Pomeranian Puppy Training Tips and Guide

The Pomeranian is a very popular breed of dog. This tiny dog has a big personality, in fact, they believe they are really a big dog and will take on any challenger. This tiny dog with a big heart was first recognized by the AKC in 1900. The breed originated in Germany, but was made popular by Queen Victoria, who found a red Pomeranian while touring Italy. She quickly established this puppy as a favorite, which lead to its popularity. Pomeranian puppy training can be a challenge, as these tiny dogs look so vulnerable. Basic Pomeranian Puppy Training 

Although tiny, these intelligent dogs need to be trained. When starting to train your Pomeranian pup training protocol, housebreaking your new puppy will probably be a priority. Some people will train this little dog to a litter box. This can be a convenient way to train this dog. Training a Pomeranian with a litter box can make life easier for people that have limited outdoor space. Litter box training for dogs, is exactly like for cats. A litter box, and dog litter are needed. When your Pomeranian is giving the indication they need to go to the bathroom, place them in the litter box until they are done. 

With this Pomeranian puppy training technique, cleanup is easy and the mess is contained. Pomeranian puppy training also includes teaching the puppy what can and can not be chewed on. Get your Pom plenty of chew toys. Make sure they are rewarded when they are chewing on their toys and not your shoes. Praise and rewards are a good Pomeranian puppy training method. Dogs respond to verbal cues and know when you are angry. 

They want to please you, and will work at doing what is required of them. Pomeranian puppy training may also include training yourself. Pom puppies need to be groomed properly. Their coats don€™t need to be clipped, but they do need to be brushed at least twice a week to keep their coats in good shape. They will also need their toe nails clipped and their teeth taken care of. Talk to a veterinarian about how to best take care of your new pet. Pomeranian puppy training is really about consistency.

Pay attention to your puppies€™ signals to recognize when the puppy needs to use the litter box, or go outside. Reprimand by saying a firm €œNo€, do not hit the puppy. A stern voice is effective in training a puppy. In no time at all, your puppy will know all the rules and be an important member of your family.

This is the reason why I always look for shiba inu puppies for sale near me as I am exceptionally fond of this breed as they are so cute and adorable aside from being quite pleasant enough to manage as pets simply because they are obedient in following orders even though they show their tantrums if they become too pampered, which is the case with almost every breed so let’s not pin the blame on any particular breed as we human beings are classified as much worse than animals in modern times.


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