Top Ten Gift Ideas For The Busy Banker

If you’re shopping for a birthday or a Christmas gift, or, you just want to show your favorite banker how much you appreciate him or her, then you need to know the top ten gift ideas for the busy banker:

  • Send a Novelty Gift Tee Shirt to a Banker Who Has a Keen Sense of Humor

Bankers don’t wear suits all the time. So when they’re relaxing they need a comfortable tee shirt that will help put a smile on their faces. A cotton tee that reads, “Old bankers never die- they just lose interest” will surely be a big hit. Look in the yellow pages of your local phone book and find shirts like these at local stores that personalize and make specially-designed shorts. Or, search the Internet for supplier across the globe. You can also find some of the best gifts on online which you can use as a complimentary gift.

  • Give a Distinguished Gift of Fine Writing Instruments

To ordinary people, they’re known simply as “pen and pencil sets”. But to the executive banker who has a taste for exquisite things, this gift item will be much appreciated. Many stationery stores, jewelers and office supply stores carry fine writing instruments. However, your best chance to find an affordable pen and pencil set will be to look on the Internet by using your favorite search engine. There you can compare items and prices and choose the best item for that busy banker on your gift list. And, if you want to make the set a little more special, have it personalized with their name.

  • Does He or She Have An Interest in Collectible Old Bonds?

Another top ten gift you may want to choose is to buy him or her old bond certificates. The best of these certificates are authentic- not copies. You can choose from Confederate Civil War Bonds and many more.

Once you order and receive the bond you want to give as a gift, you can frame it so your favorite banker can display it on a desk or hang it on the wall.

  • Put “Survival Spanish for Banking and Financial Institutions Pocket Reference Guide” on Your Banker’s Gift List

Today, English isn’t the only language that’s being spoken in the United States. Many immigrants speak Spanish. Everyone who deals with the public- even a busy banker -needs to possess a basic knowledge of the Spanish language. This book can do just that! This easy-to-follow, pocket-sized guide will assist the banker on your list to communicate with his or her Spanish-speaking clientele. Simply check the Internet to find out where you can order a copy or two of this instructional guide.

  • Buy “The Accidental Investment Banker: Inside the Decade that Transformed Wall Street”

Written by by Jonathan Knee

Another top ten gift idea for the banker who loves to read is this book that was written by an insider in the financial industry. Knee tells the story of two giant investment banks on Wall Street and how they “wheeled and dealed” their ways into trouble. It offers readers a keen insight into what really goes on in the world of banking.

  • Show Your Banker What a Fine Job You Think They Do

What banker wouldn’t grin everytime they pulled into their parking space in the morning and see a sign that reads, “World’s Best Banker”? There are sign companies all over the Internet, and probably a few in your town, that will make any type of sign you can come up with. Sizes vary, but be sure to check the banker’s parking space first to see if a sign can be attached.

  • Busy Bankers Know Oh-So-Well That “Time is Money”

You probably wouldn’t do this with the banker on your gift list unless they’re related to you or you two are good friends, but this creative idea can be the best gift they get… ever. Give them the gift of time. For the busy executive “on the go” offering to babysit their kids a night so they can go out on the town and relax can be a godsend. Or, why not offer to keep an eye on their house while they’re away at a business conference? The possibilities for this top ten gift are endless!

  • Give This Unique Bank to That Banker on Your Gift List

A piggy bank for a banker? Not unless its a piggy bank that’s designed to look like a combination safe. What better gift than a polished, silver-plated brass piggy bank? It will be a distinguished piece that he or she can display on their desk with pride. Their customers and co-workers alike will admire the bank.

  • Another Top Ten Gift Idea- Another Way to “Give the Gift of Time”

Clocks are timepieces that are always gifts that show good taste. The most suitable clocks are small, unique pieces that can be set on a desk or table. You can choose cabinets that are made out from many materials including polished wood, silver, brass, glass and acrylic, to name a few examples. Visit your local office supply store or check the Internet to see what’s available on the market. For an added bonus, you can always have the clock personalized.

  • Give Them a Gift They’ll Treasure and Use Everyday

Since business cards are a necessity for the busy, successful banker, why not give your favorite banker a leather business card case? He or she can store their business cards in this holder and keep them clean and neat until they pass them out to prospective clients.


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