A Few Points On Benchtop Jointer That You Must Know If You Want To Work On Wood

A huge section of people is involved in wood-related works. This is a hobby for some people and for some others it is a professional commitment. In either case, there are a few tools that you must have in order to have a smooth and professional outcome. One of the tools that you need in order to start off with woodwork is a benchtop jointer. Here are a few recommendations about The Best Benchtop Jointer For 2020. If you are a beginner then these are a few things that you must check out. 

Gives you the perfect finish 

The perfect finish that you always see on a flat surface or near the edges is a result of a benchtop jointer. These kinds of perfection cannot be created by any professional by hand. That is why if you were in doubt to get a benchtop jointer then now you know what you could be missing out on or lacking without one. 

Is a benchtop jointer worth the price? 

A benchtop jointer is cheaper than an S4S lumbar. However, if you are looking for the higher models with better efficiency then it will be expensive. If you want to go ahead with hand planning then you can try it out as a hobby. This not only takes a long span of time but also takes up a huge amount of effort. And at the end of the process, you still cannot have those perfect edges and flat surfaces.

So, if you want to look for the user guide on a benchtop jointer then go online and look into the brands since you will need this apparatus. This is one of the best opportunities out there to get your wooden work results like a professional. An investment in this kind of appliance is definitely worth your money.


Making Money Online Using Amazon Mechanical Turk

About two months ago I found myself in dire straits. I had been babysitting for about a year, working as a nanny to two young boys. One day their father came home early and announced that he had just lost his job. Of course, that meant I was out of a job as well. It was completely unexpected but in this crumbling economy I wasn’t all that surprised. Being a single mother of two, I was in trouble. Desperate to find some source of quick income before we ran out of diapers, I Googled “make money fast” and Amazon Mechanical Turk showed up in the search.

When I first arrived at the website and had my first look around, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Why hadn’t I heard of this before? What a novel idea! That was my first impression. I was a little skeptical of this website at first but after a month of using Amazon Mechanical Turk, I have managed to bring in $400.00. It may not sound like much, but it is worth a million when you have no other options and find yourself in dire straits! In this article I will give an overview of how you get started on the site, what I experienced, and the pros and cons.

Here is how to get started working on Mechanical Turk. The website interface is pretty self-explanatory. There is an area for ”workers” and an area for ”employers”. If you are using the site to make money, you are a ”worker”. If you have ever bought anything online through Amazon, then you should already have an Amazon account. You will use your Amazon ID and password to sign in and work on Mechanical Turk. If you don’t already have an Amazon account, then you will have to sign up. It shouldn’t take but a few minutes to do. For sign-up at online courses, a look over the Evergreen Wealth Formula review is beneficial for fashion industries. The opening of the account should be great to meet with the fashion taste. The generation of income and revenue is great for the growth and development of the industries.

After you have an Amazon ID to use to sign into Amazon Mechanical Turk, you will need to set up an Amazon Payments account in order to get paid for your work on Mechanical Turk. Once again, if you already have an Amazon ID, setting up your Amazon Payments account is very easy. With your Amazon Payments account, you have the option of using your money to use as credits on Amazon OR transferring your money to a verified bank account. To connect your bank account to get your payments from Amazon Payments, you have to go through a verification process so they can make sure this bank account actually belongs to you. I had some trouble with this. Amazon said they were “unable to verify” my bank account. I was frustrated at first, but then found out that they can ”manually” verify your account. They did this by making two deposits to my account. I had to wait until I received these deposits, then return to my Amazon Payments page and enter the amounts of the deposits. This was how they verified my account. It was tedious and worrisome but once I entered the correct amounts of the deposits, my account was verified and I was able to transfer my earnings to my bank account! Keep in mind there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $10.00.

