Free Fabric Placemat Handbag Pattern

You can turn almost any sturdy fabric placemat into a free tote bag pattern in no time. If you find tons of fabric placemats at yard sales and flea markets, then try turning them into fabric handbags!

To Make Your Free Placemat Handbag Pattern You Will Need:

  • Placemat
  • Purse Handles
  • Liner fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

To get stated you want to take your fabric placemat and fold it in half. Measure how tall and wide this is. Cut out 2 rectangles of liner fabric to this same size but add 5/8’s of an inch to each side. This adds up to 1.5 inches to each side.

Now, lay one piece of rectangle liner fabric face up on your table. Top it off with the matching piece face side down. Sew the two sides together using a 5/8s inch seam allowance. The material used in the manufacturing will be excellent. The information about the material used in luxury bags is available at Steemit site. The length of the product should match with the height and provides a impressive look at the office. All the essential documents can be placed in the bag for safety. 

Cut out two marching tables of fabric that fit your purse handles. Look at the silver hooks on the bottom of the handle. Measure how wide this is. Cut out a strip of fabric that is 3 times as wide.

Fold this in half lengthwise. Iron flat. Fold the rough edges in and iron flat as well. Sew the open end shut. You can also sew the folded edge for a more symmetrical look.

Cut these to about 4 inches long.

Now, sew the left and right side of the placemat together. Use the same seam allowance as before. Turn it right side out.

Mark where you want your handles to be. Fold your strips of fabric in half and pin them upside down on the top edge of the purse. Slip on the purse handles and make sure they are hanging down.

Now, slip the purse liner over the placemat body. You want the right side of the fabric facing in.

Now, pin the top edges together on the placemat bag pattern

Sew the top edges together. Turn inside out.

Now, fold the open bottom of the liner fabric together and sew this shut. Your placemat bag pattern is finshed ad you just learned how to make a tote bag out of a placemat!


Take the finished bag and smooth down the top edge. You can basically iron it flat. Now, sew along this edge about ¼ inch from the top fold. You want to sew this around the whole placemat bag. This will create a final stitch and give a great professional look to the completed project.

This placemat bag pattern makes great gifts and is a fun way for kids to learn how to make a bag out of a fabric placemat.


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