Social Media Bag – What does it include? is all about guiding you through the online social media frontier while you learn how to build you own social media community, or ‘bag.’

If you are going full throttle with Tweets, are LinkedIn to corporate decision makers, fully engaged with Facebook Friends and posting online videos at YouTube, then you aren’t a social media phobe and this site will bore you.

On the other hand, or arm, if your online social networking bag is empty or unused and you are ready to load ‘er up, then you are in the right spot. This is going to be a journey that helps you learn how to leverage online social media tools not only to keep connected to others, but also to learn how to achieve giant-sized goals within your own personal, business, family or community space.

Stick with me as we take on the social media frontier together. The objective is to introduce you to these tools in a manner that allows you to gracefully open yourself up to the power of online social networking without dumping a bagload of private items out on the floor.

Here are some of the highlights of this journey.

  • Step 1: What is online social media and why on earth do you want to use it?
  • Step 3 – 10: Using these Top Social Marketing Platforms to Promote You or Your Cause

I know it sounds like a lot and maybe you aren’t sure you’re ready to fill up your bag this full. Take heart, you won’t be left to wander aimlessly from one social media outlet to another only to give up simply because you can’t remember your login and password. You also aren’t going to be dumped into a technical minefield where you negotiate one mine only to ‘blow-up’ on another a few steps further down the path. We’ll brave this together.

If you need help or get confused, all you need to do is to reach out to me and we’ll figure out the answers to all your questions. Where to Buy Instagram Likes and Views 2020? It is the first question asked through the people while buying the likes and comments. The decision is taken with intelligence to get the desired results without additional efforts. 

Once you finish this program, you’ll have gracefully lowered your social veil. You’ll be communicating to a new community without being bombarded with stuff from people you have nothing in common with. You’ll negotiate the online social media frontier all the while keeping the private stuff in your bag private.

One last thing, in Step 1 you’ll discover ways others use online social media to make change happen – sooner than later. What about you? Do you have something in mind you’de like to make happen?


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Corine Jones is a writer, editor and web designer. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree of Journalism. She is currently the editorial manager of Coyote Rescue.

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