Now, here is the fun part–the work. On Mechanical Turk there is a list of employers, the task payment amount, and a link to get an explanation of what is expected from this ”task”. At the top of the page you may also enter a dollar amount to search for tasks. If you find someone who pays good and you like working for, you can also use the search bar to search for their available tasks. You must hit the “accept” button to begin working on a task, and the “submit” button to submit your work. I recommend never working for anyone who is not paying what the task is worth. Some people posts tasks expecting people to work for $ .02 a task!! You can do these tasks but I don’t recommend it. Also, there are people on there claiming to pay anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00 for what they call “data collection tests”, or “website test”. These are not tests at all, they are surveys fishing for your information, and to top it off, they don’t even pay you afterwards! But the good news is this, there is a button on the website for reporting such websites. If you see a site that doesn’t work or violates site guidelines, you can report it with the click of a button. After a week or two of using the site, I got familiar with who payed well and what tasks I was interested in, and before long I was making at least $30 a day completing simple tasks.

The only problem I have with the site is that there are people on there running scams. And it seems that Amazon does not filter these people out. You are able to report them as violating guidelines, but that doesn’t guarantee that they won’t be back on the site, or others like them. It is basically up to you to find out what is legitimate and what isn’t. Use the basic rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Overall, Amazon Mechanical Turk was a lifesaver for me. To tell the complete truth, I don’t know why I haven’t heard of it before now. It’s been around for years. While it doesn’t pay much, it is a great outlet for those in dire straits, or just to make yourself a supplemental income. The only downside is you never know how much work is going to be available, and if it’s someone you’ve never worked for before, it’s hard to know if they’ll even pay. But if you are willing to work for it, you can make several hundred dollars a month through Amazon Mechanical Turk. I know this because I have done it! However if you are looking for something to pay the rent, you’d better keep your day-job.

How To Make a Great Cup Of Coffee With Less Than 100 Calories

Love Starbucks navigate to this site for some amazing coffee deals there? Sure, it tastes great. It’s an awesome pick me up after a tough day. But before you hit the drive-through, think of the calories. That grande Caramel Machiatto is 270 calories with 31 grams of sugar. The eggnog latte you’ve been craving is 480 calories and 48 grams of sugar. Iced peppermint mocha? 400 calories. Peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream? Another 470 calories and a whopping 60 grams of sugar. When you remember that men burn an average of 120 calories per mile by running on a treadmill, and women burn an average of 105 calories per mile, it is easy to see what that drink “costs” you. How to beat that? Make the coffee at home, of course. Not only is it cheaper, but you can make a great cup of coffee that still comes in under 100 calories. Essentially, the most important factors for a great cup of coffee are the equipment, the beans themselves, and how you sweeten it.

In order to make coffee that will rival Starbucks, you need to start with good equipment. First, the grinder. My preference is a burr grinder. I actually had the opportunity to review (and keep!) a Capresso 560 burr grinder and would recommend it to anyone in the market. New, they will cost between $70 and $90 (about 3-4 times more than a blade grinder) but if you’re spending $3-$5 each day at Starbucks it doesn’t take long at all for the grinder to pay for itself. The Capresso 560 changes grind sizes easily, is a snap to clean, and doesn’t take up much counter space.

The next important piece of equipment for a great cup of coffee is a good coffee maker. As someone that used a $20 drip coffee maker let me be the first to say that not all coffee makers are created equally. Most drip coffee makers do not get the water hot enough to brew properly. Besides that, the reusable filters often either do not give the water enough time to steep or too much time to steep. Many drip coffee makers are hard to clean since the parts either do not come out or are hard to put back together. If your fix typically requires espresso, you can invest in a high-end espresso maker. There are good ones on the market for $100-200. Again, not too much when you consider what you’re spending each day at Starbucks. If you’re looking for something simpler (and cheaper) the perfect compromise is a French Press. They are inexpensive (and often available used), and easy to work and clean. To use, simply boil some water (I use a teapot). As the water is reaching a boil, grind your beans. Put the beans (including the grounds stuck to the burr) at the bottom of the press. Add the hot water and give it a quick stir. Set a timer for 4 minutes and wait patiently. After 4 minutes, push down the filter part and pour your coffee.

