Which Dog Breed Is Right For Me

This is the one million dollar question asked so frequently; unfortunately most people don’t think beyond the scope of breed behavior before landing themselves a dog with a personality that contradicts their expectation.

This is an easy problem to avoid. So for those who haven’t had a dog yet, make sure you know what you are getting into certain breed before you bring one into your home.

With purebred dogs; you have all the ingrain thoughts and ideals dogs themselves because each breed has more exaggerated version of certain traits and instincts.

The Six Groups of Dogs

The Sporting Group – consist of dogs that were bred to hunt game birds from pointing out (ie Pointer) to retrieving them (Golden Retriever). These dogs tend to be very people oriented as they had to take command from their owners.

What is means that your remote control may be missing one day and turn up in your bed because your golden retriever felt he was helping by returning it to the last place she saw you. You get your slippers delivered to you during the family picnic in the backyard. You didn’t even know you wanted those slippers just then, did you?

The Hound Group – consists of dogs that were bred to hunt game by sight or by sense. Sight hounds (ie. Whippet) are prone to chase small animals. Scent hounds (ie. Beagle) use their nose to keep track their quarry and run them down by sheer persistence. They are good natured pets but tend to be harder to train.

Therefore your Basset Hound is bred to hound to alert you of odd noises or intruders which aren’t necessary cause by humans. So be prepared to be disturbed during middle of the night.

The Working Group – consists of dogs that were bred to do various tasks like guarding (Rottweiler), sledding and carting (ie. Samoyed), and rescuing (Saint Bernards). They are easily trained and get along well with other pets.

They are the ones that are constantly grappling with health hazards which is why they need extra care even though they are fit and agile most of the times so CBD for dogs is a natural remedy that they can follow as that would keep their health in check and restrain their exuberance due to which they have a bad habit of jumping up and down all the time. 

For example, Collie or Shepherd are bred to gather large group of livestock into small area and as well as to protect them. So you are often catch them nudging and pushing your family into a specific direction.

The Terrier Group – consist of dogs that are bred to hunt vermin. They have frisky temperament, very intelligent dogs and are quick and agile. Therefore they are very trainable; however they don’t get along well with other dogs and pets.

So you will often find your Cairn terrier chase away smaller creatures and argue or quarrel with the larger dogs.

The Toy Group – consist of dogs that were bred to be small companion dogs. They are ideal dogs for apartment dweller and those who don’t have a lot of arm strength. They aren’t the most ideal dogs for children, as children tend to be reckless during their play resulting hurting the dogs. Toy dogs are often very intelligent and trainable but can be spoiled rotten if no proper positive training is given.

In another words, your Pekingese is bred to be pampered, only if you allow them to rule over you.

The Non-Sporting Group – consist of dogs that were once categorized in one of the above groups but no longer do work they are bred to do. Bulldog was once bred for bull-baiting and Poodle no longer hunts or entertains in circles. These dogs are very intelligent and trainable but some are just plain lazy.

What it means is that your English Bull Dogs are bred to be lazy. No seriously they are.

You should be infinitely aware of your dog breed traits before you bring him into your home to make it easier to integrate into your life once they are there.


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