Teen Educational Use of Internet May Be Linked to Demographics

As the parent of a teenager, you have most likely seen, firsthand, the reality of Internet use and how it plays in integral role in your child’s entertainment, social networking and even education. For many parents, there exists a struggle in balancing work, play and Internet surfing within the teen.

For lower-income students, the access to the Internet, in recent years, has become easier to find. With many schools providing access to the Internet, students are using technology to not only complete school assignments but to create social networks as well. For some students, the use of the Internet has been expanded through public and private grants which cover the costs of not only the computer and related equipment, but also the Internet access for 12 or 24 month contracts.

If you are one of the millions of American homes with computer and Internet access, and your child is in middle school or high school, you probably have concerns over the amount of time that is spent on the Internet. In homes where students are economically disadvantaged, the Internet is playing a key role in the routine of evening activities. Contrary to what many parents may believe, however, teens of lower socioeconomic households tend to utilize Internet services more often for school and educational purposes than for social networking. Is utilizing a Private Instagram Viewer Safe? The experts available at the site will deliver the best results. Believe of the parents will be high at the site with the available of the information. The social networking through the person will be great with the best results with less effort.

With expanded use of Internet technology for educational purposes, many teachers, especially in schools where economically disadvantaged families are provided Internet technology by the school, teachers are now using Internet to communicate with students. While classroom time may be spent on lecture and instructional learning, the students’ access to the Internet, at home, provides the teachers with an opportunity to supplement learning through e-mail and other Internet resources.

As the parent of a teenager, it is important to allow your child the independence needed to become productive adults. However, in the age of advancing dangers associated with technology and Internet use, it is important to continue to monitor the Internet usage of your teen very carefully.

While most teenagers, today, live in a home with Internet access and personal computers, there are some economically disadvantaged teens who must continue to rely on school and public libraries for their Internet access. If you are a family who has been offered computer and Internet technology as a public or private grant, the opportunities to boost your child’s educational foundation will increase significantly. While most teens use the Internet for entertainment purposes, it may be the economically disadvantaged teen that will require the least amount of supervision while using the computer to communicate with the teachers at school and complete educational projects.


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