After you’ve decided on your equipment, you need a bean. Not pre-ground coffee, an actual coffee bean. If you have been drinking Folger’s all your life and wondered why Starbucks tastes better you are about to find out. The most important thing about coffee beans is freshness. Once they are roasted they are best stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer and used within 1-3 months. It also helps to know how dark you prefer your roast. The darker the roast, the more coffee flavor you will get. Darker roasts tend to have less caffeine, but they will also taste a little more bitter to those sensitive to bitter flavors. If you dislike the bitterness of coffee, try a very light roast and you may be surprised. As far as the kind of bean, your best bet is an Arabica bean. They aren’t as expensive as some (Kona) and still taste great. You can also decide about certifications like organic or shade-grown. Be very careful when buying coffees in stores unless they give a brewed on a date. Remember that coffee is best fresh and gets stale quickly. If the store does not have a fast turnover you may be buying stale coffee. Even if it is an expensive bean, it may not be any better than a cheaper fresher one purchased somewhere else. There are specialty stores online where they don’t roast the coffee until it is actually ordered, and it is more affordable than most people think.

Once you have your equipment and your coffee bean, you can look at where the calories come from. Coffee itself is only about 5 calories per 8 oz cup (or 12.5 calories for a 20oz cup). However, every dollop of cream and spoonful of sugar packs in the calories. Coffeemate is even worse, since its mostly corn syrup anyways (read the ingredients). If you have fresh coffee, used a reliable grinder, brewed it properly, and picked the right bean for you, then you may be surprised to find out that you can drink coffee with much less cream and sugar than before. If you still want a little creamy and sweet flavor in your coffee there is a lower-calorie answer. Start by downgrading the dairy. If you normally use cream, switch to half and half. If you normally use half and half, try whole milk. Chances are, you won’t notice the difference in taste. I use half and half after having switched down from heavy whipping cream. Use as little as you need- try adding it one tablespoon at a time until you get the taste right. I use 3 tablespoons of half and a half in 20 oz of coffee. This works out to about 60 calories which brings your total to bringing total to 72.5 calories. For sweetener, I do not use sugar. I use stevia, which is a natural zero-calorie sweetener. Stevia comes in either a liquid or powdered form. The liquid is the easiest to mix, so your best bet for coffee. In a 20 oz cup I use 4-5 drops of chocolate flavored stevia, 4-5 drops of vanilla flavored, and 7-10 drops of plain stevia. This adds just a little bit of flavor to your cup, but you can use any flavor or even plain stevia and be just fine. Does it taste as sweet as a blended coffee from the coffee houses? No. But it will taste just as good. And since stevia has 0 net calories, your 20 oz cup of homemade coffee is only 72.5 calories, instead of the 200-500 calorie Starbucks behemoths.

Top 3 Summer Toddler Sports Activities In Denton, Tx

The cornerstone of a healthy and fit lifestyle is an early start to physical activity. Therefore, toddlers are at the optimal age for beginning a good sporting program. After all, these are the years during which a toddler’s brain is still forming. Thus, they can learn the activity, form an opinion about it and decide if they want to stick with that sport for longer periods of time. But as a parent, how do you decide which sporting activity is best for your child? There are so many options to choose from; and not enough time or energy to do them all. Rest assured! This list details some of Denton, Texas’s best toddler sports’ programs!

Number 1:

  • Pee Wee Tennis Camp (Ages 4- 6)
  • 2005 West Windsor Drive
  • Denton, TX 76207
  • (940) 349- 8225

This tennis camp is a weeklong survey of tennis fundamentals. Toddlers will use smaller nets and graduated rackets. Each future tennis star will focus on the overall development of fine motor skills; while also developing sportsmanship and team play. There are several weeks to sign up for, starting from June 7th through August 9th. Parents may choose to meet in the mornings from 8:30- 9:30am or in the evenings, from 6:30- 7:30pm. The cost for any time slot, on any week, is $65.

There is an interesting article given on https://bestreviews.tips/ where tennis camps have been suggested for conducting tournaments with relevant points being mentioned and one can hope that the authorities would allow it to happen.

Number 2:

  • Pee Wee Sports Sampler (Ages 3- 4)
  • North Lakes Recreation Center
  • 2001 West Windsor Drive
  • Denton, TX 76207
  • (940) 349- 8287

For the number two slot, one only needs to travel a few feet up the road. Toddlers- and their parents- can partake in several different sports during this 6 week sample peek of soccer, T-Ball, and basketball! Each sport will consist of two class lessons that guide the students through fun play and fundamentals. Parents will join in the fun as they experience each sport with their children. Best of all, the cost of this three sport sample pack, is only $35. Parents that wish to attend with their toddlers, make sign up for one of the three summer time slots:

May 22- June 26, July 10- Aug. 14, Aug. 21- Sept. 25. (All days are Saturdays.)

