How to Keep Your Child on the Soccer Field

Many children start out playing soccer at a young age. As they grow in their knowledge and skill of the game the competition become more serious. Players on recreational leagues are encouraged to try out for more competitive leagues. This is the time in an adolescent’s life that more and more pressure is put on their shoulders and they end up quitting. Even the athlete that makes the soccer team will quit if they find themselves on the bench more than on the paying field.

More and more adolescents are staying away from competition, which is important. It teaches the individual the value of teamwork and cooperation, it teaches them the gracious way of victory and in defeat. This carries over into adulthood, into the job market and coworkers.

There are several ways parents can help with keeping kids on the playing field.

  1. The right team is important.

First stay away from leagues that are to demanding; this could drive your child right to the “I quit.” Search for a team that you think might suit your child; ask if the players play year-round or just seasonal. If your child is just starting out then seasonal is a good place to begin. This way they might not get burnt out.

  1. Finding the right coach.

Having the right coach for your child is the key for your child success. A coach can make or break the child’s self-esteem and motivation. You don’t want a coach that has never coached before and knows nothing about the sport. Even a coach that hasn’t coached in years wouldn’t be good. Times have changed and the rules have changed.

Find the right coach is very important. Here are some questions that you should ask.

Have you had any training in coaching? – All coaches should have some kind of training.

Do you get paid for coaching? – Most paid coaches have had sessions from a national sports organization.

What is your philosophy on sports and kids? – Look for personal development, skill instructions and fun.

Do you have a license? – If this coach does have a license it doesn’t mean he is an all-around coach but in order to have a licenses the coach had to go through courses.

What experience do you have with this sport? – Good coaches usually do have experience in the sport they are coaching.

Do you have first aid training? – All coaches should have knowledge or certification in first aid.

Never be afraid to ask questions, remember this is your child you are handing over to an individual that you have no known knowledge about. For remaining in the field, the information can be gathered from site. The managing of the games will be great without any hurdle to meet the requirements. All the correct information should be provided to the person to participate in the tournaments and leagues. 

  1. Observe first hand.

Observe games and practices. Ask you child how things are going. If you are feeling that the coach, even the parents are taking the game to serious, don’t hesitate to speak up. If you feel that your child isn’t playing much, then talk to the coach. There might be a good reason why. At practices the coach should teach skills one at a time and have the ability for working with children of different skill levels.

  1. Watch yourself.

Tell your child to have fun when you drop him or her off for practice. At games, don’t scream at the referees, coaches, and don’t try to tell your child what to do when they are on the playing field and you are on the sidelines. This is the coaches’ job. If you have questions on why your child did that or didn’t do that, talk to the coach after the game. As a parent you have to think of your child on the playing field, you don’t want to embarrass them in front of their teammates and other parents.

    5.Praise and Criticism

Never criticize your child right off the playing field after a game and never make a big deal about winning or loosing the game. The key is to focus on their performance, for every compliment you give, make a suggestion on how improvement could help then compliment again.

  1. Team effort

Make sure your child understand that this sport is a team sport and that everyone has to complete the season. If your child wants to quit mid way through the season, try to find out why. Ask your child if there is anything you can help with. Encourage staying for a while longer, this will probably do the trick but if need be talk to the coach.

Five Online Games to Enjoy on Social Sites

Ever since the start of facebook, online games were introduced. Some people may say that they just created facebook for the online games they offer. In 2010, the most popular social sites games were Farmville, RestaurantCity, Texas Hold’em poker, PetSociety, and many more. You might have played these games before or until now. However, these games are for the ones who are seeking to have something to do in their leisure time.

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World of Warcraft Rogue Vs Druid

Combat Rogue Vs. Feral Druid

In the World of Warcraft you will find that a druid is all about the player that is behind the keyboard. The druid can be the number one easiest to kill or the number one hardest to kill based on the player skill, so each encounter will be different. I will show you who to react to the different encounters.

