What Are The 5 Times Does The Thanos Was A Monster And Shown Mercy In Avengers?

Thanos is a very popular and famous character in avengers which is shown as a super villain in the American comic books. This character has done all the brutal activities and creates harm but a part of this, 5 times he has shown mercy too. One should know about the 5 brutal activities as well as mercy shown by this character because it displays often. Best Of Thanos Quotes Scenes now firstly I will represent the 5 times the thanos was a monster such as:

The first activity as a super villain and monster seen by thanos is that he destroyed knowhere and comes unwillingly for no specific place. Also, he ruins power stations and harms the nature. The next brutal activity is that he killed the vision of monsters in the rewound time. The third activity of thanos is that he obliterated the entire compound of avengers. Fourth time thanos did the tortured to thor and last but not the least is being a super villan he killed the entire universe. 

5 times thanos shows mercy in avengers:

By knowing all the 5 brutal activities done by thanos in avengers, now, I am mentioning some of the mercy shown by thanos in avengers such as:

  • He left half of the universe and it is the first mercy which was shown by thanos.
  • Being a super villain, he didn’t kill the guardians on knowhere.
  • He spared hulk when the first battle was going on between them.
  • He adopted gamora as his own child.
  • In the life of tony, thanos took the time stone in the right place. 

The above listed are the 5 times where thanos shows mercy in avengers so that you will get to know about its brutal as well as mercy activities. 



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