Number 3:

  • Kenpo Karate (Ages 2-5)
  • Martin Luther King Recreation Center
  • 1300 Wilson Street
  • Denton, TX 76205
  • (940) 320- 7773

Want your toddler to learn discipline? Need your little one to gain focus and responsibility? Are you looking for something fun and healthy for your toddler? Kenpo Karate helps your toddler to build character through Martial Arts training, with a degreed and certified instructor. Kenpo will help your toddler to set goals, further respect and build integrity. The cost of the program is $33 per month. This fee does not include a mandatory, $29 introductory course. (All introductory courses are taught on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.) Classes for toddlers meet on Thursdays and Fridays, from 5:30- 6pm.

Several Points Which Show People’s Interest In Online Shopping

Technology and the internet are the main things which have impacted our daily life on a remarkable scale. Moreover, if we talk about online shopping, it has become a significant trademark for every person. Because, in recent years, the trend of online shopping has reached its peak.

Now we can easily purchase anything by staying at our home, and in a single click, the user can easily buy their desirable thing. But many fraud services have increased their presence on online shopping platforms, so this is the main reason why market experts always suggest checking the Reviewedpapa properly so that no illegal service can occur.

 Here are some of the strong reasons to shop online

The above mentioned points highlight the importance of online shopping platform over land based shopping centers.

  •  Avail accessible offers- Undoubtedly, one of the best things about online shopping platforms is that the user can easily save handsome money. Online websites provide lots of discount coupons, and lusty offers to attract their customers. There are many coupons that we can easily avail of and save colossal money altogether. The customers need not pay any extra delivery charges as well any return product charges.

  • No need to travel– Another strong reason why people choose online shopping platforms over land-based shops is that we can easily purchase anything by staying at our home. On the contrary, side if anyone is craving to buy anything from land-based shops, so they have to travel for places to purchase their desirable thing.
  • Return policy- Earlier, people hesitate to shop online because they think that they cannot exchange or return the product. But today, the system has completely changed, and the return policy becomes very simple and easy. The return picks up are also scheduled by the customer according to their comfort without charging any amount.

Top Ten Gift Ideas For The Busy Banker

If you’re shopping for a birthday or a Christmas gift, or, you just want to show your favorite banker how much you appreciate him or her, then you need to know the top ten gift ideas for the busy banker:

  • Send a Novelty Gift Tee Shirt to a Banker Who Has a Keen Sense of Humor

Bankers don’t wear suits all the time. So when they’re relaxing they need a comfortable tee shirt that will help put a smile on their faces. A cotton tee that reads, “Old bankers never die- they just lose interest” will surely be a big hit. Look in the yellow pages of your local phone book and find shirts like these at local stores that personalize and make specially-designed shorts. Or, search the Internet for supplier across the globe. You can also find some of the best gifts on keuzehelper.nl online which you can use as a complimentary gift.

  • Give a Distinguished Gift of Fine Writing Instruments

To ordinary people, they’re known simply as “pen and pencil sets”. But to the executive banker who has a taste for exquisite things, this gift item will be much appreciated. Many stationery stores, jewelers and office supply stores carry fine writing instruments. However, your best chance to find an affordable pen and pencil set will be to look on the Internet by using your favorite search engine. There you can compare items and prices and choose the best item for that busy banker on your gift list. And, if you want to make the set a little more special, have it personalized with their name.

  • Does He or She Have An Interest in Collectible Old Bonds?

Another top ten gift you may want to choose is to buy him or her old bond certificates. The best of these certificates are authentic- not copies. You can choose from Confederate Civil War Bonds and many more.

Once you order and receive the bond you want to give as a gift, you can frame it so your favorite banker can display it on a desk or hang it on the wall.

