Pairing Fonts- Combining Different Formats into One Fold

When it comes to the different aspects of a particular subject, the discussion becomes more interesting as there are so many things that will keep the conversation going without being monotonous, which is a big reason why most topics become boring after a brief period.

The world is grappling with the corona virus pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives till now and the toll continues to mount with each passing day as a result of which work from home has been the norm ever since the lockdown was announced.

It has provided the perfect opportunity for youngsters to create their own websites because most of them are budding writers who are looking for a platform to display their skills but there is one problem in the offing.

Font Technique

Many people are starting out in this field and aren’t too familiar with websites and the fonts that can be used for writing their content and end up making a mess of the entire project.

Therefore, here is a list of some important pairing fonts to try out for beginners as given below:

  • Complementary Fonts- It is well known that fonts are versatile in nature and come in different moods like happy, sad, elegant, serious, hilarious and others but you need to take care that the font size has to match with your chosen design
  • Establish a hierarchical model of different fonts and you can take inspiration from newspapers and magazines through which the fonts can come together by forming elements from headlines, articles, plots, sub-headings, etc. which are quite useful for graffiti fonts
  • After selecting a project for your design, the fonts have to be selected in accordance with the content available so that it looks perfect and the small texts should be in capital letters

  • Try out contrasting fonts for different moods and projects like a bold font pairing with a tall one

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Corine Jones is a writer, editor and web designer. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree of Journalism. She is currently the editorial manager of Coyote Rescue.

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