The Best Heroes To Level Up In Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is a game that can be played casually, however, there are optimal things you can do to quickly level up. In this article, we will discuss some of the heroes that you can use to rank up faster. If you are wondering who is the best hero in Idle Heroes, check this tier list. Without further ado, let’s start:


Skerei’s basic stats are not that appalling, however, her skills and passive abilities compensate for her average stats. She applies debuffs on enemies she attacks, and enemies attacking her also receive the debuff. This debuff is called Lightning Mark, which increases the damage dealt by Skerei by a whopping 350%. Aside from this, Skerei also takes off 10% attack damage from enemies and that 10% she takes off are added to her own attack damage. Stacking multiple copies of Skerei in a single team will even take her nasty skills to the next level.

Heart Watcher

Heart Watcher is an assassin that has good stats in addition to performing exceptionally well when it comes to improving other damage dealer heroes in your team. Enemies struck by this hero’s basic attacks or abilities are afflicted with the Watcher Mark debuff. This debuff boosts the damage they receive from every source of damage (not just attacks.) Watcher Mark increases damage taken by 45%, up to 300%. Heart Watcher also has the ability to hit 2 targets at the same time with his abilities.


Aspen is a good DPS hero, capable of dealing critical damage. His skill Dread’s Coming removes 20% of the current HP of his target, dealing a maximum of 1500% of the attack values of Aspen. Meanwhile, his regular attacks deal 15% additional damage based on the missing HP of his target.




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