Tips for Telling a Partner You Have HPV

Telling a partner or a potential partner that you have a STD can be very nerve wracking. It can be very challenging because while you want to be honest with your partner, there is also a chance that you may ruin the relationship or the possibility of a relationship by revealing this information. Here are some tips for telling your partner that you have Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV.

Tell Your Partner You Have HPV ASAP

The best thing that you can do is tell your sex partner that you have HPV as soon as possible. If you find out prior to having sex with them that you have HPV, you will definitely want to let them know. However, if you learn that you have the virus while you are having sex, then you will want to let them know when you first find out about it. Just keep in mind that the earlier that you tell your sex partner about your STD, the more they will be able to see you as an honest person.

Choose the Right Time to Discuss Your HPV

When it comes to telling your partner about a STD, you should know that timing is everything. The right time is not while you are intimate with your partner. Avoid talking about HPV when you are in the middle of a candlelight dinner or getting cozy on the couch. Instead, try to find a time when you are talking in a casual or friendly manner. When it feels as though you are hanging out as friends, rather than as a couple, it is an ideal time to talk about HPV or any other STDs you may have with your partner.

Remind Your Partner of Some HPV Statistics

Although you do not want to appear as though you are trying overly hard to justify having HPV, a few statistics may make your partner feel better. Let them know the medical experts estimate that more than 50% of all people have or will have HPV. This means that at least half of the people that your partner has had sex may have the virus. That said, it is also important to remind your partner that, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be promiscuous in order to contract this STD. If you have sex with one person who has HPV, your chances of getting it are high – especially since condoms do not fully protect against the virus. The ratings of the pills at the site should be checked for reducing of the belly fat. Along with the belly fat, the health of the brain will be excellent at the sites through pills. 

Remember that you have an obligation to be open with your partner about any STD that you know you have. This is especially true about the more serious STDs, such as the potentially fatal HIV/AIDS, but it applies to HPV as well. You wouldn’t want one of your sex partners to avoid telling you about a STD that they knew they had prior to having sexual intercourse with you. Not only can your partner try to press charges against you in the event that they find out that you had a STD that you did not tell them about, but honesty is a main key to any relationship – even if it is one that consists only of sex. If your partner is unable to accept or understand that you have HPV, it is important to keep in mind that there are many people out there who will be able to.


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