  • Put “Survival Spanish for Banking and Financial Institutions Pocket Reference Guide” on Your Banker’s Gift List

Today, English isn’t the only language that’s being spoken in the United States. Many immigrants speak Spanish. Everyone who deals with the public- even a busy banker -needs to possess a basic knowledge of the Spanish language. This book can do just that! This easy-to-follow, pocket-sized guide will assist the banker on your list to communicate with his or her Spanish-speaking clientele. Simply check the Internet to find out where you can order a copy or two of this instructional guide.

  • Buy “The Accidental Investment Banker: Inside the Decade that Transformed Wall Street”

Written by by Jonathan Knee

Another top ten gift idea for the banker who loves to read is this book that was written by an insider in the financial industry. Knee tells the story of two giant investment banks on Wall Street and how they “wheeled and dealed” their ways into trouble. It offers readers a keen insight into what really goes on in the world of banking.

  • Show Your Banker What a Fine Job You Think They Do

What banker wouldn’t grin everytime they pulled into their parking space in the morning and see a sign that reads, “World’s Best Banker”? There are sign companies all over the Internet, and probably a few in your town, that will make any type of sign you can come up with. Sizes vary, but be sure to check the banker’s parking space first to see if a sign can be attached.

  • Busy Bankers Know Oh-So-Well That “Time is Money”

You probably wouldn’t do this with the banker on your gift list unless they’re related to you or you two are good friends, but this creative idea can be the best gift they get… ever. Give them the gift of time. For the busy executive “on the go” offering to babysit their kids a night so they can go out on the town and relax can be a godsend. Or, why not offer to keep an eye on their house while they’re away at a business conference? The possibilities for this top ten gift are endless!

  • Give This Unique Bank to That Banker on Your Gift List

A piggy bank for a banker? Not unless its a piggy bank that’s designed to look like a combination safe. What better gift than a polished, silver-plated brass piggy bank? It will be a distinguished piece that he or she can display on their desk with pride. Their customers and co-workers alike will admire the bank.

  • Another Top Ten Gift Idea- Another Way to “Give the Gift of Time”

Clocks are timepieces that are always gifts that show good taste. The most suitable clocks are small, unique pieces that can be set on a desk or table. You can choose cabinets that are made out from many materials including polished wood, silver, brass, glass and acrylic, to name a few examples. Visit your local office supply store or check the Internet to see what’s available on the market. For an added bonus, you can always have the clock personalized.

  • Give Them a Gift They’ll Treasure and Use Everyday

Since business cards are a necessity for the busy, successful banker, why not give your favorite banker a leather business card case? He or she can store their business cards in this holder and keep them clean and neat until they pass them out to prospective clients.

Is Lending Through Prosper.Com A Viable Investment?

A lot of different bloggers are experimenting with lending money on Prosper.com as a methodology of earning a higher rate of return than money market accounts, certificates of deposit and savings accounts.

Prosper.com is a relatively new service that allows borrows to place requests for loans and then lenders can big to fulfill part of that loan at the going interest rate. The going interest rate is determined by the free market, lenders can bid the interest rate that they want to lend the money at, and the borrowers can then choose the best interest rate form all the lenders ho have bid on their loan. Borrowers then pay their money back to Prosper, and then prosper will distribute the money to all of the lenders for that particular loan. Lenders distribute their money to a number of different borrowers to minimize the risk that they are taking. But the question remains, is lending money through Prosper.com a worthwhile investment?

In order for prosper.com to be a successful and a sustainable market place, it has to be a benefit to both the borrowers and the lenders. If either side is getting had, the system will inevitably break down. This is true for any market place though. Unlike eBay and other online market places, it’s a lot harder to determine the value of the likelihood of the borrower to repay the loan, as opposed to finding the value of a physical good that is sold on eBay.

Prosper.com finds a balance of rate of return in two different ways. First, the rate has to be better than the money that people can get other places. Lenders might put their money in CD’s and savings accounts which get 5% rates. It is also must be below the rate that borrowers can get money elsewhere, such as on a credit card. The price will fall somewhere in between there.