The smart feral druid will always be in stealth to begin the battle. In this case you will also be in stealth. Feral druids have better stealth thus have better stealth detection unless you are a human with perception. This can be a trick process so have you fingers on the cheap shot key and remember sap doesn’t work because technically cat for druids are beasts. Proper research should be available with the person to buy the lol smurf accounts. A comparison can be done in the services of the account for the video games in the modern and retro version. The information available at the sites should be excellent. 

When the battle starts odds are you will be the one who gets stunned because the druids improved stealth, and unless you have the luffa then there is no way to dispel the bleeding from pounce, which any smart druid will open up with on a rogue. Pounce is the only stunlcok available to them so you don’t have to worry about stuns until they go bear form.

After the druid stuns you it will switch out of cat form pop a rejuvenation and hit dire bear form. This whole fight is going to be a tough one. The dire bear will have anywhere from 14k to 25k amour on top of defense rating, and better than average tanking damage capabilities. Riposte and COS will do you no good in this battle. By the time the druid is in bear form you will be at 90% health or lower. You want to start with your barrage of attacks. It is important that you have a dot poison on and a healing poison on. The bear will be getting healed by frenzied regeneration and rejuvenation, possibly even a regrowth. The trick is to dps the bear form down to the point where they will shift out and try to heal. Don’t use any of you combo points yet and definitely don’t use kidney shot yet. Most skilled druids will shift out at 30 to 40%. They will use this combination: bash, bark skin, regrowth, and rejuvenation. You HAVE to counter this as follows. Right as they bash you use your pvp trinket to dispel the stun, use your 5 combo points I told you to save up to do a 6 sec kidney shot. After that pop adrenaline rush and finish to job.

If you are patient and use your evasion to stay alive long enough to make the druid switch out then save your adrenaline rush and stun lock for the switch out then you will win this fight every time. If they decide to stay in cat form and fight you the you will win the fight easy because of the evasion cool down and stun locks you have at your disposal

Review: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been my game of choice since it came out last fall. So, I was very excited to see that they were releasing an expansion, Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package, for the game. Being released yesterday, I headed straight for my Xbox 360 to start the download as soon as I arrived home from work. The Stimulus Package costs 1200 Xbox Live points (about $15.00) and took about an hour to download. After staying up late into the night playing, here is a complete review of the pros and cons of the new Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package.


New Multiplayer Maps

I have to be honest. I was slightly disappointed with the new Stimulus Package, so I will start with the pros before I begin my cons rant.

The best feature of the the MW2 Stimulus Package is ability to play in new arenas. As with any game, it is easy to get burned out on playing the same maps over and over. Over time, the multiplayer matches become predictable. You eventually learn where the best sniper points are, where to ambush the enemy, and crossfire zones to stay out of. The problem – your opponents also know the same thing. The match eventually becomes a stalemate of back and forth killing.

The Stimulus Package features 5 new multiplayer maps. Personally, I think they look great, and have no complaints. It was refreshing to fight in an unknown territory which felt more like what you would experience in real-world combat instead of paying in a memorized map.


Just Multiplayer Maps

My main complaint is not about what the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package contained. It is more about what it didn’t contain. Other than the 5 multiplayer maps, the package offers no new features to the game. Personally, I would have liked to see (in addition to the multiplayer maps) a few new weapons, game modes, titles and emblems, and spec-op missions.

Reused Maps

Two of the five maps featured in the Stimulus Package are recycled from the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is great for those who aren’t familiar with the original title. To them, these ARE new maps. Unfortunately for veteran players, if we wanted to play some of the old maps, we would just throw in our original MW disc. Infinity Ward suggest that the old map inclusion in the Stimulus Package is due to their popularity from the original title. The way I look at it – just because Super Mario Bros was so popular doesn’t mean that Nintendo should resurrect that old dinosaur, right?

