Is Your Data Safe from Disaster?

Data is known to be the most important thing in this age of information. Every place with data centres comes with some challenges and threats that can destroy data if proper preventive measurements are not taken. Apart from saving data room software, it is also important to protect all the resources and equipment of data centres. 

This is why a company or corporation is supposed to protect and secure its data from different kinds of natural disasters or calamities such as fires, floods, tsunami, earthquakes, etc. There are different strategies and preventive measures that could be taken in this regard. 

Have a disaster recovery plan

It is important for companies to create various scenarios and accordingly test different disaster recovery plans in order to protect the valuable data of data centres. One can never predict a natural disaster, but you can make the necessary arrangement to face such a disaster with proper preparedness. Proper planning and execution of a disaster recovery plan is needed in this regard. Data centres owners need to run several tests on disaster recovery plans. 

Follow 3-2-1 rule

This rule is very important in saving and protecting data in data centres. One is supposed to make three copies of data backup. The 2 copies of this backup are supposed to be stored in different devices and 1 of which is to be saved off-site. Following this approach is likely to save valuable data from natural disasters. 

Date assessment and documentation

Proper data assessment and documentation are required for storing and saving data. It also enables one to protect data along with data room software from different kinds of natural disasters. Systematic and organized data assessment and documentation is to be done in the best way possible. Data is considered to be a high-value asset that is to be protected at any cost. 


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