga mainly for weight loss. Yoga helps in burning more calories and works not on physical level, but also on mind, soul and breath. Yoga burns fat and helps in getting much leaner when regularly practiced and refreshingly fit body after each yoga session.

Weight loss in yoga is slow as compared to other exercises, but it is more stable. Yoga helps more in inch loss than weight loss. All the asana help in stretching muscles of different body parts and burn calories, hence more inch loss is done.

Today, youth is more inclined over yoga than aerobics and gym as yoga won’t tire body, in fact yoga refreshes the body and helps the body and mind in attaining peace. Yoga best can be practiced in fresh air in morning as breathing exercises are more effective.

Here are 6 yoga asanas which when practiced regularly results in weight loss and helps in attaining leaner body by burning fat.

  • Dhanurasana:

This asana stretches the muscles of the whole body. Lie on the floor with belly touching on the floor and straighten your hands along with body. Take a deep breath and lift your legs along with thigh in an upward motion. Try to touch your foot with your hands. This pose looks like bow that’s why it is also called bow pose. Hold your breath and lie in the same position as long as you can. Start with fewer seconds , then increase the time gradually. This asana helps reduce fat around the belly and tone arms and legs.

  • Bhujangasana:

This is also known as cobra pose. This asana is good for those with back pain, this asana will reduce back pain and burn fat around the abdominal area and buttocks. Lie down flat on the yoga mat with belly touching the mat. Keep your hands along with shoulders making 90 degree angle. Take a deep breath and lift your upper body upward. Lift as much as you can and hold for as much as you can , Start with fewer minutes , and increase gradually.

  • Padahastasana:

This asana will increase the strength of the lower body by stretching the muscles of the legs, thighs and the area around Waist. Stand straight on the yoga mat with touching toes, exhale and bend your upper body downwards and try to touch your feet. Don’t bend the knees . Rest your palms on the floor by foot side. Be in the position as long as you can then Take a breath and lift the body upwards.

  • Side Bends:

This asana will burn fat around waist and sides, those extra flab on sides can be easily reduced by regular practice of side bends. Stand straight and open legs shoulder wide. Take a deep breath and lift your left arm upwards straight above the shoulder. Now exhale and bend the left hand along with upper body on the right side, upper body making 90 degrees to the floor, stretch as much as you can and hold as much as you can, do same with the right hand.

  • Suryanamaskar:

This is called the king of all the asana and include 12 poses, stretches all the body muscles and burn fat from the whole body, especially works on big muscles. Start with 1 suryanamaskar and gradually increase the numbers. It is said that only suryanamaskar is enough to get a leaner body and this asana works on each and every area of body, a couple of suryanamaskars daily can reduce weight amazingly.

  • Kapalbharti Asana:

This is breathing exercise which works on abdominal muscles and focus was on the breath. Sit on the Yoga mat with legs folded. Close eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale . Each time you exhale , push the abdomen inside. Inhale once and exhale 5-6 times until all the air is exhaled. Do this for 15mins and then relax.

Passion is needed to practice yoga , to continue yoga sessions, to reduce weight, to be healthy, to be fit. For more helpful and reliable information about health and fitness, you may visit sparkhealthmd. This site is an online platform that publishes latest news in healthcare. This site aims to provide relevant information to all their readers that satisfy their research questions.

Note: Yoga should be done or learnt under supervision, and should be done at moderate speed.


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