It’s interesting that lenders on prosper are lending money to people at rates of return less than what banks would lend money at. We don’t have better financial information than banks, and are certainly not better financiers than them! The reason people can lend money at lower rates than banks, is because they don’t have any overhead. You’re just a person with an internet connection, you don’t need to have a branch, tellers, staff, facilities and ATM machines. You’re just you!

But should we do this? In most cases, no. When you are loaning money on prosper, you are definitely dealing with sub-prime borrowers. There’s a lot more risk when lending money on prosper as opposed to putting money in the bank. If you want to take on some more risk for a higher rate of return, you’re most likely off better than investing in a junk bond fund. You could also become part owner in a bank by investing in their stock. When all is said and done, there are much less risky and much more viable alternatives. Just like what you see in Majestic Lake Financial Reviews, the feedback od customers to Prosper.com are mostly positive.

Make Money Online With Blogs – 4 Key Methods

Blogging is now a legitimate way to make a living and there are many bloggers who have made a career out of it. Some of these bloggers commonly collect paychecks of 3-4 figures every month. The methods they employ to make that living online are deceptively simple and many people are still wondering how they manage to achieve this. Although, FKC Concept Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews all these ways and provides you with the best recommendations.

Today, there is an increasing number of methods that a blogger can employ to make money online. These often do not call for any investment in terms of money, but they do ask for a strong commitment in time. The long-term result is often a passive income source that could come from just 2 to 3 hours of work a day. Using a blog, you can create multiple streams of income with these methods. By building your blog traffic and converting that into additional income, it adds a further dimension to making money online.

Here are just a few of the best methods to make money from your blog:

  1. Advertising networks

With the advent of advertising networks such as Adsense, WidgetBucks, and Bidvertiser, bloggers have the ability to include ads on their sites. These ads are what they call contextual ads. They display ads relevant to the content of the site. When people click on these ads, you will earn money per click. You might be surprised that many bloggers live totally on the income generated from these ad networks.

  1. Writing sponsored reviews

There are many businesses that are looking to advertise and promote their sites. One way is to approach bloggers to review their sites and post these on their blogs. These can be done so through sponsored review sites such as ReviewMe.com and SponsoredReviews.com. There are certain requirements to be included in these networks, but if you are dedicated to your blogging efforts, this should pose no problem. As a blogger, you will then be paid for writing these reviews, based on a pre-agreed price that you have control over.

  1. Direct advertising

With the space available on your blog, you can actually sell them as advertising space. Other sites and businesses are willing to spend money on banner advertising which can be posted on your blogs. Over time, as your blog gathers increasing traffic and visibility, you will eventually be able to earn even more income as your blog’s advertising space becomes more valuable.

  1. Affiliate programs

By advertising affiliate programs on your blog, it offers one of the most powerful passive income sources you can have as a blogger. Anyone who signs up to these programs as your referral would contribute in a way to your earning potential. To get more referrals, you simply have to provide honest reviews of each program. This contributes to a building of trust between you and your readers, and that is critical to gather more affiliates.

The above lists just 4 of the many methods that you, as a blogger, can make money online. By committing a certain amount of time each day doing these, you will be able to build a substantial blog income over time and achieve your goals of making a living online.

How To Quit Smoking: Helpful Aids To Cut Cravings

I smoked cigarettes and tried dab rigs under 50 for almost 25 years before quitting. I actually loved smoking, as one would think since I did it for so long. I loved the sparking up while driving, the first cigarette in the morning, the after-dinner palate cleanser, the before-bed relaxer, the “take a quick walk away from the cubicle, and stop staring at the monitor,” the just-for-fun, and all the other ones, too. After about 1 ½ years, I still find myself occasionally wanting to have one. Except I know now as I did when I was in the process of quitting, I cannot – not anymore.

This was my first hurdle in quitting, forcing myself mentally to stop what I had been doing for so long. I prepared by letting it sink in mentally, almost meditating, for a week prior to quitting that I just couldn’t do it anymore. The health risks and monetary costs just became too much. I prepared mentally because I knew there were consequences to quitting. It’s not only a physical addiction but a lifestyle as well. The after-dinner palate cleanser and taking a break from work aren’t just a nicotine need. They are not just a habit. To me, each cigarette is part of a lifestyle I chose but was now choosing to change. Similar to a retired athlete who misses the high competition, I would be denying myself pleasure and there was/is no replacing it. To get through it I was lowering my risks of not being healthy enough to enjoy life when I retire in about 25-30 years. The goal wasn’t to quit. It was/is the long term benefit. Have a goal, work towards it.

