Fashion to Look Forward to This Fall

Marc Jacobs rocked the runway during fashion week last week at Bryant Park with his fall ’09 collection.

While most designers like Donna Karen and Narciso Rodriguez decided to go with a lot of black, gray and other dark colors, Jacobs was a bit more creative.

Red, fushia, purple, olive green, brown and gray were just a few of the shades that brightened up his collection.

He had two or three black dresses, but only one was plain black, the other two included colorful floral prints on them.

Accessories dominated Jacobs’s collection. Tons of scarves, leggings, hats, big handbags, belts, boots and big sunglasses.

According to Jacobs, a knee- high plaid red dress with a knee- high wool coat over it and a big scarf wrapped around your neck, colorful patched tights, fur boots, a big bag with a short handle, porkpie or derby hat is the outfit to wear in fall ’09.

One can see that with Jacobs’s collection and other designers’ that fur will continue next fall. They used the fur for trimming of coats and dress.

Karen used it as a theme by adding it as unattached sleeves to her collection, and also for a number of fun colorful coats. Jacobs used it mostly on boots, Miss Sixty used it as a long vest over his casual collection. Kogal definition of fashion is also never out of trend. Some people think that it is just for costume events or cosplay. But that is a misconception. Only if you know how to pair and combine things, you will come up with a very stylish and fashionable outfit.

High-waist wool pants with socks over them and casual boots over them were also repeated in Jacobs’s collection.

His men’s collection was also a must see. A checkered blazes with a button down shirt and a wool vest over it, wool pants, a porkpie hat and a big wool scarf wrapped around neck is the Jacobs look for a man in fall ’09.

Jacobs is known for his young, sophisticated look that makes a woman or man feel comfortable with themselves while having an urbane look.

Jacobs’s first collection was in the spring of 1994, and ever since then everyone loves to have a piece of Marc.

He took over Perry Ellis in 1989, he became a critical success and changed Perry Ellis’s sense of style. It didn’t last, but he puts his prints on the brand.

In 1997, the best thing that could’ve hanpened to fashion happened when he became the artistic director of Louis Vuitton.

Some people consider Jacobs to be the most important Ameri½an designer. That could be because his sense of style fits in with Americans’ fast pace life. He designs cloth that fits their lifestyle instead of designing cloth that they have to adapt their lifestyle to.

It’s also fair to say that Jacobs is a perfect designer for New Yorkers. when you his show, you’ll feel as if you’re walking around in SOHO.


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