No Option for Just Deathmatch

The thing I love most about the Modern Warfare series is their realism. For this reason, I prefer to stick with the basic deathmatch multiplayer mode. The new map pack features only two paying options – hardcore and random. I really don’t care for hardcore so I ended up playing in the random arena. The problem is that many of the game types don’t reflect the realism that is reflected in the franchise. You don’t see the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan playing capture the flag, do you?

Too Expensive

The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package offers very little “bang for your buck”. Even though the pack contains five maps, only three of them are new. Plus, considering the cost of the full game, the price seems a little much. Currently, MW2 sells on for $38.00. This means that you are paying an addition 40% of your original cost for a measly handful of multiplayer maps. In my opinion, if you want to get the most value for your money, you might be better off saving your $15.00 to put toward a full version of a different game. In order to Buy pokemon go accounts, the prices should be considered through the players. They should have information of the charges prevailing in the market. Different versions of the game should be played for enjoyment.

Night Club Dress Codes: What Are Their Real Puposes?

I recently attempted to go out with my boyfriend and our best friend. We decided on a local night club on a college campus since there was a line out the door, making the club appear to be bustling. But as soon as we got in line our hopes of dancing the night away were dashed. We were immediately told that the two men I were with would not be allowed in the club because they were wearing Timberland boots and over-sized shirts. But why is that their dress code?

By the time I got home I was worked into such a furious ball of energy that I immediately jumped on the club’s website to try and find out what their full dress code was since both my boyfriend and our friend had been there before and were caught off guard by these apparent changes in the dress code. I guess this would be a good place to point out the fact that both my boyfriend and our friend are black.

I scoured the club’s website trying to find out what their full dress code was, but had no luck. Apparently the dress code is important enough to prevent paying customers from entering but not important enough to post on their website so that one could easily access and then adhere to it. Usually I wouldn’t be the type to jump to conclusions about why the dress code isn’t posted, but given my experiences in this relationship and friendship, I wouldn’t not say that the club may have chosen to leave out their dress code from their website because parts of their dress code would a majority of the time apply to the black race, and by not posting their dress code, they can more easily keep blacks out of their club. I know it sounds like a strong accusation, but besides for the black males, how many club goers do you see in Timberland boots and over-sized shirts? Especially on a predominately white campus? There is no reason for the club to keep their dress code a secret. It their dress code were posted on their website we could have easily checked it before leaving and adhered to it.

Another popular college night club in the area has their dress code posted on their website, it goes as follows:

No Hats. No Jerseys. No hooded sweatshirts. No tank tops. No excessively baggy clothes. No white t-shirts. Brown, white, and black tennis shoes only. Collard shirts preferred.

Of course the no tank tops rule only applies to men as I wore nothing more than a corset on top to this night club and didn’t have a problem getting in. As far as I am concerned I find it hard to believe that any of these rules would apply to a female. Surely us females wouldn’t be restricted to tennis shoes in three different colors, heels are always sexier. In fact, the night I went to this club, their cocktail waitresses were walking around in bikini tops and grass skirts. So, besides for appearing racist with the color limitations (usually explained as being designed for avoid gang activity) and restrictions on the size of clothing, these dress codes also appear to be more than slightly sexist.

It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to go to the club scantly clad as long as the men she comes with are dressed like white middle class business men on their day off. I can understand certain restrictions in clubs that are located in areas with high gang activity, but Ann Arbor Michigan is far from a gang mecca, and my boyfriend and friend are far from drug slinging war lords. As a society we need to move past the ideas that our clothes, color of our skin, and our gender dictate who we are and how we act. Being in this interracial relationship has really opened my eyes, and quite frankly I don’t like what I see.

To be honest, the government has to stop putting restrictions on boys and girls and need not advice us on what and what not to wear in nightclubs as this has been a fashion trend that has been going on since decades and we have our right to freedom of expression. It is perfectly fine that they are concerned of their citizen’s safety but that does not mean that we cannot protect ourselves. Nightclubs like Lavelle is one wear girls dance on bar poles and wear such revealing clothes that reveal their cleavage but the local authorities are not bothered about it then why should they stop us citizens?