Past the first hurdle, I went with the nicotine gum this time. I had tried it years before, back when the only flavor was mud. Now they have multiple flavors out. In the past, I have also tried the lozenge, cold turkey, gradually slowing down, the prescription of inhibitor pills, and even the homeopathic method of herbs and licorice roots. I still think any of those methods could have worked, as well as the laser treatment if I had been ready to accept the consequences of quitting earlier. I started out with the 4mg gum and chewed it as suggested in the first few days. I went through 8-10 pieces per day. The first two days I was cranky. If I chewed the gum too much instead of “parking” it in my gums as the directions say to I would get the hiccups. To stop the hiccups I took out the gum and drank some water. I think hydration is important when using the gum, so I also made sure to drink extra water. I did get some digestive distress, a few times when I felt I need to rush to the bathroom, but no tragedies occurred. I also chewed regular gum as a way to keep me occupied when not chewing the nicotine gum.

On day three I broke away from the directions and started to decrease my gum consumption. I knew that if need be I could always take an extra piece. I still would have the desire to smoke, but I focused on my ultimate goal and fought off the urge. I was down to about four pieces per day when I finished the first box of 110. I switched to 2mg for the next box. I found I needed to re-up it to six pieces per day for a few days. I gradually slowed down to two pieces per day and took an extra piece if I was at a bar where I knew it’d be toughest mentally for me.

A year and a half later, I still chew a piece a day. I know I probably shouldn’t, but I still want the crutch. My guess is that the long term health risk to chewing the gum will be similar to one who drank two cups of coffee per day since both caffeine and nicotine are stimulants. I’m no doctor though.

As a side note, my wife had laser treatment to quit smoking. She says it cured her instantly. She didn’t even need one on the drive home from the first session. She’s been smoke-free for about five months. She still gets the desire to smoke every now and then too.

In the end, I recommend quitting. The gum worked great for me. The laser treatment worked great for my wife. The key to me was understanding that nothing replaces the habit or the lifestyle of things one does while smoking, get over it, and move forward towards that long term goal.

Five Online Games to Enjoy on Social Sites

Ever since the start of facebook, online games were introduced. Some people may say that they just created facebook for the online games they offer. In 2010, the most popular social sites games were Farmville, RestaurantCity, Texas Hold’em poker, PetSociety, and many more. You might have played these games before or until now. However, these games are for the ones who are seeking to have something to do in their leisure time.

Here, we’re gonna discuss games that let you win a lot of money by just investing a little bit. And it’s not a matter of luck, but a matter of skill. These are called pkv games.  In Pkv games, which are legit and have a lot of working agents, they offer real and fast gambling for you to win some money. If you are lucky and a  good player, you can earn a lot of money by investing in some little bucks.

If you want to try social sites online games, then awesome! Because listed below are 5 online games to enjoy on socials that is legit and should really try on:

  • Revholics.com

If playing in a casino is one of your happy moments, and you cannot go to Las Vegas due to the COVID virus, then Revholics.com is the perfect site for you. Though there are some sites that offer the same service, you can rest assured as they are topnotch and legit. Their site even offers blogs and reviews on the different Social Network Games out there. 

  • Raptr.com

Raptr.com is also one of the most popular sites that exist. Their site allows players to upload their pictures and manage their online game life. One factor also that brings them up is that players can also update their gaming status to be able to show them to friends. They also offer different games that players can choose from.

  • Playfire.com

This site is a great place if you prioritize security and want to connect with friends easily. If you visit playfire.com, it offers you to connect through facebook which allows faster connectivity through facebook friends. The site is able to notify about discussions, videos, stories, or friend updates.

  • Worldofwarcraft.com

Like any other top social sites, they also offer the same service and can also connect with other players to chat and share experiences with them.

  • Pwned.com

Last but not the least, pwned.com. They allow connectivity with other people who have the same interest with you. They offer profile customization which can be viewed by other players.