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by Alfred

The three Keys Parts to Mastering Army Combatives

Perhaps if our ancestors had our modern army combatives program the outcome of several wars might have been different. Fighting is a part of mankind. Without it we would probably be extinct or eaten by the dinosaurs. Combatives are hand to hand fighting techniques and tactics – the building blocks for today’s soldiers. There are 3 keys components to mastering moddern army combatives.

Today’s combatives programs are based on fighting systems that were used over a thousand years ago but updated to meet today’s standards. If we went back in time we would see that fighting hand to hand is a human physiology that has not changed in all this time but is being made more efficient. Different times and different places require different techniques.

The history of modern army combatives started in 1995 with the Commander of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. The Commander saw the requirement for specialized training. Through the years, this training spread to all armed forces combatives and today you’ll find combatives programs in all military regimes. Most all of them teach the 3 keys to mastering army combatives.

Key number 1 is to come together as a team and ensure the complete team is working for the same goal. The term “Es Spirit De Corps” means the common spirit of comradeship, devotion, and enthusiasm to all the members of the group or team. All team member working together for the good of the team. After you have that down the rest will fall in place.

The 2nd key is fitness. How can you possible fight if you’re not at your peak performance? It doesn’t do to just take the classes in the combatives programs, you have to take it one step further and keep your body in shape by having a routine you do everyday or visit a gym and focus on your fitness. This is a must because just like everything, if you don’t use it, it won’t work when you need it.

The next key is aggressiveness. There are a number of aggressive forms in humans such as physical, mental, or verbal. Unlike predatory behavior between two species, aggressiveness should not be mistaken for assertiveness such as an aggressive salesperson. Another word for aggression is called combativeness and that refers to the behavior of the same group or type of people who intends to harm you or cause you pain. Aggressiveness in combatives is knowing when to get out of the way before the other side gets you.

There are four levels in army combativesand as you master each level you’ll progressively move up to the next level. There is no “silver bullet” or even one way of doing combatives. As you master each level you learn how to incorporate that training when you go on to level 2 combatives and so on. If you want, each level will prepare you for army combatives tournaments so you have the confidence when if comes down to real fighting. Combatives programs will continue to grow as new and better fighting ways are introduced. You’ll have faith in your ability through your hard training and know you’re going to win.